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Does the Vancouver airport (YVR) accept US currency? We will be taking a cruise to Alaska and they will drop us off at Vancouver and take us straight to the airport. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to visit the area so we’ll just be waiting at the airport so just trying to figure out if the airport accepts US currency for us to grab lunch before our flight. Thank you!
Small selection. Not worth the visit.
Can't even buy electronics apart
From a busted vending machine. Just the worst no Apple and rubbish selection. Come on Canada sort it out now. Not a good impression.
I am flying WestJet from HNL to YVR. Can I buy duty free at the airport from a merchant of my choice or is my only option to buy it on the flight from WestJet? Either way, are you charged in Canadian funds at HN? I'm pretty certain West Jet purchases are Canadian funds. Thank you.
There is duty free in the airport that you can use with your boarding pass bound for Canada. That will be charged in USD.
What is there to do inside YVR for little kids (4 & 6 years). We have a four hour layover
Do not buy anything from the Boutique i store if you are going to be away longer then 14 days as that is their return time policy if something does not work. I work up north three weeks at a time and had bought a defective Stylus and when I explained my situation by calling the store I was told they had to stick to a 14 day return policy in person even though I had called them in the 14 day time period.
To check Hudson Bay shop whether you have Blanket with below:
- King Size
- Multi - stripe color

I just want to 1 blanket. If you have can please remain it for me and my flight is this Friday Jun24 AC025?

Many thanks!

I can be reached at China mobile phone 13671671928
Nobody from that shop will ever see this.
Leaving Kahului Hawaii and returning back to YVR when do you get to shop at duty free
There will likely be a very small Duty Free near your gate in Hawaii, but it won't be large as Kahului has very few International flights (only a few flights per week to Canada).
I was very disappointed when I called to inquire if I could order food over the phone for a friend staying at the airport and the reply I received was "sorry can't do it bye bye" and then was hung up on.
This is not Pizza Hut's website.