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The Greenbay Austin Straubel Airport has one Passenger Terminal with Concourses A and B, opens daily at 4am to last flight.
The Ground Level of the passenger terminal has ticketing desks to the right, baggage claims to the left,  with ATM, vending machine and rental car desks. 
An elevator & escalators take you to the food court, and to separate security checkpoints leading Concourses A (right) & B (left). Concourse A has gates A1-A6 & Concourse B has gates B1-B6.  Both concourses have a Skybox lounge, a vending machine, a business center and a family area.
Free WiFi connection is available throughout the terminal.. For lost & found items, call 920-498-4800.

Current Airlines serving the the terminal (phone numbers in that order are for Reservation, Flight Info, Baggage Svc, & Lost&Found /Paging.
- American Airlines : (all are 800 numbers) 433-7300;  223-5436;  535-5225;  433-7300.
- Delta Airlines (all but last are 800 numbers) 221-1212;  221-1212;   498-5012 or 221-1212;  (920) 498-5012
- United Airlines (all are 800 numbers) 241-6522;  241-6522;  221-6903;  241-6522.