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Airplane Seating Tips

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10 Tips to Score the Best Seat on your next Flight

One of the most important things that you should consider while traveling by plane is a selection of seats. On a long flight, you have to spend a lot of time in a sitting position and to get rid of any inconvenience you need a comfortable seat. Selecting the right seat can make your journey enjoyable.

On the other hand, if your flight seat is not comfortable, then it may ruin your journey experience.

Are you wondering about how to choose an airplane seat? Which is the best seat on an airplane? If yes, then you are in the right place.

In this article, we will discuss a few things that will help you with Airline seat booking.

Airplane seating

1. Window or Isle?

Before booking a flight ticket, you need to do some research on the availability of the seats. Every passenger has their own requirements when it comes to choosing a seat on an airplane; some want more leg space, while some want a window seat. An isle seat allows you to get up to get things from the overhead bin or go to the restroom, while a window means you'll have to crawl over other passengers (in coach) to get to the isle. You can check the availability of seats at the time of booking if ticketing through your air carrier directly.

2. Select Your Seats While Booking

This is probably the most important point: for a better seat option, it is advisable to select the seats of your preference during the process of booking. Most airlines allow passengers to check-in online the availability of the seats in case of changing the previous seat before their flight departs. At that point, you can select even a better seat option for your convenience that falls within your budget. You can also look for last-minute offers for premium economy and business-class seats.

If using an on-line travel agency, then you'll have to call the airline or wait until you check-in until you can choose your seat.  But keep in mind, the early bird gets the seat!

3. Got Power?

When you are traveling on a long flight, you might need a source of power for you laptop or cell. So, look for these amenities first when booking a flight. These things can make your journey more pleasurable as you can watch a movie or anything else on your laptop. If making a reservation by phone, ask the agent for help.

If you are traveling with your kids, then these amenities are a must for you, as this will help you to have a wonderful journey.

4. Size Matters:  Seat Pitch and Legroom

The width and pitch of seats vary between different aircraft. There can be a few inches of difference between the cramped legs and relaxation space in seats. If you do not have sufficient space between seats, then it may cause pain in your knees and legs, which makes the journey painful for you.

Of course, there are some seats in the flight that have more legroom as compared to other seats. By paying some additional fees, you can book a seat with more leg space.

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5. Board and wait... or Wait and board

During the boarding process, passengers will be allowed to board based on their status, and where in the plane they are seated.  If you're not flying elite (first-class, etc), then the further back in economy your seat is, the earlier you will board.  Just keep in mind, the latter you board, the harder it will be to find space in the overhead bin compartment.

6. Pay Extra for Privileged Seating

With most airlines, you can choose your seat when booking the tickets in advance or on time. The best airplane seats (outside first and business class) are called premium seats or preferred economy seats.

These seats are usually located on the front row or near the emergency exit row. Both these types of seats have more legroom and also have the privilege of deplaning first.

Remember that the extra legroom will always cost more, and the extra charges can be from $20 to hundreds of dollars.

7. Confirm Your Seats In Advance

You definitely should confirm your seats before the day of your flight. Sometimes carriers announce some changes, which can include an aircraft type change - meaning your isle seat may now be a middle! So check to   that you get the seat of your choice.

8. Ask for an Exit Row

These seats, although they may be hard to reserve and come at a premium, often offer more legroom, due to the exit door's access requirements.

exit row seating

9. Hold out for Premium seats on the day of the flight

On the day of the flight, you can also have the option to book premium class seats in case these are available. Some carriers might offer discounts or a way to bid to get upgraded if the premium cabins are not full.  Once you board the plane, you may find that some of the premium seats are vacant. So, if you want to change your existing seat with the premium one, then you can ask the officials, and by paying extra fees, you can request for seat transfer.

10. Get Elite Status

If you will be traveling by air at least a few times a year, its best to fly with one carrier to acquire Elite Status on your that airline. Passengers with elite status have the privilege to book flight seats of their choice ahead of time.

Further, with the elite status, you may also get upgrades when the Business or First Class cabins are not filled. Inquire about the requirements for elite status, as well as the accompanying benefits.

Purchasing a low budget ticket may help you save money, but it can also cause pain in your knees and can affect your journey as well. On the other hand, if you book a desirable seat with comfortable legroom and other amenities, then it gives you an amazing flight experience.

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