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if i check in baggage in Sault Ste Marie do i have to re check it in Toronto to fly to Florida flying with Air Canada
If both flights are with Air Canada you don't pick up your bags in Toronto.
Flying YYT to YYZ and then connect to BGI April . Flights changed so arrive TO 7:44 and depart again 8:30. All Westjet. Concerned that this is not enough time for arrival and departure. Do we need to clear customs and / or security or is it straight from arrival gate to departure gate and is it from level 1 to level 2? Am considering paying to change YYT flight to day before.
If you arrive from Canada and are flying Internationally but NOT to the United States you don't pick up bags are redo security. If both flights are Westjet you just walk to your next gate.
I want to fly from Halifax to PIT through YYZ with 1.5 hours. on United. I think it arrives and departs Terminal 1 on Tues afternoon. Enough time? Do I need to claim luggage. Last time I connected through YYZ I believe I was through and at my gate in less than 30 minutes. Piece of cake, all automated and not a person in line.
Both flights are on Air Canada. You have enough time.
I;m flying air canada in from poland to yyz and have connecting flight air transat to calgary...i have and 1.35min to do that how do i get through that?
Hi My grand Parents are flying on west on Saturday afternoon.
there flight gets into YYZ from Palm Springs at 9 13 PM
flight ws 1135.
then there next flight leaves for Montreal at 11 15 PM
flight ws 3537
do they need to pick up there bags in Toronto?
what do they have to do in Toronto.
We are flying on Delta from Atlanta to Amsterdam, connecting through Toronto with less than two hours between flights. Do we have to go through customs in Toronto?
In Toronto you will proceed directly to US Immigration and Customs Preclearance.
Sorry, I misunderstood, that's what you do on Amsterdam->Toronto->Atlanta. On Atlanta->Toronto->Amsterdam you will go through Canadian immigration and customs.
I flight from vietnam to montreal, transit at beijing and pearson toronto. when I land YYZ -Toronto Pearson Airport do I have to pick up my baggage and check in for next flight to montreal. Please Show me where do I check in, how to get the check in counter, because I do not have a lot of time at YYZ
Thanks a lot.
Is your flight from PEK-YYZ with Air Canada or Hainan?
Air Canada
If your Montréal flight is also Air Canada, you will need to proceed to Canada Customs in Toronto like all other travellers first. Once you pass the immigration counters, proceed to baggage claim and pick up your checked baggage. Follow the signs for the exits, and pass through the final customs inspection. When exiting, insure you follow the connections signage, to drop off your baggage at the connection belt once again with air canada. Once you drop off your bags you'll be on level 1, proceed to level 2 and go through D Gates security for your connecting flight. If you brought any liquids even duty free items ensure you put them in your checked baggage as you will have to redo security screening. Hope that helps.
I’m gonna on Air Canada from Washington DC to Vancouver and layover in Toronto. I have 1 hr and 45 mins. Do I have to do customs and security? (I'm neither Canada citizen nor US citizen). Is this enough time to transit? And Should I claim my baggage and recheck? Thank you for your reply in advance.
Yes, you need a Canadian Transit Visa. No, that is not reasonably enough time.
I am flying from Vancouver to Rome, connecting in Toronto, both flights are with Air Transat. Do I have to pick up my luggage in Toronto and go through security? I had read that I don't have too and also that I do have too???
On your way to Rome all you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Did you use Air Transat and out of Vancouver, because the other airlines do not require you to pick up your bags, just Air Transat does?
I work at Air Transat in Toronto. You don't pick up your bags you just walk to the other gate. On your return trip if you connect through Toronto you must clear immigration, pick up your bags, clear customs, drop off your bags, and clear security since that is your port of entry to Canada, this isn't an Air Transat concept but rules set by CATSA and the CBSA in Terminal 3.
Hi yyzreid, since I posted, I called my travel agent and she called Air Transat and was told that I will need to pick up my luggage and recheck it on the way to Rome through Toronto. This is very confusing. If you both work for Air Transat who is right?
If your bag tag says FCO when you check-in in Vancouver, it will be sent to your next flight. You should receive a special connection label (in Toronto they are pink) as well. Since you arrive from within Canada we are able to transfer your bag for you. It's only the return where all bags have to be sent to customs. Either way your bag is checked all the way through it's just that on the return you have to bring it through customs. I would trust me since I do YVR arrivals on a daily basis and inform the passengers which gate their Europe flight is, and have been in the connection belt for Europe passengers heading onward to Vancouver or Montréal.
Basically, if you go to the domestic baggage claim, on your outgoing journey. You won't find your bag there as it was simply sent to the next flight. You also don't have to exit the secure area.
Thanks, I appreciate your help