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Airport Curbside Check In

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Checking-in Curbside

If you are with a lot of bags or kids (or both), then curbside check-in is a great option for you. These days providing curbside check-in is a popular option with airlines and airports throughout the world. It offers great convenience to passengers.

But what is curbside check-in? In our continuing series on airport tips and help, we'll help you understand how using this service might save you some hassle.

curbside checkin

Curbside check-in is an easy and simple way to check-in for your flight and checks your bags at the airport. With this, you are able to check-in before even stepping foot inside the airport with the assistance of dedicated airport staff or 'Skycaps.'

The idea of outside-terminal check-in helps to not only make the process quicker for you but also reduce the amount of time travel as well. It saves you the time that you need to spend at the security check-in.

Further, it offers financial benefits to airlines and airports if you spend more time in on-site restaurants and duty-free shops than in queues.

Which Airports have Curbside Check-in

Curbside check-in is usually managed by the airlines, and so it is up to them to offer this service. Typically, air carries offer it at their hub airports (for example Southwest at BWI, Midway MDW, Las Vegas LAS, Houston HOU, Nashville BNA, Oakland OAK, and Sunport PHX). Its best to check online with your air carrier to see if they offer that at your departure airport.

How does Curbside Check-In Work?

The check-in curbside process is designed to be as simple as possible. The staff of Airports present at the airport 'drop off zones' and perform all the check-in work from that place. Now, you need to show an acceptable form of identification. You can bring any acceptable document for airport identification (including a passport if traveling internationally).

With most drop-off check-ins, you will get some advantage that you would receive at a check-in desk. It means you will be able to register for your seating preferences, dietary requirements and can pay for any upgrades or baggage fees.

Usually, curbside check-in also has a facility for printing boarding passes and saving you time as well. Now, with this service, you can directly head straight to your flight once your check-in is confirmed.

Airport curbside baggage checkin

What is the Advantage of Checking-In Curbside?

An advantage of curbside check-in over in-line check-in is that in most instances, you can hand over your luggage to the Skycaps. Further, that person will take your bags checked in point. It means you don't need to spend time finding the baggage drop desk and waiting in a queue. Thus, it is the main benefit of checking in at the curb as it avoids any unnecessary queuing. Another advantage of curbside check-in over airline-counter check-in is that you can arrive at the airport in time for the flight.

Many airlines are now offering this service, including American Airlines, Delta, JetBlue United and Southwest Airlines, and more. These airlines offer curbside check-in for free but will charge for any baggage that you want to pass the check-in process earlier. For payment, make sure you carry your credit cards because sidewalk check-in systems will only accept cards, not cash or cheques. If your chosen airport and airline offer this curbside check-in process, they offer services during the same hours as that of the standard check-in. Read also:

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