Public transportation from Barcelona  Airport to your destination:  

Trains to the city : 
Terminal 2 has its own RENFE commuter train station of the '2 Nord Line',
running from the Macanet-Massanes station, and making major stops at the railway stations of Barcelona Sants and Passeig de Gracia - providing transfer to the Barcelona Metro system. 
Passengers can access the Renfe suburban train station from/to inside the airport facilities via the footbridge (with lifts & elevators), linking the station to the airport's Intermodal Terminal.
    RENFE train line 10 suburban trains to city center's Estacio de Franka (with stops in between) takes 32 mins. For more information call (902) 240 202, or visit:  www.renfe.es/cercanias/barcelona.
(A new railway station is to be built nearby, connecting the Airport to the Spanish AVE network, and to line 9 of the Barcelona Metro.)

Buses to the City:

    Aerobus A1 to Placa Catalunya departs from Terminal 1, level 3, to city center --
available daily,  and at peak time runs every five minutes - the trip takes about 35 mins. Stops are at Arrivals & Departures levels.  Tel: 902 100 104.
    Aerobus A2 to Placa Catalunya departs from Terminal 2 to city center - available daily, and at peak time runs every 10 minutes - the rip takes about 35 minutes. Stops are at T2B Arrivals, and T2C (international road).  Tel:  902 100 104.
    Bus 46 to Plaza Espana -
Its route stops at Terminals T2B, T2C, at Rotunda nave Askar towards T1, at T1 at level 0, at Rotunda nave Azkar towards T2, and on to Barcelona/Sant Joan Despi, with last stop at Clasa Building.
    Night Bus N17 to Plaza Cagalunya in Barcelona stops at T1, level 0 - including the Barcelona-Madrid Air Shuttle
    Night bus N16 to Plaza Cataunya & Caselldefels via Viladecans & Gava - stops at T2B Departures, T2C, internal road, and Clasa Building  - tel. 010


1. Metro Line 9
will connect the Airport’s Terminals  with Barcelona – scheduled for ‘first half’ of 2016'.
Ongoing work on the new train shuttle service between the Airport's and city center of Barcelona is to be completed by 2018. When completed, airport stations at both at T1 & T2 will transport passengers to the Sants and Passeig de Gracia train stations, departing every 15 minutes and taking under half an hour.

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