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Hi guys. Can i have a question please? I only want answeard if you confident with the right answear

We travel from london to barbados and we stop in toronto fro 16 hours. We are humgarians and we wondered if we are aloud to leave the airport to visit the city and return for our flight? For 16 hours we would be very bored on the airport....or there is a hotel where we can sleep in the airport?

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Hi, we are travelling Winnipeg to Orlando with a quick stop over in Toronto for 1 hour 20 minutes. Do we have to pick up our luggage in Toronto or does it go straight through to Orlando? All of our flights are westjet flights.
I have a flight with Westjet From YUL to LAS connecting to YYZ.
Do I need to pick up my bags?
I'm connecting in Toronto from a WestJet flight from Kelowna to a United flight destined for Nashville. I know that I must pick up my luggage upon arrival and then re-check in before I pre-clear US customs. Are WS and UA in the same Terminal at least, or will I need to change Terminals too?
Your flight to Nashville will be Air Canada, not United unless you are flying somewhere else in the US first. You will have to change terminals.
hello.. im coming from france to toronto in terminal 1 do i have to pass through security boarder or just put my passport to that passport machine
I'm flying Air Canada from SFO to Edinburgh (EDI) with a 65 minute layover in Toronto on August 6th.
Will I need to pick up and re-check my baggage?
Thank you.
All you have to do in Toronto is go through Canadian passport control and to your departure gate. You should have enough time.
I will be flying Air Transat from Zagreb to Montreal with a connection at Pearson. i believe I go through customs in Toronto but once I do this do I need to pick up my bags and recheck them or do they go on to Montreal without me having to pick them up?
We will be arriving in Toronto from Detroit, then catching a connecting flight to Calgary. Will our bags be loaded onto the connecting flight or do we have to get them and go through security again?
If both flights are on Air Canada then you won't have to claim your bags in Toronto. You may have to identify them on a video screen.

I'm flying from YOW to LAX via YYZ and am planning on checking a suitcase. Will I need to recheck my bag to go through US screening?

Flying from Moncton to Savannah, do I need to collect my checked bag in Toronto, prior to clearing customer at pearson