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united (via air canada/air canada rouge) wants to fly me from dublin to miami via toronto. 1 hour connection time. is that enough time? do i have to clear customs in toronto? is there any other organizations i have to clear?
In Toronto you will go through US Immigration and Customs Preclearance. That is enough time if everything goes smoothly but leaves no time to spare.
Hi, Westjet have changed the flight that I'd booked so that it leaves earlier than I had planned from Toronto. I'm arriving from Australia at 4:45pm, the new Westjet flight will leave at 6pm. Will I have time to check in for the domestic flight (different carrier) after clearing customs - and how long will it take to clear customs?

There are no flights from Australia to Toronto. Where are you stopping first? What airline is the first flight on?
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Paul 5 hr ago
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hab 22 hr ago
Have a 49 minute connection time in Washington Dulles from Toronto for a flight to Tokyo, all on United.
All booked on the same Aeroplan ticket. Do I have to go to another terminal & will this be enough time to make the connection?
26 Mar, 2018 10:22
Pearson Intl. (YYZ),
Terminal 1
flight 11:46
Washington Dulles Intl. (IAD),
District Of Columbia

UA6198 1hr24
Economy X
Operated by:United Airlines | CR7

26 Mar, 2018 12:35
Washington Dulles Intl. (IAD),
District Of Columbia
flight 15:25 + 1 day
Narita (NRT),
Terminal 1

UA803 13hr50
Economy X
Operated by:United Airlines | 777

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ZAP 9 hr ago
That is enough time. You pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Toronto so all you do in IAD is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate both in the C/D concourse.
Are you sure both are in the same terminal? I have been told that I could possibly have to take a bus from terminal 3 to terminal 1.
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ZAP 16 min ago
Washington Dulles doesn't have a "terminal 3" or a "terminal 1".
Paul just now
Sorry, but what they said is that I might have to take a bus from terminal A to C, which may take 20 minutes. Does that sound accurate or likely?
Air Canada just changed our flight so now we have only 1:06 connection in Toronto. We are flying from Cleveland to London on July 17, a Tuesday, in the evening. Ticketed straight through on Air Canada. 60 minutes is the minimum legal connection, according to the airline; should we be okay?
I am flying on a Air Canada flight to Detroit from Saskatoon. Do I clear US customs in Toronto or? I have a hour and a half in between flights. Is that enough?
You pre-clear US Immigration and customs in Toronto. You have enough time.
We will be flying from Denver to Toronto to then fly to Zagreb in August. We are flying Air Canada for all and they just changed our flights so now we only have an hour and 12 minutes layover. Is that enough time to clear customs to get on our flight from Toronto to Zagreb?
You just have to go through passport control in Toronto, that should be enough time.
Hello again,

My flight will be during peak hours and I just saw this morning that waiting time in terminal 3 for security check (U.S.A.) could be around 20 minutes. Is there a dedicated connections area for US Customs in terminal 3?
I don't have NEXUS but I am a canadian military, so is there a fast track to the security check?
I'm curious what's involved when connecting a flight to Indianapolis IN from YYZ. Security, check baggage, change terminals etc? I have just over an hour to make my connection. Thanks!
If both flights are on Air Canada you just proceed to US Immigration and Customs Preclearance and to your gate after that.
I will fly with Westjet next June from YQB to FLL connecting to YYZ. Westjet just changed YYZ-FLL flight and reduced layover time. Connecting time is now 1h52 (112 minutes). I am worrried... Is the new layover time ok?

Considering both flights on and off YYZ are Westjet and all located in terminal 3 :
- will I have to claim my luggage?
- will I have to redo the security check?
- will I have enough time to go through US Customs?

Usually I don't connect at YYZ so thanks for your input and help!
Yes this should be enough time. No you do not have to claim your baggage, ( you can confirm this with WestJet in YQB prior to departure). Follow the signs to A gates. This will take you to the security check point. This is the only way to access US Customs is by going through A Gates' security first as the TSA zone is separate from CATSA zone.
Thanks! :)
My flight will be during peak hours and I just saw this morning that waiting time in terminal 3 for security check (U.S.A.) could be around 20 minutes. Is there a dedicated connections area for US Customs in terminal 3?
Unfortunately no. The only way to access the US Gates in Terminal 3 is via the main checkpoint.
If the line seems too long, you can consult with the WestJet USA counters (located near the entrance to A Gates security) to see if they are willing to either hold the flight, rebook you, or escort you to cut through the lines. (remember this is a request and not something they have to do).
My trip is Hartford CT to Winnipeg with a connection in Toronto. I have an hour and 10 minute layover. Is that enough time to get through CBSA at Pearsoj