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I have two separate reservations from YTZ-IAD (Porter) and IAD-RUH (Saudia). The connection time between the two tickets is 2hr and 40mins. No US Customs Pre-Clearance from Toronto City Airport so I will need to factor in time for Immigration. I have Global Entry and no checked bags if that helps. Both airlines seem to depart from A concourse. Is this enough time? I've never flown through IAD so don't know what to expect.
we came from Minneapolis with united (concourse D). Is 1 hour and 5 minutes enough to reach Lufthansa flight to Munic (concourse B)?
Yes, that should be enough time. There are shuttles or the aerotrain between them inside security.
We are landing at D terminal and must shuttle to A terminal for an international flight and have only one hour. Where do we catch the shuttle in D Terminal to go the A terminal. Also, I cannot find any information about a shuttle schedule.
A and D are concourses, not terminals. The shuttles run almost continuously, every 5 minutes or less. There are signs marking how to get to other concourses once you get inside.
I will be traveling from JAX to IAD and arriving with about 1 hour and 10 minutes to get to my connecting flight to Rome. Will that be enough time for me to make it? Will I need to collect my bags and go through screenings again? Thank you!
Yes, that is enough time. If both flights are on the same reservation you just have to go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. There is no US Customs when leaving the US.
Thank you Zap! I’m traveling with my two sons and started to worry. I appreciate your fast response.
After arriving from Toronto, I have 54 mins at Dulles to make a connection to Tokyo (United scheduled the trip like this). It sounds crazy - is it possible to make this connection?
Yes, that is enough time. You pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Toronto so all you have to do in Dulles on the way to Tokyo is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
We arrive from BTV at 9:01. Past info shows arrival at D-32. (eqpt is regional jet) We have flight to Lisbon departing 10:20 pm. I can't find what terminal that departs from. Will we have time to make connection? If it's tight, to whom do we make request for a cart (We're sr citizens...)? Airline? (We have only carryon, so will have to gate check from BTV)
The Lisbon flight will depart from C or D. If you need wheelchair service (there's no way to reserve a cart), then contact United. You should have plenty of time.
I booked 2 separate flights b/c the price was half the cost. First leg is CHS to Dulles. Then Dulles to Zurich. Will 1 hour and 40 minutes be enough time for us to get to our flight to Zurich. All legs are United and we will not check a bag unless they make us going through the first leg.
With checked bags if the bags aren't checked through that will be very difficult. Without checked bags it's doable if the first flight is on-time.
why do you think it will be difficult? I was told that we wouldn't have to check back through security if when we get to the airport we get the second ticket printed. Thoughts?
Flying into IAD from Amsterdam with Delta. Need to book a connection to Orlando, will choose either Southwest or United. Since will be 2 tickets is 5is enough time?
5 hours? Yes, that is enough time.
Sorry for typo. Connection time 2 hours, not 5.
And will be a separate ticket for connecting flight as is different airline
I don't think that's enough time if you have checked bags.
I am American citizen and I will fly from Panama City to Greenville SC with United with connection at Washington Dulles IAD airport with layover of 2 hours.
Do I have plenty time to clear emigration and custom?
I am American citizen and I will fly from Panama City to Greenville SC with United with connection at AID layover of 2 hours.
Do I have plenty time to clear emigration and custom?
Yes, that should be enough time if everything goes smoothly.