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They cant update this site because of the budget cutbacks....
Yeah...Sure ! Southwest is expanding here to compete with Frontier.
Your post doesn't really make any sense. What are you referring to?
Southwest has not announced any intention of coming to TTN.
The parking Information at TTN airport is wrong
What do you mean the parking is wrong? I would like to leave my car there for a few days while flying to Florida. Can't I do that? I've tried to call the airport but just get a message saying parking is free - is that true?
As of March 9th,2013, you could park at TTN for free. They had weekly (long term) or overnight.
From the "Airport Address" page

At present, there are no commercial airlines serving the Airport - other than Streamline offering daily weekday flights to Boston/Hanscom (BED). For reservations or further information contact Streamline onlin or call 1-855-Fly-Strm.
It says right on the airport info page "no commercial airlines currrently fly from TTN". That is incorrect.
Not so, according to source: - Frontier started 1/31/13 serving TTN