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I'm flying from Houston to Vienna with a 6 hour connection at YYZ. I'm wondering if I'll have enough time to go through custom to visit the city and return for my flight to Vienna
I’m flying Air Canada from Denver to Ottawa and layover in Toronto. I have 1 hr and 45 mins. Do I have enough time to go through security and customs? And I heard I have to claim my luggage and recheck? Thank you for your reply.
No, your bags will be transferred. You will only have to go through customs, no security. That is enough time.
I am flying to Fort Lauderdale with an overnight layover in Toronto Can my luggage be checked through or do I have to pick it up and recheck it in the morning
It depends how long your overnight layover is and what airline you are flying.
9 hours overnight
Flying with Air Canada from Ottawa to Denver with a layover in Toronto for one and a half hours. Just wondering if I have to collect my bags and re-check them again In Toronto and go through security again and US customs? And do I have enough time?
You should have enough time as long as there aren't delays. You will not need to recheck your bags. Your second flight will be in the same Terminal, you'll need to proceed directly towards the F Gates for your US Departure. You will have to go through security again prior to entering the US Customs, however, both security and customs will be special area for connecting passengers only rather than the usual long lineups.
I am flying all air canada ...lax to Toronto ...on to St. John’s newfoundland ....I assume I clear customs in Toronto and go to domestic gates? Are they near customs? do I have to get luggage and do security? I have an hour and 15 mins is that enough? And on return I have an 1 hr 15 that enough? And then I guess I clear customs in Toronto ? For my flight to us? Thanks so much!
You will arrive and depart from Terminal 1. Domestic gates are labeled as D Gates with a Canadian flag.. You will clear immigration/customs in Toronto so proceed towards baggage claim initially. Do not pick up your bags unless instructed by a CBSA officer to do so. Once you exit the baggage hall go to Level 2 (arrivals are level 1). Go through security again and you'll be on to your D Gate.
You should have enough time if you are not delayed. US and Canadian passport holders have a special lane to use automated border control. On your return, you'll arrive in the D Gates area and will have to follow signs for F Gates. Still no baggage pick up, however, you'lll have to redo security, and then US Customs. When you arrive back in LAX it's treated like a domestic arrival. Also, the US Customs most likely will have less lines than usual since there are dedicated areas for connecting passengers.
I am flying in from Calgary will I have to retrieve my luggage or does it go straight through. My layover is 57 mins
Do I have to retrieve my luggage when entering Canada from the USA before continuing onto my connecting domestic flight?
Arriving from Thunder Bay @6:45 Air Canada then connecting to Sunwing to Jamaica at 10:15 . Will we have enough time to make our flight?
I only have an hour in Toronto. Will that be long enough to make the connection. I've never flown through Canada so I don't know what I would need to do, where to go, etc.
You should be fine, but any delays on your first flight may screw you over on your second flight as Air Canada could claim you didn't leave enough time even if they delay you, so delay protection insurance is recommended. Both flights will be in Terminal 1. Insure in PIT that you have both flights' boarding passes and that your bag tag says ANU and YYZ as a connection.
You'll arrive and be sent to customs as an international arrival. Follow the signs for E Gates. This is important as this will be a bypass to regular customs lines. There's a desk for E gates connections where your customs clearance takes only minutes. Try not to bring liquids with you through your connection as any carry on luggage is still subject to security screening once again, although most US arrivals are given a bypass to this process. At the discretion of the Border Services officer, after you proceed past the immigration counter, you will be directed to be re-screened by CATSA (Canadian TSA) or sent to directly to the E Gates area for your next flight. Bags will not need to be picked up throughout unless otherwise directed by a CBSA (Canada CBP) or CATSA officer. In other words without delays, a US/Canada passport, and no suspicious reasons to get extra searches, an hour will be fine. Hope this helps. Source: Pearson Employee
You know a lot... question Lax to toronto to St. John’s ... do I have to get my bag? And recheck ? Or just go thru customs and go to another gate ? Do I do security again ?
Is 2 hours enough time for Canadian customs from US to Canada - then to get to gate
It should be alright. But your airline, and destination are also factors that could affect how long and how far you'll need to go between flights. The Toronto Airport is organized by airlines and not destinations so if you travel with the same airline or airline alliances you will not ever have to change Terminals. However, both terminals are different in terms of the connection process.