Parking Options at Barcelona Airport

Parking Options at Barcelona Airport:   10,900 spaces areavailale in the Terminal 1 (T1) carparks & another 8,779 spaces are availale in the T2 carparks.  Furthermore a long-stay carpark with 995 spaces is 2 km from T1, connected to both terminals via shuttle bus:

1. Long-stay Carpark for parking a day or more, is a few minutes from either T1 or T2, served 24/7 by free shuttle buss.
2. T1 carpark building is a few meters from T1, connected by a footbridge - best for short-term parking up to 4 days, or for picking up passengers.
3. T1 open-air carpark for short- and mid-term stay, is a few meters from T1.
4. PA carpark building is currently closed.  It is intended for short- to mid-term stay, and is only a few meters from T2A and connected to it by footbridge.
5. PC carpark building T2 is only a few meters from T2C and is presently only using level 0 - current access until the airbrige reopens is outside the building.
6. T2 open-air carpark for short- to mid-term stay, is a few meters from T2, spaces being distributed in front of T2A, T2B & T2C.

VIP parking is also available.

Parking Rates at BCN Airport

VIP Parking
Notes:Closed car park with security surveillance and vehicle pick-up service at meeting points, in front of terminals T1 (Arrivals and Departures roadways), T2A, T2B, T2C and Corporate Terminal. Complementary services are offered such as boarding pass management, carwash, oil change, and vehicle delivery to wherever the customer wishes, ITV (vehicle roadworthiness test), etc. For further information you can visit Parking VIP Barcelona website.
Public car parks
Rate: first 30 mins: 0.02/min
31-60 mins: 0.03/min
from 61 mins: 0.03/min
day max up 4 days: 18.30
day max up 5 days: 14.65
Long-stay car park
Notes:Situated two kilometres from T1, there is a shuttle bus service which connects both infrastructures. For more information you can visit the web site of Long-stay Barcelona.

Barcelona (BCN) Airport Parking Map

Barcelona BCN airport parking map

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