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I have a connecting flight in Vancouver that is only 1.5 hours to get to another flight to leave to Tokyo. Is this enough time to change flights? Flights are all with ANA.

Any info would be great!!
Is there a special permission you can get to meet child flying into YVR alone right at the gate?
I am returning to Canada from the UK on Air Canada through Vancouver then to Saskatoon, my final destination. Do I need to collect my checked luggage at YVR for transfer to YXE?
I have 1 hour to make a connection between a domestic flight to a US flight - both Air Canada. Can you tell me the quickest way through? Do I need to go out to the terminal and then re-enter or is there a custom/immigration for travellers in transit?
Hi, I have read the instructions on Domestic connections from an international flight in YVR. However, it neglects to advise on when/where you have to re-check your bags ?
Does anyone have any info on this please. My 17 year old daughter is flying by herself and i would like to give her instructions ahead of time.
We are arriving from Hongkong by Cathay Pacific flight at 11.40 am and we have 14.30 flight of American Airlines to Phoenix.

1 ) The connection time is enough ??
2 ) Do we have to take our luggage and re check in

Thank you
Yes, that should be enough time. You will proceed directly to US Immigration and Customs preclearance where your bags should be waiting for you (this assumes both flights are on the same reservation).

We are flying from US to Taipei through YVR. We have an overnight layover and are planning to stay in a hotel in Richmond. Can we and should we take the checked in luggage with us?

You have to take your bags with you.
i am a residence of Canada and traveling from Kunming to vancover and traveling to calgary in transit at vancouver how much connecting time i need to have for the custom and immrigation and baggage
I'm going to travel to the philippines, I fly from calgary to vancouver with 54mins layover to hop on to my flight vancouver to beijing. Would that be enough? I have one ticket and same airline and I am residence of canada. I'm afraid to miss my flight internationally. Thank you
I'm driving from Minnesota with 3 family members to YWG, and then flying trough YVR en route to Maui. I don't think we are going to check any luggage, (all carry on). What are the steps I need to follow when arriving in YVR from YWG? We will have a 2:45 layover. Is that enough time?

On our return from Maui we fly into YVR and have a 90 minute layover, then to Calgary (with a 45 min layover), and then on to YWG. Do I clear customs in YVR? Is 90 minutes enough time?

Is 45 minutes in Calgary enough time to get to my next flight? (maybe that's not a question for you?).

Thank you!!!