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Can we check a bag for Frontier airlines at the curb, or do we have to do it at their counter?
My flight was cancelled and a needed a place to hang. Sat at the bar. Great service. Great contemporary sound system.
I bought myself an adapter for headphones at the Itravel Kiosk and see now that I was charged twice.

Could someone contact me to sort this out please
this is not the airport's website. Nobody from the airport or that store will contact you. Contest the charges with your credit card company.
do they have a notary in the main terminal? what are the hours of operation and cost for notarizing a document. where is the business center services office located? main terminal before security?
No, there is no such business at the airport.
i am traveling with my dog next month to the Philippines. Where is the animal quarantine office for customs documentation located at the Dulles airport?
Arriving from manchester uk going through IAD to EWR.united gives me 1hr 48mins.(took over an hour to clear customs at EWR in January) with cuts to tsa staff at immigration what are my chances when the gate closes well before take off time.
That should be enough time. IAD isn't quite as bad as EWR. Also there's a lot of IAD-EWR flights so if you miss one then you'll just be re-booked on the next one.
We are flying in around 12 noon on Christmas Day. Are there any places to eat that are nice? Or are they all closed.
contact IAD::tel. 703-572-2700; twitter @dulles_airport; blog: washington-dulles-iad.
i will be arriving from Charlotte, NC with United Express@ 1131 am. how do i get to UA international gates? i only have 1 hr 49 min to catch my flight to Tokyo. Please advise on the fastest way to get to my gate.
I arrive on UA FLT 3420 at Gate C24 at 3:08 PM how and where do I go to make a connection to SAS Flt 926 departing at 5:15 PM for Copenhagen, DK Thanks
On arrival at IAD, follow signs 'TO BAGGAGE CLAIM / GROUND TRANSPORTATION'; domestic arrivals at A, B or C gates should follow the AeroTrain sign; - Your departure is in Concourse B (gates B35-79).
I am scheduled to get arrive from Syracuse at 21;00 (assuming no delays) and get my connecting flight to Manchester England at 22:16. I am disabled and can only walk slowly and am worried I will not make my Manchester flight...any advice is most welcome.
1. Dulles Airport is not easy to get around. Its Main Terminal has connected Z gates. Thereafter the Midfield concourses follow as three separate buildings divided by A & B gates, C & D gates, and (gates under construction). Only A, B & C gates are connected by underground Aero Train, while D gates are served by shuttle bus near gate A6. Your ticket should indicate which gates you arrive at/ depart from, i.e., A6, B63, C14, D29 - also look on arrival at overhead screens for your departing flight number, gate & time. 2. Follow signs 'TO BAGGAGE CLAIM / GROUND TRANSPORTATION'; domestic arrivals at A, B or C gates should follow the AeroTrain sign. The train runs in a continuous loop from main terminal's post-security area at the center of the midfield concourses A/B & C/D and takes only minutes. Mobile lounge shuttle takes you to gates D1-32. If you feel that you need wheelchair assistance - contact your airline, or your flight attendant. You have enough time though to get on your own from gate to gate. Good luck!