Austin Straubel Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

Cell Phone Lot at GRB - Free parking under 60 minutes offers a temporary way-station for motorists picking up passengers at the Airport. Located on the right-hand side of the main entrance road, shortly after the Airport entrance. Vehicles must be attended at all times while in the lot. Flight information display for anticipated arrival times.

The Airport has 1,900 long- and short-term parking spaces available directly in front of the terminal building. There are 4four entrances to the long- term parking lot and two entrances to the short-term parking lot. Take a ticket upon entrance, park and pay upon exit by either an automated credit card exit or an employee-staffed booth. Fees:

Short Term Lot
Each 1/2 Hour $ 1.00
Daily Maximum $16.00

Long Term Lot
First Hour $ 1.00
Each Additional Hour $ 1.00
Daily Maximum $ 7.00
Weekly Rate $37.00
Weekly Long Term Rate at Automated Credit Card Exit Only $35.00

Handicapped Parking is available in the Green Bay Airport Short-Term and Long-Term Parking Lots. Long-term rates will be applied to the fee by the cashier at the exit, upon presentation of a valid, state-approved handicapped parking permit.

Motorcycles should not use the pay parking lot.

Airport Parking Lot Phone: (920) 494-2560

Austin Straubel ( GRB ) Airport Parking Map

Austin Straubel GRB airport parking map

Cheap Long Term Parking Near Austin Straubel Airport ( GRB )