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IAD Gate Connections DISCUSSION

My flight from Dubai arrives at IAD at 8 10 AM. My next flight is at 11AM to Jacksonville. These are separate flights operated by different airlines. Is this 3hour enough for emigration, baggage collection and then check in?
Hi, I’m a US citizen who is traveling from St.Louis to Albania.

I fly from StL to Dulles airport where I have a 45 minute layover before I depart to Frankfurt, Germany

I am only bringing 1 carry-on plus a backpack (as a personal item if allowed)

Will that be enough time
Arriving from Zurich and connecting with a domestic flight to Savannah. How much time would one need to factor in? With customs, immigration, and transfer?
Which terminal does Egyptair depart from ?
Hi. Arriving on United from Chicago and have 70 minutes to get to a Lufthansa flight to Lisbon. Is this enough time!
What is the arrival terminal
Hello, how Long does it take once arriving on D32 to Departure C3?
I have a flight booked in May from Dublin to Cincinnati via Dulles. Inbound flight lands at 15:55 on United. Flight from Dulles to Cincinnati on Canadair (with United Flight number, and on same booking), departs at 17:05.
On the return trip, we have 50 minutes to change planes. Is this long enough?
Just double checked. The Dulles to Cincinnati flight is actually with Mesa air.
Please indicate the best form to move from gate D23 to A3E at IAD.