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ZRH Gate Connections DISCUSSION

I have 1 layover on May 15 from flight LX 53 to LX1348 it's 1hr 5 min - from terminal E to terminal 1. On the way back on May 27 I have 1 Hr 15min layover from Lx1311 to LX 52 I concerned with short layovers especially that I have change terminals
im traveling to zurich airport by swiss air from usa. Then i need to take thai airways to bangkok.
How do i get from swiss air gate to thai airways to book a seat on thai airways.
traveling from Mumbai India to san Francisco usa
Arriving in Zurich on Swiss Air Flight 19 and departing on Swiss Air Flight1326 40 minutes later. Is this enough time to make the connecting flight?
Arriving on United air. 1h 30min to connect to Swiss air. Is that enough time?
we are travelling from Birmingham UK to Lugano via Zurich.
upon arrival at Zurich do we need to collect baggage & pass through security etc and then check in again, do security again & get to next flight. Or is there a different route for transfer passengers without collecting you luggage?
If I'm traveling from Geneva to JFK with a 1 hour connection in Zurich all on the same ticket with Swiss Air, is this enough time to make it?
I'm flying from Prague to Zurich and then to New York. My flight from Zurich to New York is on a separate ticket from my flight from Prague to Zurich. Will I have to go through passport control and security all over again? If so, is 2 hours enough time?
I have window of 55 minutes. Can I get to departure terminal for Oslo from E42 within 55 minutes?
Flight arrival LX 2511 then departure to LAX on LX40.... I can't figure out on terminal map if it's a long distance from one gate to another.Ony have a 1 hour.....Are all Swiss air planes arival and departure on the same building?...Traveling with elderly parents that can't walk fast.Thanks for any information.