SaoPaulo Viracopos Campinas Airport ( VCP ) Public Transportation

Transport options at Viracopos Campinas Airport:  Aside from reting a car, taking a taxi or one of the many shuttle vans available, the following bus services are available:

Azul Brazilian Airlines provides free bus service to/from Sao Paulo city, including: Piracicaba, Santa Barbard d'Oeste, Congonhas Airport, Sorocaba, Barra Funda Bus Terminal and Eldorado & Tambore Malls.
TAP airlines
offers transfers between Viracopos and Sao Paulo's city center, as well as free coach service for its passengers to Congonhas Airport. 
VB Transportation Executive Line - departs from
- Sao Paulo from the Largo do Pará (Francisco Glicério);
- Jundiai from the bus station; and (c) Campinas from the Tiete Bus Terminal.

Public Viracopos Buses departing Viracopos Airport:
to Campinas:

Line 1.93 Viracopos -departs from bus station & Central Terminal; 
  Line 1.96 Jardim Fernanda / Chacra Pouso Alegre -departs from the Ouro Verde Terminal.
  Line 1.98 Viracopos -departs from the Ouro Verde Terminal.
to Sao Paulo:
   VB Transports (19) 3725-5962 departs to the Tiete Bus terminal
to Jundiai:
   Linha Executiva VB Transportes departs from Bus Station to Rodoviaria.
  to Indaiatuba:
   Line 601 departs to the Indaiatuba Bus Station
to Vinhedo:
   Line 687 to Vinhedo runs daily on weekdays. 

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