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On Saturday Sept 9 I fly from Cleveland to Toronto (Air Canada 8381) and then on to Halifax on Air Canada 8710). I booked it with United and they set up the flights. After reading these questions and answers it doesn't seem like I will be able to make the connection. I will have only a carry-on bag, but I am in the last row on the flight to Toronto so it will take me some time to deplane. Any ideas that may help me? Thanks for any help you can give me!
You should have just enough time. if you miss your connection Air Canada has frequent flights from Toronto to Halifax.
Thank you!
Hello, I am an Indian citizen with US H1-B visa and I would be travelling from US to London via Toronto Pearson Terminal 1 with Air Canada. All 4 flights for round trip are operated by Air Canada. Do I need a transit visa for Canada? Will I have to go through immigrations at Toronto on either outbound or inbound leg of the journey?
Your US Visa is enough to transit Canada. In Toronto on your way to London you will go through Canadian Passport control but on the way back you will go directly to US Immigration and Customs Preclearance upon arrival in Toronto.
I'll be arriving from Vancouver connecting to Madrid, layover is one hour. What's the fastest direction to get to the flight without delay
Just follow signs to your departure gate.
I am traveling from delhi to winnipeg via toronto. I need to ask.

1. Will i get checked in baggages directly at winnipeg? No need to pickup at toronto?

2. Immigration will be done at toronto airport or winnipeg only?

3. Will i get both boarding passes at delhi airport only?

please reply urgent
Hi, I'm flying London, ON yxu to SFO with stop at yyz. Trying to pick the right flight. Layover length of time varies from 1h17m to 2h27m, 2h47 to more than 3 hrs. How long is long enough to go through all the steps and lines to go to US?
Is it the same for the return flight?
Does the day of the week matter or time of day, with regards to delays?
Appreciate any tips or info, hoping to make a decision and book today. Thank!
I would recommend the 2 hr 27 minute connection. The Preclearance facilities in Toronto can get a bit congested.
Thank you for the reply.
Is it the same for the return trip from SFO to yyz to London yxu?
Was looking at the overnight flight back to avoid some of the crowds but the layover is only 1h 27 m long. Are the customs lines as congested or is this enough time?
Thanks again!
I am flying out of Vancouver, BC YVR with a stop in Toronto with Westjet and have a 2 hour layover before flying on to Boston. USA also with Wesjet. Do I have to collect my luggage in Toronto before going through US customs or will my luggage just go onto the plane to Boston without me having to collect it first. Do I also have to go through security again in Toronto if I am in transit.
I fly to Orlando from vancouver via toronto. I am in toronto airport now. The gate agent told me the bags will go straight through and no need to pick up my bags here at toronto. It says so on the air canada website too.
Confirmed. I got my bags in Orlando. No need to pick up my bags in toronto.
So I am visiting Toronto but I can book a flight from Atlanta to Halifax with a layover in TO for MUCH cheaper. If i have a returning flight from Toronto will I have a problem getting into TO?
Where do I clear Us customs in Ottawa or Toronto
You go through US Immigration and Customs Preclearance in Toronto.
How much time do we need to go through US customs in Toronto.....we 72 minutes if our flight is in time.
I am travelling on west jet from edmonton to orlando with a 1hr 50 min layover in Toronto..Do I need to claim and re check my suit case before clearing US customs ?
Yes, your bags will be waiting for you at US Customs in Toronto.
Hi I'm travelling from st John YYT to Paris France and the first flight from YYT to Toronto terminal 1 and I need to stay 10 hours terminal 3 so my question do I need to collect my baggage or that fine no need, thank u for the quick answer