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I will flight from Montreal to Salt Lake City, USA but have 1 hour 20 layover in Toronto with West Jet airline. Do I have to clear the custom at Toronto? Do I have enough time for my connection?
Yes, you pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Toronto. Yes, you should have enough time.
I will travelling from Chicago to Delhi via tornoto, I have layover time of 1 hr 16 minutes. Is this sufficent time to clear customs and board flight. I believe there is no need to collect the luggage as such
Hi, I am flying into Toronto from an international flight and three hours after the landing time I have another flight, purchased separately, out of Toronto, also international. If I have carry on luggage only can I go through the connecting flights area or do I need to exit an re enter?
I am traveling from St. John's (YYT) to Pearson (YYZ) and connecting there for Montego Bay (MBJ). I only have an hour and 15 minutes. Can I get some direction on where I have to go and what I have to do as I know 1 hour, 15 minutes is not alot of time. Thanks
If both flights are on the same airline then you just have to go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have plenty of time.
Sorry forgot to mention traveling with Westjet.
Don't have to clear customs?
Flying West Jet . Halifax- Toronto-Tampa. 1)Do we have to pick up luggage in Toronto to clear customs or does luggage go directly through? Do we stay in a terminal 3?
I'm connecting at YYZ from Philadelphia to Vancouver. Do I have to get our luggage first or can they check through. I'm trying to get a minimum layover time. thanks
I am flying Vancouver to Toronto domestic, then to New York with carry on baggage. Both legs are with WestJet in Terminal 3. Will I have to go through security in Toronto, or can I just stay in Terminal 3 behind security to get to US departures?
You will have to go through security and U.S. customs.
Returning from Dominican via Toronto to Moncton with nine hour layover with westjet... do we go out through customs and back through security or do we stay inside terminal ?? What does the connection look like?
Yes you will have to go through customs and security.
flying from Halifax to Miami via Toronto. West jet into Toronto and American out to Miami. When do we go through US customs, Halifax or Toronto
You clear US Customs in Toronto
I am flying Ottawa to Puerto Valletta connecting in Toronto, do I go through customs in Toronto or Mexico?
There is no Canadian Customs when leaving Canada. You go through Mexican Immigration and Customs in Puerto Vallarta.