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My flight was cancelled and a needed a place to hang. Sat at the bar. Great service. Great contemporary sound system.
I bought myself an adapter for headphones at the Itravel Kiosk and see now that I was charged twice.

Could someone contact me to sort this out please
this is not the airport's website. Nobody from the airport or that store will contact you. Contest the charges with your credit card company.
do they have a notary in the main terminal? what are the hours of operation and cost for notarizing a document. where is the business center services office located? main terminal before security?
No, there is no such business at the airport.

I am flying United from Toronto to IAD and connecting to Dubai on another United flight. I have 80 mins of layover at IAD. I understand that I will clear US customs and security in Toronto and not in IAD. Please advise if this is correct .If so, will it just be a matter of going from arrival gate to departure gate?

Yes, that is correct.
i am traveling with my dog next month to the Philippines. Where is the animal quarantine office for customs documentation located at the Dulles airport?
Arriving from manchester uk going through IAD to EWR.united gives me 1hr 48mins.(took over an hour to clear customs at EWR in January) with cuts to tsa staff at immigration what are my chances when the gate closes well before take off time.
That should be enough time. IAD isn't quite as bad as EWR. Also there's a lot of IAD-EWR flights so if you miss one then you'll just be re-booked on the next one.
Hi, I will arrive from Dayton, Ohio on the 28th Dec at 11.33am on United Express UA 5766. Then , I will have to catch a connecting flight to Singapore on UA 803 AT 12.20pm. I have only 40 minutes to go to my next flight.Can you tell me which terminals will I be using and advise me on the best way to go to the UA international terminal.Thank you.
Can's tell you ahead of time which gate you arrive at & depart from at IAD - United uses Midfield Concourses A, B, C & D with corresponding gates. On arrival, look at overhead screens to find your connecting flight and gate number; follow signs TO BAGGAGE CLAIM/ GROUND TRANSPORTATION - domestic arrivals at A, B or C gates should follow the AeroTrain sign. The train runs continuously from the main terminal to the center of each of the 3 midfield concourses A/B & C/D; D gates, however, are not served by the train, but by a shuttle bus departing at Main Terminal & A gates (at A6) and arriving between D15-21 & D9-11. Also C gates C1-30 are connected by walkway to D gates D1-32. Either way, 40 mins transfer time will suffice. For more information, open www.ifly.com/iad - then click on 'Terminal Map' under QUICK LINKS and scroll down to the detailed text.
Thank you for the information.
We are flying in around 12 noon on Christmas Day. Are there any places to eat that are nice? Or are they all closed.
contact IAD::tel. 703-572-2700; twitter @dulles_airport; blog: washington-dulles-iad.
Hi , am arriving by virgin VS21 from Heathrow at 15.10 hrs on 15 th dec by business class.have to catch united UA 419 to orlando at 17.35 . pl guide on way to domestic terminal and whether 145 mins are enough--i have a family including my mom who will be on wheel chair(she is 81 years old--we are on a vacation
1.The first thing you will need to do is contact Virgin of any special needs your mother may have, including wheelchair. If bringing along her own wheelchair also ask about their policy getting it on the plane. Furthermore, ask if Virgin will transfer bags to United - if not, you would have to check bags in at the UA counter prior to continuing to your next flight. 2. As international arrivals in the U.S., you & your family will need to go through passport check, pick up bags, and go through customs clearance; then re-check-in bags where indicated. 3. You arrive at Virgin Atlantic at Concourse A and need to transfer to the United flight at either Concourses A, B or C (domestic United gates). On arrival you will board the shuttle to US Customs, and take the shuttle thereafter to your departing concourse & gate. You have enough time. (look at your ticket and on arrival at overhead screens to find your connecting concourse & gate.
i will be arriving from Charlotte, NC with United [email protected] 1131 am. how do i get to UA international gates? i only have 1 hr 49 min to catch my flight to Tokyo. Please advise on the fastest way to get to my gate.
You will arrive at IAD at either of the domestic Midfield Conourses A - C and will depart from international Concourse C. Note that C gates C1-30 & D gates D1-32 are connected by a walkway, and a shuttle takes you from gate A6 arriving between D gates 15-21 & 9-11. (D gates cannot be accessed by train). You have plenty of time.