Santiago Arturo Benitez (SCL) Airport

Santiago Arturo Benitez SCL Airport Overview

Santiago Arturo Benitez International Airport SCL serves the capital city of Santiago, in Chile, South America. It has been honored by IATA for its rapid recovery of its terminal and airline operations after the February 2010 earthquake. Furthermore IATA considered Santiago International as being a leader in Latin America, 'both for its efficiency, quality and customer orientation'.
Since October 2015 the new operator 'Nuevo Pudahuel' *(a consortium of Aeroports de Paris, VINCI Airports & Astaldi) ) operate & manage SCL Airport for the next 20 years.

SCL Airport is located in Pudahuel, a part of the metropolitan region of Santiago -17 miles northwest of  city center. It is accessible either via Ruta 68, taking Autopista Vespucio north to the Airport Exit, or via the 6-lane Autopista Constanera Norte, taking the Airport Exit.

With two very long runways and serving over 14M travelers per year, Arturo Benitez Airport is hub for LAN Chile Airlines (with over 90 percent on-time flights) and is served by a number of domestic and international airlines (including Delta & American) offering direct and connecting flights to all points of the globe.

The on-Airport 5-level Holiday Inn connects internally to both the Domestic and the International areas of the passenger terminal and has its own parking spaces, as well as a conference hall for up to 170 persons.

NOTE: Passengers are advised to arrive at the Airport 2.5 hours prior to scheduled international flight, or 1.5 hours prior to domestic flight.  If traveling with children, you need to have additional documentation (birth certificates, family record book, or notarized authorization). 
The passenger terminal at Santiago Benitez Airport is divided into Domestic (D) and International (I) areas.

By year-end 2014 the first phase of Terminal Upgrades was completed, which included new National check-in sector and baggage conveyor system, and the following Airport improvements:  Police International increased its permanent staff by 25 percent - distributed more efficiently according to timely needs. Chilean nationals no longer need the form of entry /exit.  Added national airline staff assist passengers at peak hours, and the number of passenger rows were adjusted to to needs.  Emphasis has been given to a coordinated work force.

Present and future Airport developments:  The Airport Expansion project is divided into three phases:  The completed first phase involved upgrading existing facilities, with attention to underused terminal sections. 
Currently, the second phase is to build a new international terminal and convert existing facilities into a domestic terminal. 
The third phase involves a new third terminal at the Airport's north side and related relocation work of other facilities - to be completed by 2020.

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