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YYZ Gate Connections DISCUSSION

In November,2018 I will be arriving at Pearson at 5:05 AM on an Air Canada flight from New Delhi.
I would like to take the 8:05 AM Air Canada flight to Charlottetown ,PE. Is that pushing my luck?
Thanks for your help. Frank
I am returning to Canada from London Heathrow to Windsor, Ontario via Toronto, flying Air Canada. Do I clear customs in Toronto or Windsor? I know I don't pick up my baggage in Toronto. Thank you in advance.
I plan on flying ADD-YYZ-ORD where ADD-YYZ is on Ethiopian and YYZ-ORD in AC. It looks like I will be able to get Ethiopian to check my bags all the way through to ORD. I don't know if I will be able to get my boarding pass before arriving at Pearson.

Is there a transit/transfer desk before I clear security/immigration where I can get my boarding pass? This is on two separate tickets (one to YYZ and one from YYZ or ORD). If I am asking for trouble, please let me know as I will claim my bags at YYZ and check in at AC.
We’re arriving from NYC at 1:45pm and leaving for Calgary 3pm. Is that enough time to clear customs and board?
hi, I am travelling alone for the first time (very nervous) from Moncton to Cuba, connecting in Toronto that part is ok for me, but I am nervous about coming back, when I arrive in Toronto from cuba, what are the steps that I need to go through before going to my connection gate to Moncton?? I know there are a few steps like baggage, customs, security and so on..... and I'm not sure where to go and what to do when I step out of the plane. any help would be appreciated. thanks so much
I am flying from Ottawa at 6:00 arriving at Pearson at 7:05, leaving Pearson at 8:15 to Denver. Will I be able to make the Denver flight with such little time and going through US Customs? Air Canada tells me that I will make the flight!
Flying YYT to BCN through YYZ, Where do we clear customs? BCN?
Hi , I will be traveling from Budapest through Toronto, final destination Montreal. Air Canada all the way. Do I go through customs in TO? Do I claim my baggage and do I go through a security check? I have 1hr 20 minutes layover. Is it doable? Thank you :)
I am returning home to Winnipeg from England with a connection in Toronto. Air canada is telling me I don’t have to claim my baggage before clearing customs. Please advise
The airline is correct
We are flying Air Canada (all flights) from Vancouver to Toronto, and then home to Philadelphia. We land in Toronto on Wednesday at 8:00 PM and depart at 9:20 PM. Will we have to claim baggage and clear customs in Toronto? Will 1:20 be enough time? Thanks for any help.
With no delays this is enough time. You do not pick up your bags. Follow the signs in Toronto for the F Gates with an American flag. You will have to go through security screening once again and then U.S. Customs. (like the US there are no customs formalities to leave Canada). Once past U.S. Customs you may proceed to your gate and when you land in Philadelphia it will be like a domestic arrival and you just pick up your bags and leave.