Public Transportation from Beijing Airport:

By Bus:

1. The Airport Shuttle Bus Route
via Tongzhou to Yizhuang runs from north ring, west road station to the Airport:
(a) Bus Lines 1 to 11 serve 11 destinations:  Fangzhuant, Xidan, Beijing Railway, Golgzhufen, Shongguancun, Wangjing, Beijing West Railway Station, Shangdi, Tongzhou, Beijing South Railway Station and Yizhuang.
(b) Inter-provincial shuttles serve Tianjin, Qinhuangdao & Tanggu. For Airport Shuttle service call 010 6459 4375 /6.
2. The Tongli Bus Station located at Gate 3 of Terminal 3, level , has a bus to Langfang city (No. 4, 6th Avenue North).
3. The inter-provincial bus service to Tangshan city covers 190 km, taking about 2 hrs 30 mins, available daily via a number of buses.

By Train:

1. The Airport Express railway stations  are on level B2 of garage P2, and on level F2 at P3. The Airport Express runs every 12 minutes and makes 4 stops at Dongzhimen & Sanyuanqiao in Beijing (shown on subway map in purple color). The trip takes about 30 mins.  Passengers can transfer to Lines 2 & 13 at Dongzhimen and to line 10 at Sanyuanqiao.
2. Beijing City has three railway stations 
- Bejing Railway Station, West Railway Station & Beijing South Station.  From the South Station you can take the high-speed railway connecting to Shanghai Hongquiao, a 4 hour trip.

Buses To Surrounding Area

Service Name: AIRPORT BUS
Contact Information: (86)10 - 6459 4375 or (86)10 - 6459 4376
Notes: If the routes, stations and schedule change, the messages will be issued by the Dispatch Centre of Capital Airport. The two-way shuttle interval of Route 2 and 4 is 10 minutes. The two-way shuttle interval of Route 3 is 15 minutes. That won't exceed 30 minutes for other routes. The shuttle bus will start when it is fully occupied anytime and the tickets are available at all the stops.


Beijing Capital Airport Public Transportation

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