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My parents are travelling from Toronto to Delhi via Zurich on an Indian passport. The flights are going to be Air Canada flight both from Toronto to Zurich and Zurich to Delhi.
My question is whether they need schengen visa for their flight change or are they good to go as long as they are within the airport and only travelling between the 2 terminal or gates that they are supposed to be for their flight connection.
Thanks !
Since they are leaving Canada and not leaving the transit area, no they do not. http://www.consulfrance-chicago.org/Airport-transit-visa
Hi, We will be travelling from Delhi to Washington in May 17. The change over is in Zurich. (Delhi-Zurich is on Swiss airways and Zurich-Washington is United Airlines. The layover at Zurich is 5.30 hours. Will I find a smoking room ? The return journey has the same connection.
Thank you in advance.

My return flight from Zurich to Edinburgh will go via Paris CDG and leaves at 6:45am from Zurich. The first train arriving at the airport station gets me there at 5:32am. Will this give me enough time to get through security and to my gate?

Flying from Prague to Singapore on Swiss Airlines, with a layover at Zurich. 1) How long does the immigration/customs take at Zurich since I'm leaving Schengen? 2) Is 1 h 40 minutes enough for the transit? 3) There is no need to check in or collect luggage right? 4) Is 1 h 40 minutes enough for luggage? I don't wish to be without my luggage.
there is possibility let walk small pets during 2 hours transfer?
While 'Pet Relief Areas' are now mandatory at U.S. Airports and are sign-posted by a dog, I can only presume that Zurich might have one also. I suggest you ask any attendant on arrival there.
How long will take to walk from an arival flight from Vienna to check-in in a flight leaving to Sao Paulo, Brasil (GRU). Both flights are SwissAir. A safe time to transfer? A person that speaks only portuguese. SwissAir arival docking are on the same concorse as the departure flight? Is that possible to a recepcionist from SwissAir to lead the passanger to the check-in desk? Thank you for the help
While Swiss is located in Terminal 1 at Vienna and in Terminal 2 at ASA D (Concourse D) at Guarulhos, you need to contact Swiss as to gate numbers of departure & arrivals, and how to transfer (gates are indicated on your ticket). Make sure your baggage is tagged as through luggage at your departure airport so it will arrive in Sao Paulo.