Rio de Janeiro Galeao (GIG) Airport

Rio de Janeiro Galeao GIG Airport Overview

Rio de Janeiro Tom Jobim International Airport GIG (formerly referred to as 'Galeao Airport') has a  new logo 'RIOgaleao International Airport Tom Jobim' - named after its new concession holder RIOgaleao. It  is the larger of  two Rio de Janeiro Airports (the other being Santos Dumont) and the second-largest Airport in Brazil (after SaoPaulo Guarulhos).  Tom Jobim is the name of Brazil's legendary  musician.

GIG Airport is located on Governador Island, 20 km from the famed city of Rio de Janeiro, and can be reached from the south, north and west of Rio de Janeiro by the these three access routes: Linha Vermelha and Linha Amarela freeways and Avenida Brasil.
With a very long runway and over 17 million yearly passengers, Rio de Janeiro Galeao Airport is hub to Gol and TAM airlines and is served by a host of domestic and international airlines offering direct and connecting flights to all points of the globe.

Tom Jobim Airport can be contacted within the City toll-free at 080 727 1234 or by fax 61 3312 3013.

On-Airport Hotels:
The 4-star Luxor Hotel (tel. 021 2468 8998)  offers business services and meeting rooms.
The 3-star Hotel Pousad (tel. 021 3398 3852)
Rio Aeroporto Hotel ( )

RIOgaleao Airport now has two passenger terminals.

Present & Future Airport Developments:  Passenger service is now available in both Portuguese & English. RIOgaleao is on-schedule preparing the Airport for the Olympic Games in August 2016.  As of late May 2016,  total of 64,500 sq.feet of space was added for lounges, and the following projects have been completed:
- opened the new new 100,000 sq.meter South Pier with 26 airbridges (3 for wide-bodies airplanes). 
- replaced 32 boarding bridges and added 26 new ones;
- expanded the duty-free area to 8,000 sq.meters and  the commercial area to 21,500 sq.meters;
- added 12 new immigration counters and 28 new elevators;
- added new overhead signs; and overhauled the air conditioning system.
- expanded the new Aiport mobile application, and added 2,700 parking spaces.
- added the Pre-Games 'Fitness regime'.
- opened the new independent Plaza Premium luxury lounge.
- the smartphone app is a first for Latin America - enabling users to navigate the Airport. 
- barcoded boarding passes  are now available to Brazilian citizens only.
- The operations control center with the latest management system is fully functional as of June 2016.

Prior to the opening of the Olympic Games in August 2016, over one hundred new stores & restaurants will cover a total area of 258,000 sq.feet, while Dufry will have added 86,000 sq.feet of retail space, including  'carioca' (Rio de Janeiro-based)  brands.

  • Address:
    Av. 20 de Janeiro s/n
    Ilha do Governador, RJ, 21942-570
  • Website for Rio de Janeiro Galeao:
  • Phone: +55 21 3004 6050

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