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ZRH Gate Connections DISCUSSION

Hey, I've have a short connection time to switch from United to Swiss (1 hr 20 mins) for my flight to India. Are the two terminals far from each other? Also will I have enough time to complete my immigration?
I have a 40 minute window arriving from singapore and flying onward to manchester...is this achievable?
Arriving on LX177 and departing on LX390, please provide details of gates and directions to take
I am flying in from Barcelona and connecting to flight to Montreal Canada. Arriving at Terminal 1 and flying out of Terminal 2. Have short connection time of 1 hour . Will this work
We are flying in on Swiss airlines from Chicago on October 22 and we only have forty minutes until our next flight leaves for Athens Greece on Aegean airlines. Any idea what terminal these airlines operate out of and if that will possibly be enough time to deplane and run to another gate/terminal?
I have 2 elderly travelers ARR. LX53-11:00am depart LX2066 11:45am. have wheelchair RQ
I gave a flight on Croatia airline from Dubrovnik and have a connecting flight with Swiss airlines to London. Where will I go to get my connecting flight. Do I need collect my luggage or will it go through to London Heathrow.
I am traveling on Swiss Air from Vienna to Zurich, and connecting to United from Zurich to San Francisco. I arrive in Zurich at 12.20 p.m. and leave at 1:35 p.m. I come in on Terminal S and leave for SFO at Terminal U. How do I make the short time connection?
I am traveling on Swiss Air from Boston to Zurich, and connecting to Swiss Air from Zurich to Prague. I arrive in Zurich at 11 a.m. and leave at 12:35 p.m. On Swiss Air for Prague. I come in on Terminal E and leave for Prague at Treminal 2. How do I make the short time connection?
Our child will be travelling and needs to connect in Zurich. Can you let us know how this connection works? Can't find reliable terminal information online, I believe she will arrive at terminal 2 and leave from terminal 1,3 .