Parking Options at Birmingham Shuttlesworth Airport

To pick up an arriving passenger at the Airport, you can use the free Cell Phone Lot with no time limit, located on Airline Drive; stay with your car until your party calls you to be picked up at the curb. Or use the Parking Deck:

Other parking options at BHM Airport include hourly, daily (over 4 hrs), over-sized and handicapped parking. To locate your car more easily, color-coded zones are on all levels of the parking deck.
The parking deck, which is being renovated, has 5,600 spaces available for hourly and daily parking and is divided into Zones A through F:
(a) Hourly (and a small number of daily ) parking is on level 3 of the parking deck; use the entrance ramp of the deck.  Crosswalks to Concourses A & B are closest to zone A, B, & C of the parking deck.  On elevators A & B, press DL for access to departure level of the terminal.  NOTE: there is an access ramp & elevator in Zones A & B.  Construction will start at section E & F. 
(b) Daily parking - intended for over 4 hours)  is on levels 2 and 4 - 7, as well as a few o level 3. 
(c) Oversize handicap vehicles should enter the parking deck at the designated entrance on the ground level.
The Airport Remote Lot  with 900 spaces is on Airline Drive near the terminal area--turn right on Messer Airport Hwy at University Avenue, and left onto Airline Drive. Frequent shuttle vans run between the lot and the terminal area.

Parking Fees: Currently,
Hourly parking for each hour is $1, up to $24 (daily max);
Daily parking is $1/hr, daily max $12;
Remote parking is $1/hr, daily max $10.

For more parking information call the Birmingham Airport Authority at 205-599-0730.

Parking Rates at BHM Airport

Description:(205) 599-0730.
Cell Phone Lot
Description:The Cell Phone Lot is a parking area provided for drivers waiting to pick up arriving passengers. This lot accommodates up to 40 vehicles and is a free service with no time limit. Drivers are required to stay with their vehicles while waiting on their passengers to contact them by phone that they are ready for pickup. The Cell Phone Lot is located on Airline Drive. See map below.
Hourly parking
Description: Hourly parking parking is available for persons parking at the airport for less than 4-hours. Hourly parking is located on level 3 in the parking deck. Use the entrance ramp of the deck to access hourly parking. A crosswalk to Concourse B is closest to zone A, B, and C in the deck. A crosswalk to Concourse C is closest to zone C, D, and E in the deck. To access the terminal you may use a crosswalk, including stairs, or take an elevator to the ground level.
Rate: 1 hr $1
1 day $24
Daily parking
Description: Daily parking is intended for persons parking more than 4 hours at the airport. Daily parking is located on level 2 and 4 through 7. Also a small number of daily parking spaces are located on level 3. Oversize handicap vehicles may enter the parking deck at the designated entrance located at ground level.
Rate: 1 hr $1
1 day $12
Airport Remote Parking
Description: The remote lot is intended for passenger parking their vehicles for an extended amount of time. The remote lot is located on Airline Drive near the terminal area. Turn right off of Messer Airport Highway at University Avenue. Turn left onto Airline drive.
Rate: 1 hr $1
1 day $10

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