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Passenger Terminal Layout and Transfer Options at Brussels Airport:

The passenger terminal complex at Brussels Airport consists of one integrated building with four levels and Concourse A (with A & T gates) & Concourse B (with B gates).  NOTE: The following projects have been completed:
-  The Connector Building includes a baggage reclaim hall, security screening and new exit for border control, and enables passengers to reach A & B concourses /piers directly from check-in area with no floor change. 
- The protocol building opened with a royal room, a number of lounges, meeting rooms & relax areas; and
- In  2016 the Departures Hall reopened  and the Gateway Project was completed, involving the redevelopment of the old terminal building  (converting the U-shaped terminal into an enclosed office complex with meeting areas and conference facilities).
- Brussels Airport increases passenger comfort by gradually replacing the existing 10,000 seats with 'Meda Gate model, brand Vitra' chairs, using its basic model but suiting various passenger preferences. The chairs have integrated sockets for charging electronic devices.

    The new Connector Building now links the Terminal above-ground to Concourses A & B. Passengers waiting to board their plane are now able to wait in an open & airy building with shops & restaurants & tarmac view.  All flights from Schengen countries arrive at A-Gates, and all flights to non-Schengen countries depart from B-Gates , with the exception of Brussels Airline flights to Africa). 
The basement level houses the Railway Station, while Ground level 1 is for buses and baggage lockers.
    Level 2 is the Arrivals Level, with tourist information, communication & internet center, Travelex, rental car desks, 'Direct Way' (limo, business & welcome services), Lost & Found, train ticket counter, baggage reclaim areas, airline ticket counters and shops & restaurants.
    Level 3 is the Departures Level, with check-in counters 1 - 10, security checkpoint, and access to Concourses A & B. A new check-in area caters exclusively to holiday travelers, with special attention to families with children and the elderly.
       Concourse A (reached via the Connector Building from the Main Terminal) offers:
 - at ground level (after security check-point) some shops & restaurants and access to Gates A28 to A39.
 - at first level some shops & restaurants, with access to gates A40 - A72 and to gates T61 - T72.
 - at Level 2 of Concourse A (the service level), also houses  some airline lounges. 
 - transfer passengers to Pier B find the transfer bus at the end of Concourse A. 
       Concourse B, accessible from the Departure level, houses gates B01-B40 on level 3, and gates B80-B98 on level 0 - from which the transfer bus can take them to the A or T gates.  Pier B is divided into Departures and Arrivals.  
    Level 4 is the commercial Level - occupied by shops & restaurants, a pharmacy, Kiddiland, meditation room, Regus Sky Port Meeting Center, travel agency Connection, and airline lounges.

Transfer options:
    Passengers Arriving from a Schengen country and tansferring to either A, B or T Gates:
- if your connecting flight is at A Gate:
You arrived at Concourse A and will depart on the same concourse either at level 1 (gates A40-A72) or level 0 (ground level, gates A28-A39).
- if your connecting flight is at B gate:  At Concourse A follow 'Transfer B' signs to elevator / escalator and go to level; walk through the tunnel & take escalator to level 2; follow signs "transfer B' follow corridor and go through passport control; then take escalator to Level 3, follow corridor to shopping area at start of Concourse B; pass security control and proceed to your gate.
- if your connecting flight is at T gate:  At Concourse A, follow signs to the T gates towards the end of Concourse A, go through passport control and proceed to your T gate.

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