Barcelona BCN Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at Barcelona BCN Airport

El Prat Airport layout, Getting around, Non-Schengen Arrivals (Foreign), Terminal Details, VIP Lounges, Cruise passengers, and T2A/T2B updates:

passenger terminal complex at Barcelona El Prat Airport consists of  two passenger terminals T1 & T2 - connected by shuttle bus ride (or a 10-20 minute walk). T1 handles about 70 percent of all flights. The RENFE station is at T2.
The Barcelona-Madrid Air Corridor is north of T1, housing the Air Shuttle to Madrid and a baggage carousel; it has a taxi rank & direct carpark access.

Getting Around at El Prat: The  free green shuttle bus, which stops outside of T1, T2B & T2C, and the train station,  runs every 4 minutes (8am-8pm); every 7 mins (5am-8am), & midnight to 5am (every 20 mins).
Non-Schengen country (foreign) arrivals need to go through passport control prior to proceeding to the baggage reclaim hall, which is used for both Schengen & non-Schengen arrivals. If you have something to declare, you will also need to go through customs clearance with your bags.
To get to the right terminal, note that each airline serving El Prat Airport is assigned a specific terminal and boarding zone, as listed below.  Terminal 1 has its check-in counters in Departures hall, level 3;  Terminal 2 is divided into 3 check-in areas A, B & C; and the Barcelona-Madrid Air Shuttle check-in is in the north dock of T1.


Terminal 1 of Barcelona Airport has Boarding Zones /Concourses A - E (with A - E gates) and is served by airline membes of One World, Star Alliance & Sky Team, as well as their associates, and airliness operating intercontinents flights.  All airline gates can be reached past the centralized security checkpoint.
The 545,00 sq.meter Terminal houses 168 check-in counters, 50 jetways, 15 baggage carousels, and a fast-track lane to the security checkpoint. While its ground level (level 0) is the baggage claim level, levels 1, 2 & 3 are all departure levels with gates.  The terminal offers three VIP lounges, along with a range of brand-name shops and restaurants, bars & fast-food stores and services. The left-luggage office at T1 is on level 0, intermodal lobby.
NOTE: Passengers arriving at T1 need to locate their baggage belt on Level 1:  baggage pickup is according to EU, non-EU countries, and Madrid Air shuttle flights. 
T1 has five boarding zones - A through E - on two separate levels:  Zones A & D are in the North dock &  Zones C &  E are in the South dock.
Boarding Zone A (for Schengen flights & air shuttle) has Concourse A on level 1 with gates A-22- A1; 
Boarding Zone B (for Schengen flights) has Concourse B on level 1, with gates B25-B69;
Boarding Zone C (for Schengen & Regional flights) has Concourse C on level 1, with gates C70-C98.
Boarding Zone D (for EU non-Schengen flights)
has Concourse D on level 3, with gates D21-D03;
Boarding Zone E (without EU flights)  has Concourse E on level 3 with gates E70-E77.
The Virtual Airport Assistant
can give directions to passengers at T1 by means of 8 touch-screens; they are located throughout check-in, boarding & arrivals areas - three of which are in the secured area.
Information Counters at T1:  (a) at level 1: Sky Center, at start of Boarding B, at boarding B,  at end of boarding B & at the Plaza;  (b) at level 3: check-in hall, secured areas, Boarding D
VIP Lounges & Busines Center in T1: 
1. The Colomer VIP Lounge
for Barcelona-Madrid Air Corridor - at T1 north - e-mail
2. Joan Miro VIP Lounge - a large lounge at T1, level 2, divided into working & rest areas, with meeting rooms, showers/bath, and other services - intended for passengers traveling to non-EU countries - tel. 932 596 428.
3. Pau Casals VIP Lounge at T1, level 2, intended for travelers to EU countries - similar to Joan Miro lounge - tel. 932 596 430.
4. The Business Center
is on level 1 (tel. 933-758-6000) and offers a boardroom dividible into 4 lounges, resting units with bed, shower, TV & internet;  5 computer-equipped offices, and a fitness area.
Cruise passengers at T1
(a) departing El Prat via American, British, Lufthansa, Air France or KLM airlines, check in at the ground level lobby of the parking garage;  (b) arriving at El Prat by air and transferring to the port for Royal Caribbean cruise: passengers may check in bags & pick up boarding pass at Terminal 1's lobby; (c) Delta offers a special check-n service for passengers arriving from a cruise and heading back via Delta to the U.S.

Terminal 2 - much smaller than T1 - is divided into sub-terminals T2A, T2B, & T2C - connected to each other - each of which has their own airline assignments.  Check-in for T2 airlines is at check-in desks in T2B, with the exception of EasyJet & EasyJet Switzerland, where check-in is in T2C.  T2 has six boarding zones - M-0 & M-1 through M-5 - accessible to passengers who have gone through security checkpoints.

T2A is presently served by airlines operating non-Schengen flights only, and by all charter flights (Schengen & non-Schengen): Aer Lingus, Air Arabia Maroc, Belavia, Blue Air, Bulgaria, Gambia Bird,, Metrojet, Monarch Airlines, Orbest, Orenair, Pakistan International, Pegasus, Rossiya-Russian, Transaero, Ural Airlines, UTair Aviation, Vim Airlines & others. 
T2A houses on level 0 gates 46-49 ; and on level 1 gates 40-45 (with gate area transfer at left to T2B), and gates 50-55 (to the right).
T2B  is served by Schengen & non-Schengen airlines Easyjet & Easyjet Switzerland, Germanwings, Luxair, Norwegian Air Shuttle, Ryanair, SkyWork, SmartWings, and Wizz Air.  The Catalunya Meeting Rooms are located in T2B, level P1 (tel: 932 971 101). 
T2B houses gates 26-29 & 36-39 on level 0; and gates 20-25 & 30-35 on level 1, connecting to the right of the gateway to T2A, and to the left to gateway T2C.
T2C is served by EasyJet  & EasyJet Switzerland only.  It has gates 16-19 on level 0, with stairway leading down to gates 1-8; and gates 10-15 on level 1 with access to T2B to the right.

1. Multi-use centers in both T1 & T2
enable passengers to print, copy & bind documents, ship & manage excess baggage; they and also offer Excess Baggage Company's suitcases, and other travel-related merchandise.  Location: At T1 on 'billing floor' (la planta de facturacion); at T2 at T2B, between Cafe di Fiore & Pans & Co. 
2. Family security lanes:  are available at T1

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