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Washington Dulles Airport General Topics

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IAD : getting from D24 to A4 at Dulles Nov 21, '18 Comments: 0

Washington Dulles Airport Gate Connections

how long to walk from D24 to A4, or is a tram required

IAD : Can I take the Shuttle from Gate A6 to C19 in an hour? Nov 14, '18 Comments: 1

Washington Dulles Airport Gate Connections

We are concerned about missing our connecting flight. We arrive Gate A6 and depart from Gate C19, is it possible to make that connection in time on the shuttle?
A little more information my apologies:
Flying united from DTW 6320 arriving at 7:19 am at A6
Departing 8:20 Flight 1661 to PUJ C19
If this enough time to get from Gate to Gate?

IAD : Do we have time to make our Connection after going through Customs Oct 09, '18 Comments: 0

Washington Dulles Airport Traveler Help

My wife and I are adopting our son from Ghana Africa. Our turn flight from Ghana to IAD only gives us 2 hours and 15 minutes to make our connection on to Kansas City. We will land at IAD at 6:25am from Accra Ghana and our connecting flight is at 8:40am to Kansas City. Will that be enough time to get us and our son through customs and immigration so we don't miss our connecting flight? We are flying United and South African Air.

IAD : does any one actually answer these questions? Oct 01, '18 Comments: 0

Washington Dulles Airport General Topics

i notice that the questions i read have no responses..

IAD : parking at airport Oct 01, '18 Comments: 0

Washington Dulles Airport Parking

we would like to park on the airport lot from friday to monday.... friday oct 5, 2018 at 4am to monday oct 8, 2018. what would it cost to park the closest to the terminal and how do we get to the terminal from the lot? possible garage 1 or 2 or the blue lot???

IAD : Boarding pass Sep 10, '18 Comments: 0

Washington Dulles Airport General Topics

Hi, I’m traveling from NO to Toronto via Dulles. However I have not been able to check in on my Dulles-Toronto flight which is with Porter Airlines. Can I check in at the gate or should I exist the airport znd go back thru security?

IAD : Internal connection Sep 08, '18 Comments: 0

Washington Dulles Airport Gate Connections

I have just had confirmation of a change of flight times from United Airlines (domestic flights).I now only have a 50 minute connection time. Is this sufficient time?

IAD : Dogs in terminal Aug 16, '18 Comments: 0

Washington Dulles Airport General Topics

Can dogs come into terminal

IAD : Shuttle from Economy parking Aug 05, '18 Comments: 0

Washington Dulles Airport Parking

Does the shuttle service run all night. We will be arriving around 4:30 AM to park on a Sunday