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Flight leaving Saturday, June 24, from Pearson, Air Canada going to O'Hare, Chicago, it says departure from Terminal 2?????
No, you arrive in Terminal 2 in Chicago. You depart from Terminal 1 in Toronto.
Flying from SJO to YVR via YYZ with Air Canada, i have 1 hour 15 min between flights. Is that enough time? Do i need to collect luggage? Thank you
I'm looking at a flight from Vancouver to Buenos Aires on Air Canada in November with a 2hour20 minutes layover in Toronto. I'm guessing this will allow me plenty of time to make the connecting flight. On the return leg, flight from Buenos Aires arrives at 5:40am in Toronto. How much time should I allow for collecting baggage, clearing customs, and rechecking baggage? How busy it is at that time of day (Saturday December 2nd)? I'm trying to decide between a 8am or 9am or 10 am flight to Vancouver. Thanks.

I would like to retrieve my checked bags when I arrive in YYZ and then re-check them when I clear Customs/Immigration. I am a CDN Citizen but live in the US. I need to retrieve my bag as I have to provide some business documents (that are to large to bring on plane) so I would like to retrieve my bags and than I will meet them before boarding next flight as I can carry the documents with me. Air Canada wasn't sure. YYZ airport also wasn't sure. Just wondering if anyone knows if this is possible?

Flying from Windsor to Toronto by air canada have an hour layover till flight to Edmonton by air canada will that be enough time to connect??
Yes, all you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Flying in from air canada express have 1 hour layover to Edmonton on air canada will I make my connection on time. I walk very slow
Where are you flying into Toronto From?
First time flyer have 1hour and 6 mins to connect from air canada to air canada to edmonton
Where are you flying into Toronto From?
From Windsor
I will be arriving in Toronto via Air Canada, and departing on WestJet with 1 hour between my arrival and departure time. Will that be enough time to make my connection?
No, considering you have to change terminals and go through security, even if they're both domestic flights, that's probably not enough time.
Flying Aircanada from Edmonton to italy, with a layover for 1:15 do I have enough time
Yes, all you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Thank you!
Flying WestJet from New York to Kelowna and Air Canada on return, both with a connection at YYZ. I'm pretty sure I'm OK timewise with Customs, but will I have to go through security screening all over again at YYZ, in spite of having been cleared on my initial flights? My layovers are 1 hour 30 minutes going and 1 hour 40 minutes returning. I'm not sure that's enough time for both Customs and security.
You have enough time for your connections.