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At Dulles?
Is there a way to know time to get through immigration right now or today?
That is not a thing that is tracked. Also it depends what line you are in and what time of the day you are arriving.
We will be flying out from IAD to Grand Cayman Island this coming Saturday (May 21st) and we just wonder what is the wait time for the security line for the International flight?
Security lines at IAD haven't been as bad as other airports. You should be fine arriving 2 hours before your flight.
My Flight is on Friday at 6am. What time does security open?
4-4:30 AM.
Flying out of IAD to London on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. What should I expect for time to get through TSA?
Probably 15-30 minutes. That is peak time at IAD, but also the Washington DC airports have some of the best TSA staffing in the country. Still be at the airport at least 90 minutes early.
We are Canadians flying from Canada to Newark, then Dulles, and have a 6hr 55 mins layover before our next international flight. Is it possible to leave the airport for a couple of hours and visit with a friend? If so, will we have to go through immigration, how long might that take, and what information do we need to give immigration? Thanks.
Depending on where in Canada you are coming from you will clear US Immigration in either your origin airport in Canada (if you are coming from Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, or Halifax) or in Newark (if you are coming from somewhere else). By the time you get to Dulles you will have already been cleared into the United States and will be free to go wherever you want.
I wouldn't do it. Have them come to you at the airport.
Do you really want to tempt fate?
We made it out and back through just fine. Thanks for the response!
I will be landing at IAD from TYS, changing planes and flying to Amsterdam all on United, , do I have to go through security again seeing as I already did in TYS?
No, you do not. The concourses at IAD are connected inside security by the Aerotrain and mobile lounge.