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Direct Flights Vs Non Stop Flights

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Direct Flights Vs Non-Stop Flights

Many people think that nonstop and direct flights are the same with interchangeable terms, but this is not true. There is a lot of difference between non-stop flights and direct flights although both seem to mean the same. Keep in mind this point: flying from Point A to Point B isn't always 'direct'.

Let us discuss what is a 'Direct flight' and answer the question "Is a non-stop flight the same as a direct flight"? We will also tell you how 'connecting flight' can relate to a 'direct flight'

Non-stop flight

Non-Stop Flights

Non-stop flights, as the name suggests, make no stops or layovers during the journey and proceed directly to their destination, such as a coast to coast flight from Tampa airport to Oakland OAK. Generally speaking, a non-stop flight is the quickest most direct way to fly from point A to point B. 

Almost all regional and low-cost airlines operate exclusively non-stop flights.  Take for example Southwest Airlines, which offers a vast network of flights (from one of their hubs like LAS Las Vegas),  which are nonstop that connect secondary airports in the US, or Easyjet in Europe.  That said, of course larger carriers also offer non-stop flights, but they typically connect larger cities.

If you want the shortest travel time, fly from your city with a non-stop flight. But, keep in mind that these flights are usually more expensive compared to connecting flights, due to their convenience, unless you are traveling short distances where a layover city makes no sense. 

Direct Flights

Direct flights also get you from point A to point B, but there may be a stop during the journey. So for example, you depart from San Diego airport with a final destination of Boston Logan, but you make a layover stop in Saint Louis (STL). And while a direct flight is not a non-stop flight, you still have to land at a connecting city or airline hub. Oftentimes when you see a flight schedule it may not indicate that there is a connection.

One way you can check if your flight makes an intermediate stop is search a popular flight booking site for the origin-destination city pair you want to travel and compare the times.  If your flight is a couple hours longer, that means in all likelihood its making a layover stop, and is deemed a 'direct-flight'.

The passengers who are traveling on direct flights may need to make a stop at midpoint and remain seated on the plane. But, some may exit and others board according to their requirements.

Direct flight

Connecting Service

There is another type of flight service, which is known as a 'connecting flight'. In this scenario, the flight takes off from the departure airport, but will have at least one connecting flight in the entire journey.

It means you have to change the flight from the connecting city, where the plane stops. Each flight requires a different boarding pass, but on one itinerary. 

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