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We are flying Air Canada (all flights) from Vancouver to Toronto, and then home to Philadelphia. We land in Toronto on Wednesday at 8:00 PM and depart at 9:20 PM. Will we have to claim baggage and clear customs in Toronto? Will 1:20 be enough time? Thanks for any help.
With no delays this is enough time. You do not pick up your bags. Follow the signs in Toronto for the F Gates with an American flag. You will have to go through security screening once again and then U.S. Customs. (like the US there are no customs formalities to leave Canada). Once past U.S. Customs you may proceed to your gate and when you land in Philadelphia it will be like a domestic arrival and you just pick up your bags and leave.
I'm flying Air Canada from LAX to Tel Aviv with a 60 minute connection in Toronto. What's the process I'll need to go through in Toronto and is 60 minutes enough (3:30-4:30 p.m.).
Air Canada tells me I don't have to retrieve my bags, at least; just have to go through Canadian customs. Doable?
This is correct. You just have to follow the signs for the E Gates. You will pass through a CBSA passport control desk (this is a special area for transiting passengers only so less lines). You may be asked to go through screening again although most passengers from the US are allowed to bypass this process but it's at the discretion of the CBSA and CATSA officers. Either way with no delays you'll have enough time.
I'm flying to Vancouver from London Gatwick, with a connecting flight in Toronto Pearson and have a 1hr 20 mins layover in Tornoto. Both flights are WestJet so I'd just like to know if my luggage will be transfered over for me or will I have to re-check in my bags? And considering any other processes i.e. customs, I'll have to go through will 1hr 20 mins be enough time?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
I am considering a flight from Barcelona to Toronto (Air Canada Rouge), arrives at 2:50 pm on the Monday after US Thanksgiving) with two hours to transfer to an Air Canada flight to LaGuardia NYC that leaves at 4:50 pm.) I am a US Citizen with Global Entry, traveling with carry-on only. Is two hours enough time for this transfer?
Yes, you just proceed directly to F Gates upon arrival, which will lead you directly to security screening and U.S. Customs and then just on to your gate.
Since this is a dedicated area for International to US Connections 2 hours will be enough.
if i check in baggage in Sault Ste Marie do i have to re check it in Toronto to fly to Florida flying with Air Canada
If both flights are with Air Canada you don't pick up your bags in Toronto.
Flying YYT to YYZ and then connect to BGI April . Flights changed so arrive TO 7:44 and depart again 8:30. All Westjet. Concerned that this is not enough time for arrival and departure. Do we need to clear customs and / or security or is it straight from arrival gate to departure gate and is it from level 1 to level 2? Am considering paying to change YYT flight to day before.
If you arrive from Canada and are flying Internationally but NOT to the United States you don't pick up bags are redo security. If both flights are Westjet you just walk to your next gate.
I want to fly from Halifax to PIT through YYZ with 1.5 hours. on United. I think it arrives and departs Terminal 1 on Tues afternoon. Enough time? Do I need to claim luggage. Last time I connected through YYZ I believe I was through and at my gate in less than 30 minutes. Piece of cake, all automated and not a person in line.
Both flights are on Air Canada. You have enough time.
I;m flying air canada in from poland to yyz and have connecting flight air transat to calgary...i have and 1.35min to do that how do i get through that?
Hi My grand Parents are flying on west on Saturday afternoon.
there flight gets into YYZ from Palm Springs at 9 13 PM
flight ws 1135.
then there next flight leaves for Montreal at 11 15 PM
flight ws 3537
do they need to pick up there bags in Toronto?
what do they have to do in Toronto.
We are flying on Delta from Atlanta to Amsterdam, connecting through Toronto with less than two hours between flights. Do we have to go through customs in Toronto?
In Toronto you will proceed directly to US Immigration and Customs Preclearance.
Sorry, I misunderstood, that's what you do on Amsterdam->Toronto->Atlanta. On Atlanta->Toronto->Amsterdam you will go through Canadian immigration and customs.