Banking / ATM Services at Brussels BRU Airport

ATM cash machines at BRU Airport are available in the following terminal areas:
  Two in the departures hall
  Two in the arrivals hall
  One in the baggage reclaim area, and
  One each in Pier A & Pier B

ATM machines dispensing Pound Sterling & US dollars are in Pier B, at gates T, and in the Travelex kiok in Pier A.

Currency Exchange at Brussels BRU Airport

Travelex Foreign Currency Exchange at BRU Airport  - tel. +32 2 725 3491, fax +32 2 721 4680 or visit - can be found at the following locations:
in the transit area,
in the departures and arrivals halls,
in the baggage reclaim area, and
in Piers A and B.

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