Burbank Bob Hope BUR Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at Burbank Bob Hope BUR Airport

The Main Terminal at Bob Hope Burbank Airport is divided into a Center Core, and 'Terminals' TA & TB and either side (referred to as Terminal A Gates (to the right) and Terminal B Gates (to the left). 

The Main terminal (Center Core)
offers customer service, parking pay stations, information kiosk, ATM machines, lost & found, police station, rental car counters, hotel/motel phone center, a news stand and ticket counters.  Outside of the Main terminal is the ground transportation and the Valet Center.
Aside from shops & services, the gate area now offers nine electric charging stations.
    Terminal A is served by Alaska (with gates in TB), American, JetBlue, SeaPort, Southwest & US Airways.  It houses a baggage claim area, airline ticket counters 1 through 5, express parking pay stations for Valet & Self-Parking; and past the security checkpoint gates A1 to A9.
    Terminal B is served by Alaska (gates only), Delta & United airlines, and houses a baggage claim area; rental car counters (in the Transit Center), airline ticket counters 6 & 7, and past security checkpoint gates B1-B5.

- CUPP check-in kiosks in the terminal areable to serve all airlines serving the Airport. The lineup at A & B sides will have for each: one dual position ticket counter, and  two dual head ticket counters next to it. 
- Nine electrical charging stations are available in the gate areas.
- The 'Lunch Box' in Terminal A offers complete restaurant and bar service before passing through the security checkpoint, while various food & drink options are available near the airline gates.
- Free WiFi inernet access is available throughout the terminal (ATT & Verizon customers have secure laptopp account access).
- Rental car counters are in the Transit Center reached by elevated moving walkway.
- The Regional Intermodal Transportation Center (RITC) includes a 3-level consoldiated rental car facility, rental car customer service building, and a ground level bus transit station. RITC now provides seamless connection to airport-, train-, & bus- passengers, and for rental car customers & bicyclists.  RITC can be reached by elevated covered pedestrian bridge with moving walkways (between Bob Hope Airport Train Station across Empire Avenue to the RITC.

Airline contacts:
Alaska: 800-252-7522
Delta: 800-221-1212
SeaPort: 888-573-2767
Southwest: 800-435-9792
US Airways: 800-428-4322

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