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My wife and I are adopting our son from Ghana Africa. Our turn flight from Ghana to IAD only gives us 2 hours and 15 minutes to make our connection on to Kansas City. We will land at IAD at 6:25am from Accra Ghana and our connecting flight is at 8:40am to Kansas City. Will that be enough time to get us and our son through customs and immigration so we don't miss our connecting flight? We are flying United and South African Air.
My wife and I are both in our 80's and we are flying into IAD from PDX ,on United Air,and on to FAY,on Wisconsin Airlines ,DBA united express ,is gates far apart ,we are told we have about one hour and forty minutes between flights ,we have never been in this airport ,any info would be appreciated ,Thank You
You will probably have to take the AeroTrain or Mobile Lounge to concourse A for your departure gate. Just follow the signs that say Concourse A. You have enough time.
I arrive at IAD, Gate: A6C by United Airlines.
My fiancée arrives at IAD, Gate: B45 by Lufthansa.

I am trying to be the first RECONGNIZABLE face she sees. It's her first time in the US and her family will be picking her up. We will arrive in the same terminal just about 20 minutes apart. How can I be the first to see her being that she has to go through customs?

1) I was told there is a glass area that leads from the bus to shuttle to customs and that we may be able to see each other. How would I go about this?

2) If I'm unable to see her from the glass that leads to the bus for customs is there a way to see her?

I know she has to go through customs first and I can meet her in the Baggage claim/International passenger arrivals area but for romance sake I think it would be perfect to see her first.
Please help. We arrive on United from IAH then catch an international flight to Rome on United in 1 hour. Do we go thru customs in Dulles. Will we make that flight. Is it far to walk to gate? Thank you
There is no US Customs when leaving the US. All you have to do in IAD on your way to Rome is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have enough time.
if you are connecting through Dulles from Europe, do you have to physically take your luggage outside of the customs arrival area and re check it with the airline?
If both flights are on the same reservation you can drop the baggage off at the re-check desk right after clearing customs.
How do I get from arrival SWA to Royal Air Maroc?
They should be in the same concourse... and there is no pre-clearance at Dulles airport
Is 1 hour and 6 minutes enough time to get from United coming from New Orleans to SAS heading to Copenhagen?
Yes, you just have to go from your arrival gate in C/D to your departure gate in B.
Canadian arriving from Montreal (I assume US customs will be cleared in YUL)
transit to IAD, arrival at 1147am and leaving IAD at 1234pm (47 minutes between).
Both flights are United, unique reservation.
Will I make it?
Will my baggage make it?
We are US citizens flying from Montreal and connecting to LAX. We have 57 minutes in Dulles. enough time?
I’m picking up a couple, us citizens, coming in on a direct flight from Munich on Sunday , how long should I give them to clear customs