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Packing For Flying Tips

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8 Tips to Pack Right for a Flight

Everybody loves to travel at least once in a while, whether it is a short trip or a long vacation. But when it comes to packing and managing your luggage, your excitement can be reduced a little.

Packing smart is essential when it comes to flying, especially if you'll be visiting different places on your trip. If you underpack, you may forget an essential item and have to spend time and money to find a replacement.

Packing for a flight

If you over pack, on the other hand, it becomes difficult to carry your bags, and you also have to pay extra baggage fees to the airline. So here are some most useful and common packing tips that every traveller must know.

1. Roll 'em up

It is advisable to roll your clothes rather than folding them because tightly rolled clothes require less space than the clothes that you fold. In addition, when you roll the clothes, there are fewer chances to have deep wrinkles on the fold creases.  Remember that space is king when flying, and you should be trying to get everything for your trip into your carry-on luggage and larger purse or backpack, if you can.

2. Make that list

You make grocery lists right?  Why not a packing list?  It is best to slowly start the packing process a week before the departure date of your flight. Starting the packing process early allows you to build your list and add items to your luggage as you think of them, or gives you time to buy any items that you need for your travel. Making a packing list is a safe way that ensures you never forget anything important. And while you are making that list, you can start thinking of whether your luggage will be checked, or if you're going to take it as carry-on.

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3. Don't get fee'd

You want to avoid any surprises when you get to the airport, so as part of your packing process its important to figure out the baggage-fee rule of the airline in which you are travelling if you want to make a good strategy. You can learn about the baggage policy through the website of the air carrier you are flying with.

4. Follow the 3-1-1 rule

So you've decided you will be carrying your bag on board, and not checking it. While you may be thinking of taking your favorite hair spray, think twice; it is really important to get familiar with the rules for what you can and can't bring on-board. If you do not follow the Transportation Security Administration's rule of 3-1-1 for liquids in your carry-on luggage, the TSA officials have the right to confiscate your goods. 

TSA 3-1-1 rule

All the liquids that you carry on the planes must be in the bottle with 3.4-ounce or smaller. Moreover, you have to carry all the liquid in one transparent zip-top bag.

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5. Keep close to your essentials 

When checking bags, you can never know for sure what will happen after you watch them drift away on the conveyor. Just in case your luggage gets lost, or items are removed, its essential to keep valuable items in your carry-on bag and not in your checked luggage. Take all the important things like identification cards, passport, credit cards, money, jewellery, cell phones and other valuables onto the plane with you.

6. Use packing aids

Packing aids help you to organize all the things that you carry in your luggage in a better way. You can use packing cubes and packing envelopes for all sorts of things to help keep organized. Further, these aids take less space as you can compress items and hence carry more items in your bags.

7. Pack entertainment heat

Delays, diversions, and cancellations are all time-sucking calamities that are a natural part of air travel.  Don't allow boredom to make things worse.

Packing entertainment can be a life saver when you are travelling with your kids or even solo. No need to keep glancing up at that flight display board if you're engaged in episode 36 of that series you can't stop watching.

If you are travelling with your kids, pack their favorite toys and other items that can engage them for long hours. All planes still do not have seatback entertainment, so do get entertaining tools along with you.

8. Stash Snacks

You never know when the next meal will be possible if you get delayed for any reason on your flight. Make sure you pack some treats and keep them with you in your carry-ons.

Try to get the foods that are non-perishable, dry, , firm, and non-stinky. Further, small size and finger foods are best for the small kids.

Packing your own food from home is healthier as well as less expensive. Moreover, also drink water frequently to stay hydrated, pack an empty water bottle that you can easily ask to fill by the crew for you.

When travelling with kids do pack their favorite snacks. If your child is hungry, they may create a nuisance and irritate you or other travelers.

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