Burbank Bob Hope BUR Airport Terminal Map

Main Terminal / Concourses at Burbank Bob Hope BUR Airport

The Main Terminal at Bob Hope Burbank Airport is divided into a Center Core, and 'Terminals' A & B and either side (referred to as Terminal A Gates (to the right) and Terminal B Gates (to the left). 

The Main terminal (Center Core)
offers customer service, parking pay stations, information kiosk, ATM machines, lost & found, police station, hotel/motel phone center, a news stand and ticket counters.  Outside of the Main terminal is the ground transportation and the Valet Center.
The gate area now offers nine electric charging stations.

Terminal A houses a baggage claim area, airline ticket counters 1 to 5, express parking pay stations for Valet & Self-Parking; and past the security checkpoint, gates A1 to A9. Airlines in Terminal A:  Alaska, JetBlue, SeaPort, Southwest & US Airways.
Terminal B houses the baggage claim area; rental car counters, airline ticket counters 6 & 7,  customer and disabled services; rental car counters; Express parking pay stations for Valet & Self-Parking; and past the security checkpoint gates B1 to B5.  Airlines in Terminal B:  Delta, United.

NOTE:  1. The new CUPPS (common-use passenger processing systems) now  permits airlines to operate at all gates & counters - affording for more flexibility to adjust at peak demand periods.  Dual-Head CUPPS counters are attended to by one person with a computer serving two persons. All kiosks in the terminal will allow check-in for all airlines. 
2. The lineup at A & B sides will have for each: one dual position ticket counter, and  two dual head ticket counters next to it. 
 3. Nine electrical charging stations are available in the gate areas.


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