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Do I have to collect my baggage in Toronto or can in send it. Right through?
Need more info to answer. Where are you coming from, where are you travelling to, airline/terminal?
Hi, I will be connecting thru TORONTO from LAX on my way to Sydney , Nova Scotia. Do I need to pick up my bag in Toronto to clear customs with the bag or will it just be checked thru to Sydney. Please advise!
Yes, you will have to pick up your bag to clear Canadian customs. http://www.torontopearson.com/Connecting_from_usa.aspx#
i'm flying from MEX to LHR, with a stop of 1hr 40 in YYZ, with Air Canada. do i have to recheck my bags and go through security before going to my departure gate? Thank you!
YYZ Allows sterile international connections - you won't have to do anything with your bag and should have plenty of time. https://www.aircanada.com/en/travelinfo/airport/images/yyz.pdf
When flying from the US through YYZ to Rome, do we need to collect bags to go through customs or do our bags go straight through? Your airport web site says one thing and the airlines say another?
This is not the airport's website. What website are you referring to. What airlines are you flying. I would go with the information currently posted on the official YYZ website - http://www.torontopearson.com/Connecting_from_usa.aspx##
What Terminal does Emirates Airlines use 1 or 3?
Emirates uses Terminal 1 at YYZ
For International Passengers entering YYZ is there a meeting point prior to immigrations my friend is arriving 40 minutes before me?
YYZ has two terminals -T1 with Concourses/Piers D, E & F, and T3 with Concourses A, B & C - connected by the automated LINK train. Best place to meet is in the Arrivals Hall, in front of the information counter (pre-security).
Is there a fixed meeting point or area at terminal one that a passenger can use to meet with family, friends without getting lost allover the terminal.
At YYZ, Terminal 1, it would be best to meet up at Level G - the ground transportation level, which has two information desks and Doors R & S leading to the bus stops.
We are heading to Florida via Toronto from Calgary. Can we go out of security to visit family while waiting in Toronto and then return to go through US customs?
Assuming you have enough time, yes, you should be able to.
My Grandma forgot she had baggage (She's become quite forgetful these days) so after leaving the terminal we couldnt go back in to retrieve it for her. We filled out a lost & found form. If any one has any idea how to get it back please email me at lil_janda@live.ca They are 2 black bags, not huge but not small.
Baggage - if properly tagged - is actually the responsibility of airlines. Try to call her airline's Lost & Found Department.
Does anyone know if a family member who is not flying can help a non english speaking elderly grandmother go through security to help find her gate ?
Airport signs at YYZ are in French & English; however, you may want to contact YYZ at customer_service@gtaa.com (tel. (416) 776 9892) to find out where to go in the terminal to get permission to accompany your grandmother to the gate.