Parking Options at Akron Canton Regional Airport

If you need to pick up an arriving passenger, you may park in the Welcome Lot (Cell Phone Lot) across from the Short-term lot and close to the Terminal. Stay with your car until your party calls you to be picked up at the curb.  (Or choose the Short-term parking lot.)

Other parking options at Akron-Canton Airport, listed from the most to the least expensive option (and according to distances from the terminal):
    Short-term parking lot directly in front of the terminal with daily & hourly rates.
Fees: Each 30-min segment up to 3.5-4 hrs is $1; at 3.5 - 4 hrs $8, 4-24 hrs (daily max) $15.
    Long-Term Parking Lot A (for more than 2 days) with free shuttle service 24/7.
Fees: Each 30-min segment up to 4 hrs is $1; 3.5 - 4 yrs $8; 4.5-24 hrs (daily max) $10; weekly: $60.
    Long-term Parking Lot B, with free shuttle service.
Fees: Each 30-min segment up to 3.5 hrs is $1; 3-3.5 hrs $7; 3.5-24 hrs (daily max) $8; weekly $48.
    Economy Lot (with free shuttle service - taking only five minute) is south of Long-Term A lot on Lauby Road.
Fees: Each 30 mins segments up to 2 hrs $1, 2 - 2.5 hrs $5; 2.5-24 hrs. (daily max) $6.  Weekly: $36.

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