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Bogota El Nuevo Dorado (BOG) Airport

Bogota El Nuevo Dorado BOG Airport Overview

Bogota El Dorado International Airport BOG serves the greater area of the City of Bogota, in Colombia. It is South America's third-largest airport in terms of passenger traffic, and also has the world's third-largest landing field with 6.9 square km for any type of aircraft. Half of the Airport's air traffic is derived from international flights. BOG Airport has experienced tremendous and consistent passenger growth and its passenger count has more than doubled in the last decade. Opaine S.A. is the official operator of the airport  (tel. + 57 (1) 439 70 70).
With the opening of the two new terminals El Dorado Airport is now one of the World's leading airports. Big way-finding signs inside the terminals are in both Spanish & English.

BOG Airport is 15 km northwest from the city center of Bogota - accessible from downtown Bogota via motorway Avenida El Dorado 26. 
The city of Bogota has a rich history and culture, friendly people and a great landscape surrounding it. Two national parks are within a short drive from the Airport: Chingaza to the East and Sumapaz to the South.

With two very long runways and an estimated 23 million passengers per annum, Bogota El Dorado International is hub to flag carrier Avianca, and to Copa Colombia & Lan Colombia, and is served by numerous international airlines - including currently American, Delta & United - offering direct and connecting flights to all points of the globe.
NOTE:  For international departures, it is advisable to arrive at the El Dorado terminal three hours prior to scheduled departure; (for domestic departures two hours).
The exit tax for international travelers
is approximately $36, and there is an extra revenue stamp charge if staying in Colombia more than two months.

Passengers to/from the United States:  Airport Security check is courteous, but very thorough - arrive at least 2.5 hrs, if not 3 hours before scheduled flight as you will pass a few searches along your way to boarding, and the lines can be long - be prepared and keep your cool. 
Transfer Passengers:  When transferring between the Puente Aerea and Terminals T1 or T2 - and time is of the essence - take a taxi; otherwise take the free shuttle bus, which may take a while to come around; the actual trip takes only 10 minutes.

Bogota El Nuevo Dorado Airport has at present two new passenger terminals - T1 & T2 - which will be joined into one integrated terminal in July 2014.   (The Puente Aereo Terminal is privately owned (tel. 425-1000 ext. 3218), has 14 gates, and an airline lounge. It handles mainly domestic Avianca & SAM (its subsidiary) flights, as well as some flights to New York and Miami. T1 & the Puente Aereo terminals are one kilometer apart, served by a free shuttle bus.)

When completed
- the new integrated passenger terminal
will be environmentally friendly, will have a state-of-the-art baggage sorting system - more than doubling its current capacity - with a 3-stage Security  filter for better detection.  It will offer an array of shops & restaurants, including tax-free shops, VIP lounges & waiting rooms, and increase considerably  the current emigration countersm waiting rooms, and moving walkways. It will have five levels:
level 1 is the Arrivals level with baggage reclaim and selection; it has a commercial area, a remote waiting area, and offices.
level 2 houses the arrivals gallery, immigration and transfer points
level 3 houses the public departures hall for passengers departing the country; the check-in area; commercial areas; security checkpoints, emigration & waiting areas.
level 4 is the Mezzanine level and houses public commerce,  office administration & international VIP lounges.
level 5 houses more office administration and 'zona de mirador' (observation tower?).

Current Domestic Terminal 1 opened October 2013
(replacing the old El Dorado Terminal),  but is to be totally completed by Spring 2014. It sports an innovative baggage system able to process up to 7,200 bags an hour. The ground level is for Arrivals and includes the baggage claim area with 7 baggage conveyor belts and information counters; level 1 has 60 airline counters for ticketing and check-in, and 5 security checks leading to the gates with nine boarding bridges. T1 has a healthcare branch of the Fontibon Hospital, and a large area for food & drink & shops. 

Current International Terminal 2 opened in 2012, but is to be completed by 2014, whereupon, according to original plans, it will merge with the new Terminal 1 into an integrated single terminal with domestic & international air traffic.  An elevated road will take international departing passengers to level 3. T2 offers a state-of-the-art baggage system, is air-cooled to a steady 72 degree Fahrenheit, and offers a more modern, spacious & efficient environment.
Level 1: Arrivals level, baggage claim, commercial area, remote waiting hall and offices.
Level 2: Arrivals Gallery, boarding points, immigration, transfer points.
Level 3: Departures Hall, security check, immigration, commercial zone, waiting hall.
Level 4: Mezzanine with commerical area, administrrave offices, international VIP lounge.
Level 5: Observation area and offices.

International Arrivals at Terminal 2 need to go through DAS immigration check  (equivalent of U.S. TAS) , stating their reason for their trip & present boarding pass and passport, vaccination certificate & visas (which they should put safely away right thereafter). Then passengers pick up their bags in the baggage area, pay their fees, and hand in their completed customs form. Finally passengers go through another security check with their bags. 

Parking options at Bogota Airport include parking in shaded, semi-shaded and exposed areas of the large parking lot surrounding the terminal complex. 

Rental car offices
are located in both Terminals 1 & 2 and can be contacted at 6090019.

Present & future Airport Developments:  Both Terminals 1 & 2 will be completed by 2014, when they may be merged into one integrated terminal. (A newly acquired airport space from the Military, may be used for another new passenger terminal to accommodate up to 30M passengers a year, and for possibly adding on-Airport hotel(s).

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