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I'm flying into IAD on a domestic type. Grandfather, who is older, is flying in from International KLM. Where would be the best place to meet in the terminal - somewhere simple for him to find and comfortable for him (to sit down and rest) - Should we meet at the car rental?
As an international arrival at IAD your grandfather will be transported to the International Arrivals Building at the west end of the Main Terminal for TSA clearance (go through passport check, retrieve checked bags, go through customs clearance). Open http://www.metwashairports.com/dulles/815.htm and click on Main Terminal's Arrivals area to get an enlarged layout. Then pick a meeting point there.
I am flying in from Indianapolis arriving at 21h05 with United Flight 6053 and need to get an international flight to Frankfurt (United Flight 932) leaving at 21h48.

Is that a realistic timing?
Thanks for information
United uses Midfield Concourses A, C & D with corresponding gates. Look at your ticket (and also at the overhead screen on arrival at IAD) for gate number, i.e., A gates are A1-32, B gates B35-79, C gates C30-17 & C14-1 (divided by walkway). Only these gate areas are connected by the Aerotrain: A1-32, B35-79 & C1-30. If you depart from the D gates (D1-29) you need to take the shuttle which departs from the A gates near gate A6. If arriving at B gates, walk to the main terminal and take the shuttle there to the D gates (follow signs). No time to waste!
thanks for information. I haven't bought the ticket yet, therefor I would like to know whether it is possible at all...I am willing to take a chance, but if it is really impossible, I will need to book a day later...
toll road how much do you need exact change? credit card,ezpass,
I'm arriving at IAD via United to depart on an international flight to Tokyo United. Will 50 minutes be enough to transfer from one terminal to the international terminal?
1. Presuming you arrive/depart from the C or D Gates: C gates C1-14 and D gates D1-32 are connected and have in the center a walkway. However, United is also in the A gates. (A shuttle takes you from near gate A6 to the D gates arriving there between D15-21 and D9-11.
If you are meeting a passenger at Dulles Airport, you best bet is to go to the baggage claim area; if your passenger arrives on a domestic flight, they will arrive near baggage carousel 7; on international flights, near baggage carousel 15.
After a long flight I had to wait 30 minutes at IAD to retrieve my bag.