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YVR Gate Connections DISCUSSION

I will be flying into Vancouver from Amsterdam and then proceeding to Maui Hawaii. Will I have to collect my bags and recheck them as we do in the US?

Hi there, travelling with air new zealand with a stop over in YVR from Auckland to Amsterdam, what would the minimum connecting time be? thanks for your reply
I'm flying from Seattle to Sydney and have a connection in Vancouver, BC. Do I need a separate visa if I'm flying to Sydney from Vancouver? I have permanent resident status from USA and visa for Australia.
I am flying Regina to Vancouver then to Vegas
What’s the process in Vancouver with checked bags and USA customs?
I am travelling dor Peiking to Victoria via Vancouver. Do i have to clear custom formalities at Vancouver or Victoria? If at Vancouver, I have 1hr 30mins layover. Will it be sufficient to clear all Custom formalities. What would be the procedure?
arriving from Victoria and will meet a handicapped lady at the barrage carousel. How far from my arrival terminal to the baggage carousels? Thank you.
We arrive from Prince George, BC by West Jet and depart by KLM to Amsterdam. How do we get between gates.
If both flights are on the same reservation you just have to walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
I am flying out of Toronto to Hawaii. Flying Toronto, connecting in Vancouver and then on to Hawaii with Westjet. Will we have to reclaim luggage in Vancouver?
Flying Toronto to Vancouver and then on to Hawaii with Westjet. Will we have to reclaim luggage in Vancouver?
I am arriving from USA in YVR connecting to YYC. Both flights on WestJet. Bags will be tagged through to YYC. Will I have to collect my bags after customs and put them back at a connecting baggage counter?