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Which terminal does United from Newark use? Which terminal does Delta from JFK use?
United Flight # 134 January 25, 2019
Delta Flight #408 January 25, 2019
How to get a wheelchair from Zurich Airport train station to Swiss Air Check-in counter at Zurich Airport.
On 31 December I arrive at Zurich Terminal 1 on flight LX 645 from Paris at 22.00, and have to depart from Terminal A on flight LX 288 to Johannesburg at 22.40. Will I make it? The layover looks too short to me but I don't know how far apart physically the arr. and dept. places are, and, if my baggage is booked right through, will the gate remain open for me?
Meeting friends at Zurich airport. They fly in on Icelandic air, we arrive on Lufthansa. We will be taking train into Zurich. Where is the best place to meet.
We are arriving from Chicago on Swissair and transferring to HELVETIC AIRWAYS. What is the distance between terminals?
Scheduled arrival on Delta Airlines at 8:10 a.m., will I likely have enough time to claim luggage, clear customs, buy train ticket, and catch the 10:47 a.m. Train departing for Como, Italy? Thanks in advance for any thoughts or suggestions.
I am arriving from USA on Swiss Air. I need to take the train to Basel. How do I get to the train station from the Terminal?
Can not find a map showing where I need to be for an Insight pickup. I believe it is near the Tourist Information Office, but could not find a map showing that either. Have spent ages looking. Can you point me to a map that will show this please?
I am traveling from Zurich to chicago on a 940AM flight, I have carry on luggage only and currently my train from Lugano arrives to ZRH at 813am. Will 1hr and 25min be enough time to clear security? Will I need to go through customs? Or should I chanve my train and arrive the night before?
You will have to go through Schengen Exit passport control and security. You should have just enough time.
Does anyone know if passport control at Zurich airport is open 24 hours or when it does open. Our return home flight to Toronto Canada leaves Zurich at 7:00 am and am wondering if 1:45 minutes is enough time to check-in and go through passport control. I'm concerned that it might not even open until 6:00 am and could be a problem. I'm not sure if that is a busy time of day for flying or not.
It will be open with sufficient time to get to your flight.