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I am going trough Vancouver from NYC to Manila. What is the process at the airport to make the connection
If everything is on the same reservation you will go through Canadian passport control and to your departure gate.
ZAP, when you say Canadian passport control or Canadian Immigration and Customs in Vancouver, do you refer to the same agent or they are different?
There's a special lane for passengers coming from the US and connecting to International flights in Vancouver where they just check your passport.
Thanks for the clarification, ZAP. That is the one I missed, instead, I went to the regular Canadian Immigration and Customs which is very time consuming. I wish the sign or instruction for transitioning at YVR was more clear so less painful experience.
Do I get my bag to clear customs then redeposit it to go onto Victoria?
I'm flying from Calgary to Vancouver then catching a flight to Hawaii. I know I have to clear US preclearance customs, but do you have to go through security again?
Chinese national, US green card holder, have Canada eTA in hand.
Portland==>YVR(through Air Canada)==>China Guangzhou (through Southern China) , transition at YVR the same day.
1) Do I need to go through Canada Customs and Immigration at YVR, 2) Do I need to identify and recheck in my bags with southern China at YVR?
Flying from LHR on Air Canada to Vancouver and then on Air Canada Jazz domestic to Terrace. Do I need to collect checked bag in YVR and recheck or will it go all the way through to Terrace
We will flight to Vancouver by Hainan Airline and transfer to Seattle. Do we need to go through Canada custom? Thanks.
If everything is on the same reservation you will go straight to US Immigration and Customs Preclearance in Vancouver.
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I am arriving from the UK to Vancouver, but flying straight out to Seattle on the last Air Canada flight - The time betwwen landing and the next flight taking off is 1:10 minutes . Will this be enough time if i only have carry on lugguage? Do i need to go through both Canadian and American passport control? Thanks
Forgot to add that they are 2 different tickets
With carry-ons only it's barely enough time IF you are able to check in for your flight to Vancouver online. If you aren't, it's not enough time.
This will be my first international trip ever a vacation to Vancouver coming from the U.S. Can someone explain to me step by step on how getting through Canadian customs work. Do I fill out the custom form on the plane before landing or scan the passport. Are there banks in the airport where you can exchange American currency for Canadian currency open 24/7? Returning home I understand you go through the U.S. customs pre-clearance. When do I check my luggage in? Also when I am pre-cleared do I go through customs again once arriving in the U.S.? Will I have to get my luggage and re-check or just keep going to my connecting flight? Thanks for your help or any advice you can give.
Just follow instructions on your way to Canada. On the way back you will just go to the check in desk or Transborder check-in desk for your airline (if you're on Air Canada or Westjet). Your arrival in the US will be like a domestic flight and you can go directly to your second flight.
There was a delay so my layover time has been cut from 1 hur 45 min to just 58 minutes. I have a flight landing in gate e95 and I need to pass through customs to get to a connecting flight at d53. Do I have enough time to make the flight?
The flight got delayed again and now I only have 33 min. Will I make it?
Hello, I have a past DUI from 5 years ago and have a connecting flight in a Vancouver both ways to and from South Korea. Will I be denied entry? Has anyone been in this situation and what we're the outcomes? Thanks in advance.
On the way to South Korea, you will have to go through Canadian Immigration in Vancouver and could be denied entry.