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My Grandma forgot she had baggage (She's become quite forgetful these days) so after leaving the terminal we couldnt go back in to retrieve it for her. We filled out a lost & found form. If any one has any idea how to get it back please email me at [email protected] They are 2 black bags, not huge but not small.
Baggage - if properly tagged - is actually the responsibility of airlines. Try to call her airline's Lost & Found Department.
Does anyone know if a family member who is not flying can help a non english speaking elderly grandmother go through security to help find her gate ?
Airport signs at YYZ are in French & English; however, you may want to contact YYZ at [email protected] (tel. (416) 776 9892) to find out where to go in the terminal to get permission to accompany your grandmother to the gate.
Do I need a transit visa if I am arriving at the terminal 1 from the USA and then leaving after three hours from terminal 1 for New Delhi.
Normally, do the US air lines book the baggage for onwards flight for direct transfers?
YYZ rules: If your flight originated in the US and you have to take connecting flight to an international destination you can (i) go to the special international connections customs counter, should your airline offer the option of automatic transfer of your luggage; or (ii) pick up your luggage from the carousel, follow international arrivals procedures and then US departures procedures – if your airline doesn't offer automatic transfer of your baggage. - You need to contact US Airways (if your connecting flight is by another airline) if they transfer bags.
Several pieces of lingerie were stolen from my suitcase during an AC flight to Europe via YYZ and YUL. Has anyone with a similar expereince been compensated by Air Canada? Please advise on what course of action to take..
I left 2 Arbonne Posters on flight 3250 today arrived at 4:30 US airways I left them in the overhead bin near isle 17 and 18 C
You need to contact your airline's lost & found department.
Lost phone around security connecting from Florida to Toronto to Edmonton on flight 135 Terminal 1 about 11 pm April 6
On March 6, 2012 @ 7:00 PM - I left my black wool coat & gloves at the Security Checkpoint. I filled out the lost & found web form, so if anyone has information please post a response. Thanks!
LOCATION: Terminal 1 - Security Checkpoint

was late for flight so by the time I noticed couldn't go back to get it =(
Feb. 21/2012 - Terminal 3. Lost 4 color photos - Memories from our Costa Luminosa cruise. They were in 2 white cardstock folders. Please call me at 416-560-8566 (Angie). Thanks.
YYZ's rules: "1. If you lost an item onboard your airplane, contact your airline. 2. If you lost an item either inside the terminal, on a GTAA contracted bus, on the LINK train or in a LINK station, complete the lost and found form found at: torontopearson.com/en/lostfound/ "
Garmin Oregon edition lost at security check for WestJet flt 1234 to Fort Lauderdale about 2:30 to 3pm on Monday Feb. 13, 2012
You need to complete the lost & found form at torontopearson.com/en/lostfound/
Lost Black Camera Case with Green Trim containing 2 camers on Jan. 27 in the departure lounge at Terminal 1 Air Canada.