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YYZ Gate Connections DISCUSSION

My teenager will be arriving from Paris and making a connection to Windsor. How much time will he need to clear customs and make his connection to Windsor. He has about 1.5 hour and I don't think he will. Thank you.
Flying from Philadelphia to Toronto with a connection on to Vancouver all on air canada . Layover is 1 hour 25 minutes is that enough time to clear customs. I do not have to claim my luggage.
Out: Ottawa-Toronto-Los Angeles all with WJ. Do I need to checkout/check in again for my luggage? Will US custom be in Ottawa or Toronto airport?
In:Los-Toronto-Ottawa all with WJ
Do I need to take my luggage out for custom or they all go directly to Ottawa? Is 1hr50' connection time good enough?
I'll be going from Brazil to Toronto and then I'll take a flight to Calgary 2 hours later. So, I was wondering if 2 hours is enough for a layover from an international arrival to a domestic departure, considering I'll have to go through security and custom... also, do I have to change terminals?
I am traveling (with a pet) from Halifax Canada to Toronto and then on to Tampa - all flights on Air Canada. I have 1 hour and 20 minutes. Is this enough time? Do I have to collect my bags? How far of a walk is it to the International terminal?
Flight from Mtl to TO this Friday. An hour to change flights to go on to customs clearing in TO? Is an hour enough?
All flights are Air Canada...
I am going from CLE (USA) to YYZ then to Amsterdam. My lay-over is 1hr 15 mins, will that give me enough time. Both my flights are with Air Canada...........Also, do I have to go through customs?
Where do you clear customs when flying air Canada from Toronto to tampsa
Air Canada flight from Heathrow to Pearson, 1hour 40 minutes layover. Air Canada, Pearson to Chicago. Then United to Fairbanks. At Pearson do I have to collect baggage? Go through Customs? Go through security? Is 1 hour 40 mins. enough time? Will the US customs be at Chicago? Thanks.
did you have enough time?
Don't know yet. I was trying to find out before booking tickets.
i am travelling back from mexico today, and we have to go through the toronto airport in 1 hour and 25 minutes. so if we can do it i’ll let you know if we made it or not.
it all depends on how busy the airport is and the time of day you’re planning on being there.
Thanks Mac, I am looking forward to see if you made it in time.
arriving from Ottawa Air Canada 443 @ 09:15 hr and connecting with flight Air Canada flight 1624 to Fort Lauderdale leaving @ 10:40 hr. Do I have enough time to go thru customs and board the plane on time to embark on a ship before 16:00 hrs