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when I land at Toronto airport where do I go to catch my next flight
I lost a small black folder containing some travel documents at the Airport. (NO passports). Who would I have to contact to see if someone turned them in at the Airport?
Where is the Air Canada lost and found desk in the airport?
My daughter and husband are flying Toronto to JFK to Milan, with only 2 hours stopover in NY. We're trying to check in online today, and it's asking for their address while in NY. What should we answer? Or are we doing something wrong?
I am sending my daughter from Chicago to tel aviv, Israel through Pearson Airport. She will be flying all legs of the trip on Air Canada. Will she have to go through customs in Toronto? Will she have to pick up her bags and recheck them from Toronto to Tel Aviv or will they go through from Chicago to tel avivi? How much time should she allow herself for the process - I can pick a few flights with anywhere form 1 1/2 hour layover to 6 1/2 hour layover. Thank you for your help
What terminal is gate A8 in. Our flight # 1232
We are arriving on West Jet from Nashville then after a 9 hour layover have a flight on Philipine air. One checked bag. Suggestions???
I am an Canadian Citizen with a return flight from Madrid Spain to YVR, with a 1 hr 15 min layover at YYZ. Apart from changing planes (luggage will go to final destination, YVR) do I need to go thru customs or security check at YYZ? I want to make sure I have enough time between flights. Thank you.
Yes, you will go through Canadian Immigration, Customs, and security in Toronto. You have just enough time.
On 23rd Nov 17 I am travelling from London Ontario to new York by changing flight at Toronto . I want to know the route I have to follow after I land attheairport sows tow me to catch my connecting flight to new york
We are leaving from yvr to yyz , have 2 hr layover to connect with tap portugal to lisbon. Where do we clear customs. Thank you