Security at Rio de Janeiro Galeao GIG Airport

More professional staff are available for checking ID’s, so as to avoiding long lines at departure time. When the passenger keeps his ID Card accessible, waiting time decreases and at the same time this ensures compliance with safety rules.

It is also important to pay attention to the laws that govern the trips of children and teenagers. Children up to 12 incomplete years of age not accompanied must present a judicial authorization to land. If they are accompanied by a person other than the parents (event relatives), they must present their original birth certificate. Unaccompanied teenagers from 12 to 18 need to present their original birth certificate.

The airport complies with all typical international regulations; however, passengers from the United States should expect some additional precautions, including photographing and fingerprinting during customs. These measures were taken up in response to similar US measures with relation to Brazilian citizenry. Be certain that both your passport and visa are in order prior to your trip. Your flight attendant will provide you with an arrival form that you will fill out and present to the state police as you clear customs. You will need this form again when you depart, so do be certain not to lose it.

For personal security you may wish to prepay for your taxi fare, avoid public buses, or even consider arranging your airport transit via a service ahead of time.

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