BOG Airport - Bogota El Nuevo Dorado Airport ( Bogota , Colombia )



Bogota El Dorado International Airport BOG - now a 4-Star Airport - serves the greater area of the City of Bogota, in Colombia, and is South America's third-largest airport in terms of passenger traffic. It also has the world's third-largest landing field with 6.9 square km for any type of aircraft. Half of the Airport's air traffic is derived from international flights. BOG Airport has experienced tremendous and consistent passenger growth and its passenger count has more than doubled in the last decade.
- For the secod time, El Dorado International received from Skytrax t'Best Airport in South America' and 'Number 46 among the 100 top worldwide airports' awards.  Skytrax also gave the Airport four stars according to passenger satisfaction!
- BOG Airport is 15 km northwest from the city center of Bogota - accessible from downtown Bogota via motorway Avenida El Dorado 26. - With two very long runways and 31 million passengers in 2016, Bogota El Dorado International is hub to flag carrier Avianca, Copa Colombia, & Lan Colombia (now part of LATAM), EasyFly & Satena - and is served by numerous international airlines (including U.S.A. carriers American, Delta & United) - offering direct and connecting flights to all points of the globe. 
- Opaine S.A. is the official airport operator (tel. + 57 (1) 439 70 70). With the opening of the two new terminals El Dorado Airport is now one of the World's leading airports. Big way-finding signs inside the terminals are in both Spanish & English. 
- The city of Bogota has a rich history and culture, friendly people and a great landscape surrounding it. Two national parks are within a short drive from the Airport: Chingaza to the East and Sumapaz to the South.
- Incoming and outgoing airline passengers will be presented with awe-inspiring views: Incoming flights
offer views of the city, which is 8,300 feet above sea level (populaton over 6M) and its buildings with red hues are set against the backdrop of the lush green Andes mountains. Outgoing flights offer view of distant 350-year old church & shrine of Mt. Monserrate; while just outside of Bogota appear the uniquely colored Lake Guatavita and the huge Embalse Tomine reservoir among the mountains.

- The new 144-room Courtyard by Marriott Hotel
in Bogota (on Avenida El Dorado), is the closest hotel to Airport, offering the Marriott Business Lobby, restaurant, flexible meeting space, swimming pool, sauna, and more.
- The Habitel Hotel - located 600 meters from the Airport (and less than 20 minutes from downtown Bogota), has received great reviews & raves about its service. For more information visit: or e-mail
 - It is strongly suggested to arrive at the El Dorado terminals 3 hours prior to scheduled international flights, and 2 hours for scheduled domestic flights.
 - The exit tax for international travelers
is approximately $36 (if not included in ticket); there is an extra revenue stamp charge if staying in Colombia for more than two months.
 - For online inquiries use the form provided in both Spanish & English at:

Passengers to/from the United States: 
Airport Security check is courteous, but very thorough - as you will pass a few searches along your way to boarding, and the lines can be long - be prepared and keep your cool. 
Transfer Passengers:  When transferring between the Puente Aerea & Main terminals - if time is of the essence - take a taxi; otherwise take the free shuttle bus, which may take a while to come around; the actual trip takes only 10 minutes.
International Arrivals at Terminal 2 need to go through DAS immigration check  (equivalent of U.S. TAS) , stating their reason for their trip & present boarding pass and passport, vaccination certificate & visas (which they should put safely away right thereafter). Then passengers pick up their bags in the baggage area, pay their fees, and hand in their completed customs form. Finally passengers go through another security check with their bags. 

The passenger terminal complex at Bogota El Nuevo Dorado Airport has two passenger terminals - the new large and integrated Terminal 1 (also referred to as the 'El Dorado Terminal') and the small Terminal 2 (formerly Puente Aero Terminal). The new Terminal 1 (T1) is divided into domestic & international traffic - used by all major airlines, with the excepton of Avianca's domestic flights and smaller airlines using the Terminal 2 (T2).  T1 airlines can now use the new common-use check-in and transfer counters, while passengers may also use new self-service check-in kiosks.
The National Parks of Colombia shop opened a new store with over 350 items from 58 nationally protected areas.

     Terminal 1 - also referred to as the El Dorado Terminal - opened in 2012 with a capacity of 30M passengers annually.  It offers natural light, is air-cooled to a steady 72 degree Fahrenheit (around 18 Celsius), and presents a more modern, spacious & efficient environment.  The terminal handles both domestic & international air traffic. It houses 45 immigration lanes, 64 check-in counters, 12 security filters, 45 immigration lanes, a 3-layered security system, large duty-free shopping area, bars & restaurants. The secure area offers plenty of shops, free WiFi access and ample seating. Its efficient automated baggage handling system was the first one in South America to be installed. 
Further expansion work is ongoing during 2017.Also as part of the exension project during 217 Dufry  and DFASS - both are fist-clas duty-free space managers the world , will offer brand names for fashion, while new food plazas with  offer outstanding food & drink. by well-known franchises.  Th North extension will include a 1,709 sq.foot VIP room.
     Level 1 is the Arrivals level with domestic bus gates 71-93 and international bus gates 51-52A on opposite sides - leadig separately to the domestic and the International baggage reclaim, customs clearance, a commercial area with rental car counters, banking facility, drugstore a remote waiting hall, offices, and outside transportation. Avianca's VIP lounge is near gate 28  The Mezzanine level (M1) offers domestic & international boarding areas, as well as flexible ones for either domestic or international flights).
     Level 2 is the check-in level with entrance doors 1-4 houses in the center curve the Information point, with international check-check-in facilities at right, (reached from entrance doors 5, 6 & 7) - leading to international gates 11-18 and 24-46 (with doors 11-20 in the center; and with domstic check-in faciities at left (reached from entrance doors 1-4), leading to domestic gates 71-93 on opposite sides of the domestic boarding area.  Note that aside from automated check-in kiosks, separate check-in lines are available for regular, business class, Star Alliance Gold members. The Mezzanine level (M2) is divided into public and restricted areas. It offers food & drink in both areas, as well as airline offices, a restaurant and VIP lounges.
Note that Level 2 houses at its south end the offices of Avianca, Copa, Aerolineas Argentinas, Delta, & Jetblue, the Opain VIP lounge and DIAN.  At north end are VIP lounges for Avianca Platinum & Gold, the LAN (LATAM) VIP lounge (in front of gates 34-35), and 4 fast-food restaurants.

     Terminal 2 - formerly known as the privately-owned Puente Aereo Terminal - is intended to serve part of the domestic flights. (tel. 425-1000 ext. 3218) is used by Avianca's domestic flights, and a number of smaller airlines. It has a baggage claim, check-in counters, and 2 concourses with gates 7-10 at west, side and gates 1-6 at east side.  Outside is the shuttle to the main terminal - a 1 km distance.  Avianca's VIP lounge is on level 2.

Parking is available in shaded, semi-shaded & exposed areas of the large parking lot surrounding the terminal complex. 
Rental car offices can be contacted at 6090019.
Present & future Airport Developments:
- Ongoing current terminal work is to expand it by 38 percent to 223,700 sq.meters, with 41 positions and a capacity of 40 million passengers annually, and increase flight operations from 50 to 90 per hour.  The phased project is to be completed by late 2017.
- By 2021, Bogota is to have a second airport - tentatively named 'Eldorado II'  (located near Facatativa at Bogota's west side) which is to be connected by commuter train with Bogota's west & south sides.  Design studies are conducted until 2017. 
Apartado Aereo 151755
Bogota, (+571) 266
Phone: +57 1 266 2000