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Airline Ticket Change Fees

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Airline Change Fees

We often make a flight booking in accordance with our schedule, but sometimes due to emergency or work issues we have to change the ticket booking. Sometimes we want a later flight than scheduled, or sometimes we just need an earlier flight to be able to return home sooner.

Under these circumstances, you may be required to pay airline change fees, which varies from one airline to another. Each airline has its own change fees depending upon the flight type booked and airline’s policy.

In this article, we have rounded up everything you need to know about airline change fees.

Alaska Airlines

When you are traveling with Alaska Airlines, the change fees for domestic or international flights will be $125. If you want to change flights and want to rebook for another day, then change fees can be more expensive. It is because you will also need to pay the difference in ticket fees with change fees.

In case the price of the new ticket is less, then Alaska Airlines (hub: Seatac airport) offers you a credit amount for future travels.

American Airlines

If you are traveling with American Airlines and change your flight on the same day, then you need to pay a $75 change fee. The change fees will become more if you book a new flight ticket, and there is a difference in ticket fare.

However, the exact charge will be determined by the airline depending upon your ticket type. But American Airlines (main hub: DFW) change fees on same-day are waived for business- and first-class tickets as well as for executive platinum and platinum pro travelers.

United Airlines

If you change a flight on the same-day change with United Airlines, then the change fees is $75. If you change a ticket after 24 hours of booking, you may need to pay a $150 flight change fee for domestic flights. For international flights, United's (main hub: Chicago ORD) change fee is $250.

Delta Airlines

The change fees for domestic flights of Delta Airlines are $150, regardless of whether you change it on the same day of booking or not. If you are traveling internationally from Atlanta Hartsfield or other city, then change fees will be $250.

Southwest Airlines

The change fee for Southwest Airlines is the least expensive among other airlines. It is because this airline does not charge change fees to passengers at any time.

With Southwest, you can change your flight anytime without pay any fees. But, if you book a new flight and there is a difference in fare, then you need to pay that difference money. If the new ticket is cheaper than the previous ticket, then the airline will refund you the money. So the next time you fly Southwest to Las Vegas, you might not have to gamble!

JetBlue Airlines

The change fees of JetBlue Airlines depend upon the type of ticket you booked. If you change a flight on the same day of booking, then you need not pay any change.

If you purchased a refundable ticket and want to change it at any time, then you need to pay $100 flight change fees.

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