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IAD Gate Connections DISCUSSION

I have just had confirmation of a change of flight times from United Airlines (domestic flights).I now only have a 50 minute connection time. Is this sufficient time?
Hi I'm travelling from London to Dulles to Orlando with United Airlines. We get to Dulles at 10:55am connecting flight at 12:45pm. Do we go through customs and immigration here or at Orlando? If we go throught customs and immigration at Dulles will 1 hour 50 minutes be enough time to clear customs and immigration and make our connecting flight? Many thanks.
Would it be possible to change from terminal A to Terminal D in 1:25? Would I have to leave security etc?
Arriving to IAD on a United flight from JAX in Florida with 50 minutes to make my connection to a United flight to Lisbon Portugal. What is terminal for international departures?
hi, i am arriving on UA 7088 from Panama city (PTY) and flight to Paris (CDG), i have to do any immigration process?
I will be traveling from Clarksburg and have a 1-hour 3-minute layover. I have 2 questions. 1- Will I have enough time to get from my arrival to my departure gate? I think my departure gate is D. WHat is the best way to get there?
We are travelling from London on Virgin Atlantic to Washington arriving at 15.50 and then getting a connecting flight with American Airlines to at 17.58. Is that enough time?
I'm flying United from PHL to PUJ, with a connection in IAD. I am only taking a carry on and flying United on both flights - will 1hr 10min be enough time to make my connecting flight? Not sure if I'll have to go through security again but, if so, I worry I won't have enough time. Thanks!
All US citizens. Flying on United from Barcelona scheduled to arrive to IAD at 2:25 PM and depart to LAX at 4:00 PM. United Agent told me I wouldn't have to clear Immigration at IAD but rather do all that in LA. (Having hard time believing they would isolated group of passenger just for customs purposes)
Will I have enough time and do I have to re-check luggage?
Thank you!
You will have to clear Customs at your first point of entry into the U.S., which in this case is IAD. 1,5 hours is VERY tight, if you arrive on time. Moreover, you'll have to collect your luggage and drop it off at the transfer carousel.
Hi. Arriving at Dulles from Florida and need to clear bags and then check in flight to Paris in 2 hours as tickets are separate. Is that cutting it too tight ?
You don't need to "clear" bags unless you're changing airlines and the two airlines are not interlined. Since you're going from Domestic to Int'l - you'll simply need to just go to your gate. Again, that depends if your ticket is on one reservation.