Parking Options at Bellingham Airport

If picking up a passenger at the Airport, you may want to use the free cell phone lot near the rondabbo along Mitchell Way. Stay with you car until your party has collected bags and calls you to be picked up at Terminal curb.

Other Parking options at Bellingham Airport:

Short- and long-term parking is available at 2,500 spaces in the Main Terminal Parking Lot across from the terminal and at Economy Lots A, B & C, which are west of the Main Parking Lot - Both A & B lots are on Mitchell Way. To get to Lot C turn right on Mitchel Way (across from Lot B) drive north to Williams Way exit at left; & continue to the Lot C sign, exit at left to Lot C.  Parking Lots are served by free & accessible shuttles 24/7.

Parking fees: (All lots offer the first 30 minutes free.)
The Main Terminal Parking lot:   first full hr & each add'l hr $1; up to daily max ($12 for Main Lot; $8 for Overflow A.)
Economy  Parking Lot A:  first full hr and each add'l hr $1; daily max $10
Economy Parking Lots B & C: first full hr $1; each add'l hr $1, up to daily max $5.

Credit card & cash accepted at auto-pay station situated inhe baggage claim area, or on exit at the booth.
For more parking information call Standard Parking at 360-676-6286.

Parking Rates at BLI Airport

Main Terminal Parking Lot
Rate: 30 mins free
31-60 mins $1
each add hr $1
24 hrs $10
Overflow Parking Lot
Rate: 24 hrs $9
30 mins free
31-60 mins $1
each add hr $1

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