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How To Find Great Flight Fares

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Tips to Score Great Flight Deals

Want help finding the best flight deals online? With a little patience, knowledge and persistence, you’ll be sure to find the best possible deal for your next air travel trip. Read ahead through the following points.

Ditch your Phone

Sure, your phone can have plenty of apps that allow you to search for flights and even compare providers. But searching for great deals requires some time, effort, and a decent-sized screen. So grab a cup of joe (or tea) and your laptop, and get comfy. You’ll want to spend some time doing your research and having a bigger screen with multiple tabs that you can easily refer to.

Book Your Flight and Hotel Together

Most often, you can bundle to find the best deals when you combine your air and hotel (and even car) together. Just like when you buy more than one expensive item in a store, you get a discount.

In the same way, if you book your flight and hotel together, you can save between $200 and $500 (or more), depending on the fare type, destination, and length of stay. That's money that can be better spent on other vacation items.

Know When to Fly

There is no secret that business fares are the highest, especially on popular routes including SEA to/from SFO, and ATL to MIA, and it is also where the airlines make most of their profits. So naturally, the peak times for business travelers are also when the fares for the flights are at a premium.

So try to avoid flying during the peak times, like Monday mornings or Friday afternoons. Here is a great tool that can help you to find the best fares on a calendar.

Check Weekly Specials and Last-Minute Deals

If you want to get the best deals for your travel, check various booking websites for last minute deals. During the last minutes, airlines offer amazing discounts for the seats that are not sold and hotel rooms.

Book Tickets Individually

The airline reservations systems will search for the number of seats you have requested in the lowest fare class. If they do not find adjacent seats, it will automatically search for adjacent seats in the next fare class.

So when you are searching for only one seat, there are more chances that you get individual seats in the lowest fare class. The only problem is that you and your party may not be assigned the same seats.

However, you can overcome this problem as well by using a graphical map of the airplane for selecting your seat. Moreover, you can also call the airline directly and ask for seat assignments together.

Know Where to Fly From

If you can manage an extra drive to or from an alternate airport, then you can prefer that as it will score with a discounted fare. The largest airports are home to the airlines' hubs, so fares tend to be higher than their smaller neighbor.

For example, you can consider San Jose or Oakland instead of San Francisco airport; Midway airport instead of Chicago O'Hare, Baltimore in place of Washington Dulles. The savings are more than the traveling expense to the alternative airport.

Moreover, smaller airports are easier to get through, as well. Once you have booked your travel, prepare for your trip by visiting www.ifly.com/airport-parking to pre-book airport parking.

In addition, you will also get your complete airport guide with maps, directions, shuttles, security wait times, and lots more.

Benefits of Booking Online

We’ve come a long way since the days of having to physically visit a travel agent to find the best flight deals. But we decided to spell out here all the benefits of doing your research online.


The utmost benefit of booking your flight online is the convenience. With the world of travel at your fingertips, not only can you research destinations, but also book your flight, hotel, and car as well.

Numerous flight and hotel options to choose from

When you are booking flights and hotels online, you have numerous options for searching and comparing fares, availability, and convenience. Using an online booking service is simply the best way of reaching the maximum amount of flight, hotel, and car options.

Get the best prices

When you are searching online for reservations, you are presented with a large variety of options. Airlines also host their own websites that offer their most affordable prices as well as discount offers for travelers who are making online bookings.

Moreover, you can also avoid hidden charges that you have to pay when you walk to travel agencies.

Access to other offers and deals

When you book your flight online, you also have access to some other deals and offers like deals on airport parking fees and airport transfers.

Loyalty points

If you book your flight online, it enables you to earn more loyalty points when you use airline credit cards.

Last-minute discount deals

By booking your tickets online, you can also take advantage of last-minute discount deals and offers. Some airline booking websites also offer exclusives off economy class reservations.

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