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If she is getting dropped off at Air Canada depot how do we find each other.
You could just meet at the gate after you both go through Preclearance.
I will be flying back from Prague to the US with a 5 hour layover in Toronto. I was told by Air Canada that I would need to pick my checked-in luggage at Toronto, clear customs and drop it off again even though I am only transiting. Is that true?

Also, can I clear immigration for a couple of hours to meet a Canadian friend at the Airport? Then go through security/immigration again to catch my continuing flight on to the US? I am a US citizen.

Thanks in advance,
In Toronto you will have to go straight to US Immigration and Customs Preclearance and be stuck there. You won't be able to meet your friend. You likely will not have to claim your bags.
So is there no option to clear Canada immigration rather than going to US immigration and customs preclearance immediately?
ZAP - your information is incorrect. You can come out. I just completed my flight and after I cleared Canadian Immigration and Customs, I was out of the secure area. I had to go to level 3 then for US immigration pre-clearance...but between exiting Canadian customs and going to Level 3 for F Gates to the US, you are in the open. You were right on the bags being checked all the way though.
flying to Toronto and then on to Vegas where do we get our luggage to go to next flight or is it checked right through
If both flights are on the same reservation, under normal circumstances, your bags will go through to Vegas.
We are travelling from Montreal to London and have a 2hr and 20 min layover at Toronto Pearson (Flying with airTransat). Will this be enough time?? We are unsure if we have to collect our luggage and go through international customs again in Toronto.
Are both flights on Air Transat? There is no Canadian Customs when leaving Canada.
yes both are Air Transat flight but they are 2 different planes where we have to switch during the layover.
Then yes, that should be plenty of time. All you have to do in Toronto is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
I am flying from WAS to Vancouver with a 1 hour 28 min layover in Toronto. Is that enough time to clear customs and make my connecting flight?
Yes, that should be enough time.
I am coming from Regina to Toronto and then Fort Lauderdale, I have only one hour layover all flights are booked with air Canada with Indian Passport.
Is one hour enough for custom clearance?
I am confused about that bag picture thing?
1 hour is very tight but possible.
The Terminal 1 YYZ baggage porters ($10,00) at the arrivals carousel do not take luggage all the way to the connecting flight counter. How can this deficiency be overcome?
I will be arriving at YYZ on a Saturday at 5:59pm from Cincinnati, Ohio USA on Air Canada. Departing flight at 10:39 pm out of Air Transat. Is 4.5 hours enough to clear customs, collect baggage, and re-ticket at Air Transat counter? I
Yes, that is enough time. You will have to take the train to Terminal 3.
I want to book a flight through Cheapo Air: Canada Rouge from Costa Rica with 1 hr 10 minutes to make a connection Canada Rouge to Montreal and then on to London with Air Canada.
Is this enough time to get through with checked luggage and if not, having booked through a consolidator, will Air Canada wash its hands of me?
That should be enough time. Yes, you may get lousy treatment if your fare is a consolidator fare (not all Cheapo Air tickets are consolidator fares).
Arriving from Lisbon, one hour layover in Toronto before heading to Vancouver,BC and then to US. Is customs done in Toronto or Vancouver?
You will go through Canadian Immigration in Toronto and US Immigration and Customs in Vancouver.