Tromso Bars, Cafes, Restaurants & Stores


Gate/Area: 1st Floor
Phone: (+47) 77 63 68 22

Ark Bookstore

You will both find the most appropriate books and those who provide inspiration, tips and ideas.
Gate/Area: 2nd Floor
Phone: (+47) 966 40 555

Bar utland

Traditional snacks, a cold beer, a glass of wine or a cup of coffee before you go abroad.
Gate/Area: Terminal B
Phone: (+47) 47 91 49 91


The shop has a good selection of perfume, tobacco, chocolate, confectionery and alcoholic products. All the known and popular brands.

Picnic Restaurant

Large selection of breakfast / lunch and dinner dishes, juicy sandwiches and delicious cakes for the coffee.
Gate/Area: 2nd Floor
Phone: (+47) 47 91 49 94

Point Kiosk

Point offer fresh sandwiches, salads, fruit blends, smoothies, wraps, wholemeal bread, baked goods, etc.
Gate/Area: 2nd Floor
Phone: (+47) 47 91 49 91

The Norwegian Aquavit Bar

Aquavit is a Norwegian pride, which has existed for 200 years. We have over 20 varieties! Along with good food, this is an oasis before the trip.
Gate/Area: 2nd Floor
Phone: (+47) 47 92 00 69

Travel Value

Perfume and cosmetics at Duty Free prices for domestic travellers.
Gate/Area: 2nd Floor
Phone: (+47) 67 03 46 42

Upper Crust

Freshly baked baguettes with plenty of filling and flavor.
Gate/Area: 2nd Floor
Phone: (+47) 47 92 00 69