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Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta Airport (ATL) Guide

Welcome to the world's busiest airport, Atlanta Airport! With over 100 million passengers passing through each year, navigating this airport can be overwhelming. But fear not, our guide is here to help you make the most of your time at ATL.

Looking for flight status updates, airline departure terminals and gate locations, parking options, terminal maps, or food and shopping directories? Our extensive guide has got you covered with all the helpful information and tips you need to get from your door to your gate smoothly and stress-free.

Helpful Tips

When to Arrive

It is recommended to arrive at ATL Airport at least two hours before your domestic flight and three hours before your international flight. The airport is one of the busiest in the world, so it's important to give yourself plenty of time to navigate security, check-in, and find your gate. The busiest times to avoid are early morning and late afternoon, as well as holidays and weekends.

Getting to the Airport

The best ways to get to the airport are by car, taxi, or public transportation. If you're driving, there are several parking options available, including hourly, daily, and economy parking. Taxis are readily available outside the terminal, and there are also several public transportation options, including MARTA trains and buses.

Getting Oriented

When you arrive at Hartsfield Airport, it can be overwhelming to navigate the large terminal. However, offers interactive airport maps that can help you get oriented and find your way around. You can also download the ATL Airport app, which provides real-time flight information, airport maps, and other helpful features.

Avoiding Delays

To avoid delays at ATL Hartsfield, it's important to arrive early and be prepared for security. Make sure you have all necessary documents and remove any metal items from your pockets before going through security. It's also a good idea to pack light and avoid bringing prohibited items in your carry-on luggage. Finally, check your flight status regularly and sign up for notifications to stay informed of any delays or changes.

Security Wait Times

At Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta Airport, TSA Security wait times can vary depending on the time of day and day of the week. During peak travel periods, such as holidays or weekends, wait times can be longer than usual. However, the airport has implemented various measures to help reduce wait times, such as adding more TSA screening lanes and implementing a TSA PreCheck program. You can check TSA Wait Times now, so you can budget how much time you need to get to the airport.

Maps, Airlines & Amenities

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Navigating ATL's Terminals

Atlanta Airport has seven concourses: Concourse A, Concourse B, Concourse C, Concourse D, Concourse E, Concourse F, and Concourse T. The Domestic Terminal is also available for passengers. Each concourse has a different number of gates, ranging from 20 to 60. Concourse T is connected to the Domestic Terminal and serves both domestic and international flights. Major airlines such as Delta, Southwest, and American Airlines operate out of multiple concourses.

To navigate the airport terminals, passengers can follow the signs and maps located throughout the airport. The Domestic Terminal is located in the center of the airport and is easily accessible from all concourses. Passengers can use the Plane Train, an underground train system, to travel between concourses and the Domestic Terminal. The Plane Train runs 24/7 and is free to use.

For those looking for food, services, and airline departure gates, use our interactive airport map to locate everything you need. The map includes information on dining options, shopping, restrooms, and more.

Connecting Between Terminals

At ATL, there are several options available for getting between terminals. The airport has a free shuttle bus service called the ATL SkyTrain that connects all terminals, the rental car center, and the Georgia International Convention Center. The SkyTrain runs 24/7 and takes about 5 minutes to travel between terminals.

If you prefer to walk, there are pedestrian walkways that connect the Domestic Terminal to Concourses T, A, and B. The walk from the Domestic Terminal to Concourse T takes about 5-10 minutes, while the walk to Concourses A and B takes about 10-15 minutes. There is also a walkway that connects Concourse T to Concourse A.

For those traveling between the Domestic Terminal and Concourses C, D, E, and F, there is a complimentary shuttle bus service that runs every 15 minutes. The shuttle bus pick-up locations are located at the west end of the Domestic Terminal and at the north end of each concourse. The ride takes about 5-10 minutes, depending on traffic.

Dining, Shopping & Enjoying the Airport

Get ready to indulge in some of the best food and shopping options available at Atlanta Airport. With a wide variety of restaurants and stores, there's something for everyone. Some of the most popular restaurants include Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant, Chick-fil-A, and Shake Shack. And for shopping, don't miss Brookstone, Michael Kors, and Savannah's Candy Kitchen. These are just a few of the many options available to you.

The locations of all food, shops, and services at ATL Airport can be found using iFly's interactive map. For a complete list of restaurants, bars, shops, and news stands, explore the facilities at this link.

Airport Hotels

Travel can be tiring, especially when you have long layovers or early morning flights. That's why having a comfortable place to rest near the airport can make a world of difference. Whether you're looking for a luxury experience, a budget-friendly option, or a place that feels like home, our list of airport hotels has got you covered. Many of these hotels offer complimentary shuttle services to and from the airport, ensuring a seamless travel experience. Some also provide additional amenities such as fitness centers, outdoor swimming pools, and in-house restaurants. Plus, their close proximity to the airport means you can enjoy a restful sleep without worrying about missing your flight. Discover the best airport hotels now.

Picking Up and Dropping Off Passengers

At the airport, passengers can be picked up and dropped off at designated areas. Curbside parking is restricted to active loading and unloading only. Drivers are not allowed to leave their vehicles unattended, and vehicles left unattended will be towed. It is important to note that there is no waiting allowed at the curbside area.

For those who are waiting to pick up passengers, there are cell-phone waiting areas located near the airport. These areas are free to use and are designed for drivers who are waiting for their passengers to arrive. Once the passenger has arrived and collected their luggage, the driver can then proceed to the curbside area for pick up.

Parking Facilities & Options

Travelers flying out of Hartsfield Airport have several parking options to choose from. The airport offers both covered and uncovered parking in several lots and garages located near the airport terminals. The parking facilities are conveniently located near Concourse A, Concourse B, Concourse C, Concourse D, Concourse E, Concourse F, Concourse T, and the Domestic Terminal.

For those waiting to pick up arriving passengers, the airport provides cell phone waiting areas that are free of charge. These areas are located near the airport entrance and allow drivers to wait in their vehicles until their passengers are ready to be picked up.

Handicapped parking is available in all airport parking facilities. Accessible parking spaces are located near elevators and shuttle bus stops for easy access to the airport terminals.

Travelers looking for a more economical parking option can choose off-airport parking. Several off-airport parking lots are located near the airport and offer shuttle service to and from the airport terminals. Off-airport parking can be a cost-effective alternative to on-airport parking, especially for long-term parking needs.

Get details about ATL parking options and rates, along with more economical off-airport parking here.

Transportation Options

ATL Hartsfield is one of the busiest airports in the United States, serving millions of passengers every year. To help travelers get to and from the airport, there are several transportation options available.

If you prefer to drive yourself, there are several car rental companies located at the airport, including Avis, Budget, Enterprise, and Hertz. You can easily rent a car at the airport and drive to your destination.

Taxis are also readily available at the airport, with designated pick-up areas outside each terminal. The fare for a taxi ride from the airport to downtown Atlanta is approximately $30-40, depending on traffic and the time of day.

For those looking for a more affordable option, shared ride services like Uber and Lyft are available at the airport. These services have designated pick-up areas outside each terminal, and fares are typically lower than taxi fares.

Airport shuttles are another option for travelers, with several companies providing shuttle services to and from the airport. These shuttles have designated pick-up areas outside each terminal and fares vary depending on the destination.

Finally, for those looking for a budget-friendly option, public transportation is available at the airport. MARTA, Atlanta's public transportation system, has a station located at the airport, making it easy to take a train or bus to your destination.

Passenger Services

Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world, serving millions of passengers every year. The airport offers a wide range of passenger services to ensure a comfortable and stress-free travel experience for all travelers.

For those who need to stay connected, free wifi is available throughout the airport. If you happen to lose an item during your travels, the airport's Lost and Found department is located in the Domestic Terminal and can assist with retrieving lost items.

Traveling with children? The airport offers several children's play areas located throughout the airport, including the Delta Sky Zone in Concourse A and the Kid's Zone in Concourse D. For travelers with special needs, the airport provides a variety of services, including wheelchair assistance and accessible restrooms.

Banking services are available at several locations throughout the airport, including ATMs and currency exchange services. In case of a medical emergency, the airport has a medical clinic located in the Domestic Terminal, as well as several Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) located throughout the airport.

Flight Status Info

As an air traveler, it's important to stay up-to-date on the status of your flight. Luckily, there are several ways to check the flight status at Atlanta Airport. One of the easiest ways is to use the in-airport flight displays (FIDS). These displays can be found throughout the airport and provide real-time updates on flight departures, delays, and gate information.

In addition to the FIDS, passengers can also be alerted about departure delays, cancelations, or gate changes via the use of airline mobile phone apps. Most airlines have their own mobile apps that allow passengers to receive push notifications about their flight status. Passengers can also opt to receive text or email alerts about their flight status.

It's important to note that flight status information can change quickly, so it's a good idea to check for updates frequently. Passengers should also make sure to arrive at the airport with plenty of time before their scheduled departure time, in case there are any unexpected delays or changes.

Passengers can check the status of their flight departure at ATL by visiting the flight departures page on, which provides real-time updates on flight departures, delays, and gate information.

Airport Facts & Stats

ATL Airport is located in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. It is the busiest airport in the world by passenger traffic and number of flights. The airport has 8 terminals, including Concourse A, Concourse B, Concourse C, Concourse D, Concourse E, Concourse F, Concourse T, and Domestic Terminal.

On average, the airport handles over 100 million passengers annually, with an average of 275,000 passengers per day. There are over 2,700 daily flights, with Delta Air Lines being the largest carrier with the most daily flights. Other top airlines with the most daily flights include Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, and United Airlines.

The airport serves over 150 domestic and international destinations, making it a major hub for air travel. The top 5 destinations served from ATL are Orlando, FL; New York, NY; Fort Lauderdale, FL; Miami, FL; and Los Angeles, CA.

Several airlines use the airport as a hub, including Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines, and Frontier Airlines.

Airport History

Hartsfield Airport, located in Atlanta, Georgia, is the world's busiest airport, serving over 100 million passengers annually. The airport has a rich history dating back to the early 1900s.

Significant events in the airport's history include:

  • 1925: The Atlanta Municipal Airport opens with a single runway and a small terminal building.
  • 1942: The airport is renamed to honor two local politicians, William B. Hartsfield and Maynard Jackson.
  • 1956: The airport's first permanent terminal building is constructed, which is now known as the Domestic Terminal.
  • 1961: The airport begins offering international flights.
  • 1980: The airport's second terminal, now known as the International Terminal, opens to accommodate the growing number of international passengers.
  • 1996: The airport serves as a major transportation hub during the Summer Olympics held in Atlanta.
  • 2000: The airport is renamed to Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport.
  • 2003: The airport completes a massive renovation and expansion project, adding a fifth runway and a new terminal building.
  • 2012: The airport sets a new world record for the most passengers served in a single year, with over 95 million passengers.

Today, ATL Hartsfield continues to be a major hub for domestic and international travel, serving as a gateway to the southeastern United States and beyond.

Airport Contact Info

For more information about Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta Airport, please use the following contact details:

Traveler Help

Questions about ATL? Find answers here.
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Newest Questions

Where is baggage claim for international flights?

Asked by Kim - Thu, 5 January

At Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), the baggage claim area for international flights is located in the international terminal, also known as Terminal F. Terminal F is located on the lower level of the airport, and the baggage claim area is near the center of the terminal. Once you have exited the secure area of the terminal after your flight, you can follow the signs to the baggage claim area to retrieve your luggage. If you need further assistance finding the baggage claim area, you can ask airport staff or look for the baggage claim directory signs located throughout the terminal.

Where is Gate D8

Asked by Pam Barbara - Wed, 4 January

Gate D8 at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) is located in the Domestic Terminal (also known as Terminal D). Terminal D is one of the airport's seven terminals and is used by many domestic airlines. The gate locations within Terminal D are organized alphabetically, so you can generally find Gate D8 by looking for the gates in the D concourse. The D concourse is located on the upper level of Terminal D. You can use the airport's terminal maps, which are available on the airport's website or in the terminal, to find your way to Gate D8. If you need further assistance, you can ask airport staff for directions.

What do I need to do if I have lost my parking ticket for the garage?

Asked by Kathleen - Tue, 18 October

You can contact the parking customer service line at (404) 530-6725. 

Where is the international terminals cell phone waiting lot?

Asked by Robin - Fri, 7 October

We didn't find a separate cell phone waiting lot for international terminals.

Where are the currency exchange locations?

Asked by Terry Nash - Fri, 30 September

There are several currency exchanges located throughout the airport. 

Is the Chophouse open on Mondays?

Asked by Helen Adams - Tue, 27 September

Yes, Atlanta Chophouse & Brewery is open on Mondays. 

Can you walk from Terminal A to Terminal B?

Asked by Brian - Sun, 18 September

Yes, you can walk from Terminal A to Terminal B. 

Is there an open, foreign currency exchange location?

Asked by john wright - Sat, 17 September

We didn't find a currency exchange at this airport. 

Can you check in concourse F for domestic flights?

Asked by Ruth collins - Tue, 13 September

Terminal F is only for international flights. 

Is an hour and 15 minutes enough time to arrive in terminal b and get to the international terminal?

Asked by Sharon witt - Thu, 1 September

Yes, that should be enough time to get from one terminal to the other. 

Where is Terminal N?

Asked by Gerhard - Tue, 30 August

We didn't find a Terminal N on the map for this airport. 

How do I and who do I send a report about what a worker in the food court in terminal B did to help me? I would like her boss to know how good of a worker and person she is.

Asked by SHARI E CLAIRE - Mon, 22 August

The phone number for guest relations is (800) 897-1910. They should be able to help you find the employee so that she can be recognized. 

is there a money exchange place?

Asked by Maria Helen Fodor - Sat, 20 August

There are currency exchanges in each concourse at this airport. 

Is it possible to convert dollars to euros at the airport?

Asked by Bill - Thu, 11 August

Yes, there are multiple currency exchanges available at this airport. 

Which economy parking lot is closest to the Delta departure terminal?

Asked by Jeanette - Wed, 6 July

The South Economy Parking is closer to the Delta departure terminal. 

How do you connect to the airport's Wi-Fi Network?

Asked by Nilesh - Thu, 23 June

The Airport's Wi-Fi Network is called SSID and should show up as able to connect on your Wi-Fi-ready device while at the airport. No passcode is required. 

Does one arrive and depart Southwest airlines in the same terminal?

Asked by Dee Heitman - Fri, 13 May

Southwest operates out of Terminal N - Domestic (North) at this airport, so arriving and departing flights should go out of the same terminal. However, in some cases this terminal can change, so it's best to check with Southwest directly. 

How do I get from the American Airlines terminal to the rental car location?

Asked by Don O'Connor - Thu, 5 May

When you leave the American Airlines terminal you would head west and turn back south at the Frontier Airlines check-in to the main circle and continue until you get to IHOP. At IHOP turn west again and that hallway will take you directly to the rental car facility. 

Which concourse terminal does American Airlines use?

Asked by kerry smith - Sat, 9 April

American Airlines uses Terminal N - Domestic (North) at this airport.

Where is my bags / luggage?

Asked by Geraldine Williams - Sat, 2 April

Please contact your airline directly for any lost or delayed luggage. Good luck!

Am looking for displaced baggage.

Asked by Miriam Cole - Sun, 20 March

Please contact your airline directly for lost baggage - they are the only ones that can help. We wish you the best of luck!

Is there Covid testing?

Asked by Pj - Sun, 6 March

We could not find any COVID testing facilities currently at this airport. However, there are many options nearby.

How long does it take to travel from concourse F to concourse C?

Asked by anne greif - Fri, 4 March

You can go from Concourse F to Concourse C at ATL airport either by walk or by shuttle. It takes 20 min if you opt for a walking route whereas if you are traveling with a shuttle it will take 11 to 21 minutes.

How to pick up a passenger from the N terminal?

Asked by Steve Lawley - Fri, 25 February

You will see clearly marked lanes for passenger pick-up (arriving flights) and drop-off (departing flights) once you approach the terminal. Each exit door is numbered as per the sequence, hence the person to be picked up needs to tell you which door he/she is using. Then you can reach them for pickup easily.


Is there a a hotel connected to the airport?

Asked by Denise Piche' - Mon, 21 February

There are no hotels connected to the terminal building. 

Is there a Cellphone Lot?

Asked by alena - Thu, 17 February

Yes, there is a cellphone waiting area. This Cellphone lot is located on the S Terminal parkway.

Where is the pickup area for arriving Delta flights?

Asked by Newton Babcock - Wed, 9 February

Terminal S - Domestic (South) or at the International terminal is the area where most Delta Air Lines flights arrive. Another option for domestic passengers is to use the south short term parking lots.

Can you pick up a passenger at the international terminal if the are arriving at gate E6 on a domestic flight ?

Asked by C west - Wed, 9 February

You, in theory, could pick a passenger up there. However, it would be much easier to pick them up from Concourse E. 

Is there a hotel in this airport?

Asked by Donna Wolf - Sun, 30 January

While there are no hotels directly connected to this airport, there are a large number of hotels & motels located close to the airport grounds.  However, walking is not advised.

Are baggage carts available at the rental car return center for transporting bags to the terminal?

Asked by Ignatz - Thu, 27 January

Baggage carts are available at the rental car center.  If you are returning your car there, you may pick one up and proceed to your terminal via the Sky Train, which allows for luggage carts.

How do i get to parking at international terminal?

Asked by bill - Sun, 23 January

Parking for International flights is located on the airport property, and is accessible via a short parking shuttle ride from the terminal.  There are both a short-term (hourly) garage and a long-term parking garage. To get there follow the highway signs to tor input 'Atlanta airport international terminal' into your GPS.

Hello, I am trying to figure out if we are flying Jetblue into Atlanta (from Boston) and flying out with Delta (to Pensacola), do we have to go through security again. We booked each leg independently so we will have to get our luggage from baggage claim and check our bags on to the next flight. Even if it's domestic, since we have to go to baggage claim, will we have to go through security again?

Asked by Rosemary Dalton - Mon, 17 January

You can ask Jetblue for your options when you check in. That said, Domestic baggage claim is located outside of security area at Denver airport. So you would need to retrieve the baggage and then check in with Delta as if you were flying out of DEN. If you have a short connection time, you might want to consider CLEAR and/or TSAPre service to speed your way through security. You can get 2 months of CLEAR for free here. 

I have a delta flight tomorrow, leaving for South Korea. What concourse will my flight be in?

Asked by jinnesza rejolio perdomo - Sat, 15 January

All international flights depart & arrive at Concourse E.   

I am picking my husband up at 7:30pm tonight from Delta flight. Where is the best place to meet him? I noticed things have changed around quite a bit

Asked by Susan - Thu, 13 January

For passenger pickup, your best bet is to park in the cell phone waiting area, located on S. Terminal Parkway.  Once your passenger has cleared security and has claimed baggage, have them call you, and pickup curbside outside the arrivals area.

Where do I go to claim my checked bags on Delta flight 1976 from Bahamas to Atlanta>

Asked by Denise - Sat, 8 January

To see where your baggage claim area is located, check the arrival boards located throughout the terminals. Baggage pickup is usually located in the terminal where your flight arrives into.

My suitcase wheel just blew…where can I buy a new suitcase new Concourse C?

Asked by Tracy - Thu, 6 January

There is a Brookstone in C Centerpoint, which should sell luggage. It is open from 9am - 6pm. 

Hello, Are there printers available to print health visa's if a person COVID test is late coming back? My wife and I are scheduled to leave for the Bahamas in a few weeks and with the surge, test results are delayed. We are thinking if we can get the test and are awaiting results to fly to Atlanta and if the results don't clear looking for a flight to Miami/Ft L, or renting a car and driving. Thanks.

Asked by Lance LaJoy - Thu, 6 January

There is a business center across from gate T10, which is open Sun thru Fri 5:45am until 8pm; and Sat 7am-6pm
Phone: 404-530-7250

Where do I park to pick up arriving passengers to concourse E?

Asked by David - Sun, 2 January

The best option to park while you pick up passengers is to use the hourly parking lot, located directly across from Terminal North.

Are there any cardless atms at the airport?

Asked by ava mallick - Sun, 2 January

No, this does not seem to be a service that this airport provides. 

What terminal is American Airlines located, North or South ?

Asked by Norvis Dunson - Sat, 1 January

American Airlines uses the North Domestic Terminal N for all flight arrivals and departures.

How long does it take to get from the Domestic Terminal to Concorse E?

Asked by graham bigelow - Wed, 29 December

Getting to the domestic (A, B, C, D, &T) and international concourses (E & F) is fast and easy. Simply hop on the automated Plane Train, which loops 24/7 through all terminals at 2-minute intervals. 
Follow the signs in the terminals to the lower level (0). Most concourses are about a quarter-mile from each other, meaning each stop is only a few minutes from the prior stop. 

Map to international terminal

Asked by Ruth Fruit - Sat, 20 November

Check out the international terminal map here. 

Is there a smoking area?

Asked by James Walker - Thu, 18 November

No. Like many airports in the United States, this is a smoke-free facility. 

Do you have to park to drop people off?

Asked by Betty Johnson - Wed, 17 November

No, you can drop passengers curbside, but you must stay with your vehicle at all times. 

What gate is the tram closest to in Terminal C & D?

Asked by Diane - Wed, 17 November

Check out the Terminal Map, you will be able to see the tram (runs down the middle) with respect to the C and D gates. 

My itinerary shows arriving at Terminal T-S from RDU and then departing from Terminal T-I to LHR. Do you have a map showing where these terminals are?

Asked by Eddie Conlon - Wed, 17 November

We sure do, see the Atlanta Airport Terminal Map page. Note that the train runs right down the middle of the Concourses. 

Do you have a free phone lot to park at for picking up passengers?

Asked by Tom - Wed, 17 November

Yes Hartsfield-Jackson has a 160 space free cell phone waiting lot, located along the South Terminal Parkway. 

Can you get Uber on F Concourse?

Asked by Sheila - Tue, 16 November

As of November 15, 2021, rideshare services including Uber and Lyft have been relocated to a dedicated area outside the North Parking Garage. Travelers arriving at the south terminal will be directed toward the north terminal. Travelers will need to take an escalator/elevator to the lower level and walk towards the parking decks. 

How to get to Turkish Airlines from Southwest?

Asked by Nargiza - Tue, 16 November

Southwest Airlines typically uses Concourse C, but we suggest you use the real-time flight tracker to confirm your arrival gate.  International Terminal is Concourse F, where Turkish would depart. To get from C to F, take the train between the concourses. This will take approx 10 minutes. You can also walk, double that time to 20 minutes. 

Can someone tell me if Gate A1 is close to Gate B12?

Asked by Christine - Tue, 9 November

Those Concourse A and B are next to each other, it will take  you less than 10 minutes to walk between them. You could take the Plane Train, but it will probably end up taking you the same amount of time (waiting for train, etc). 

How is the ventilation in the airport terminals? How many air exchanges per hour?

Asked by Marcia - Sun, 7 November

We could not find the answer to this question, however, masks are required in all US airports until early 2022. 

Where is the closest parking lot if traveling out on Alaskan Airlines ?

Asked by Denise Calloway - Tue, 2 November

The North and South parking decks are adjacent to the domestic terminal. Both are close, but also more expensive than other options (e.g. Economy). 

What is the best way to go from Delta domestic to International Terminal?

Asked by Sharon Taksel - Mon, 1 November

If you are inside security area, take the Plane Train, that goes between all domestic concourses and the international terminal. Outside of security, you would take the airport shuttle service between the two. 

Is there an Apple store

Asked by Mercedes - Mon, 1 November

Sorry, there is no Apple store at this airport. There are 3 Apple stores in the greater Atlanta area, but none are close to the airport. 

Where is Terminal S?

Asked by nancy - Sun, 31 October

There's no Terminal S at this airport - just a Domestic and an International Terminal, and concourses T, B, A, C, D and E. 

Is there an airport shuttle from this airport to the Chatanooga TN airport? How often does it run?How much does it cost? How long does it take?

Asked by Elizabeth Auffenberg - Thu, 28 October

Yes, please check with Groome Transportation for rates and schedule. 

Where is the "International" terminal (F) & parking located on the field?

Asked by Phillip A. Pahl - Thu, 28 October

The international terminal is located off of I-75. Take the loop road to the International Park & Ride lot. If you are picking up a passenger or just staying for a short time, you can continue on the loop road to the International Hourly Lot. 

Where can I get COVID tested?

Asked by Sandy - Wed, 27 October

Currently there is no testing inside the airport itself. However there is a Covid testing center not too far from the airport, near the Park N Fly. It is located at 2525 Camp Creek Parkway, College Park, GA. 30337. Good luck!

Where is baggage claim?

Asked by David Reid - Wed, 27 October

Baggage claim are associated with the terminal you are flying into. The International Terminal has its own baggage claim, and all of the Domestic Concourses use the same baggage claim area. There are numerous signs throughout each terminal clearly identifying the baggage claim direction. 

Where is the clock tower located?

Asked by Shannon - Wed, 27 October

We assume you are trying to meet up with someone? The clock tower is in the Atrium area (shops etc) outside the domestic terminal secure area, it is a good meeting place. 

Are Delta Skycaps back in service?

Asked by Matt - Tue, 26 October

Curbside check in is available at the airport for Delta Airlines. 

Where is Terminal N for Spirit Airlines?

Asked by George Brogdon - Tue, 26 October

There is no Concourse N at this airport. Spirit Airlines currently uses different gates across multiple concourses, including Concourse D and common use gates in Concourse E. We advise that you track your flight for the location of your departure or arrival gate.

If it is allowed, what is the process for meeting someone at arrival gate for pickup?

Asked by SUSAN - Tue, 26 October

You can try to get a "gate pass" - these are issued by the airline your passenger is traveling on and can be picked up at the ticketing desk for that airline. Not all airlines have gate passes, so it is best to contact the airline to ask for specific instructions. 

Is there a currency exchange facility at the airport?

Asked by Veronica Bartosik - Mon, 25 October

No, from what we can tell there are no currency exchange locations. Travelex pulled out of the US market and closed all airport locations (Covid). 

Hi! Can we park at the Park Ride overnight? We have a week long trip and would like to know if we can leave our car there for a week?

Asked by Joy - Sun, 24 October

ATL Airport Park Ride Lot A and C is set up for long term travel, so the answer is yes. You can check out ATL parking rates and alternative parking options. 

What are the hours of operation for security to get to the terminals?

Asked by Charles Barton - Sat, 23 October

You can find the hours for each terminal for this airport on the TSA Wait Times page.  Note that hours and gate availability is subject to change (by the airport and/or TSA). 

Where do I get a taxi after arriving tonight at 2:30 AM from Frontier Air?

Asked by Kathy Walker - Mon, 18 October

When you exit the domestic terminal there are taxi stands. These operate 24 hours a day given the passenger volume of this airport. 

Where is the Southwest Airlines Terminal?

Asked by Elaine - Mon, 18 October

Southwest Airlines typically operates out of Concourse C in the Domestic Terminal. However, this can chance so we recommend you track the flight for specific gate information. 

How do I get a wheelchair assistance from car rental skytrain to Southwest terminal?

Asked by Elaine - Mon, 18 October

For wheelchair assistance you will need to contact Southwest Airlines directly. For more details you can check out Southwest Air Travel for Customers With Disabilities Page. 

Where is the cellphone parking area?

Asked by Patty Gleeson - Sun, 17 October

The 160-space cellphone lot is located at the east end of the park-ride reserve lot in the South Terminal. Note that you cannot leave your vehicle unattended.

Where is the clear me enrollment facility?

Asked by Steve - Sun, 17 October

Clear Enrollment can be found in the Domestic Terminal North, Domestic Terminal South, and in the Main Terminal. The Terminal North location is enrollment only, no lane verification. More info can be found on our ATL Wait Times Page

What restaurants are available in the Southwest Airlines Terminal?

Asked by Claudette - Sun, 17 October

Southwest typically operates out of Concourse. There you will find a bunch of restaurant options including Chic-fil-a, Famiglia, Five Guys, Jersey Mikes, Umai Sushi, Starbucks, and more. 

Is there a Bank of America ATM?

Asked by Gabriela Garcia - Sun, 17 October

 No, most of the ATM's are SunTrust. There's also a Wells Fargo in Concourse F. 

Where is Delta Airlines curbside baggage check-in?

Asked by Mark - Sun, 17 October

Follow the signs for departures level, the curbside check in for Delta will be outside the passenger drop off area. 

I have a international flight to Turkey. Where should I be dropped off to have access to a luggage cart?

Asked by Rebe - Sun, 17 October

Smarte Carte luggage carts are usually more abundant in the baggage claim areas. In fact, you might be able to snag one that was just used and already paid for if you get dropped off in the Arrivals area. You would just need to make your way to ticketing from there.

I am arriving at gate D15 and my connecting flight is leaving from Gate A5, how long will it take me? I only have 30 minutes, do I have to get on a tram?

Asked by Diane Degenhart - Sat, 16 October

Once you go down to the tunnel level, you can walk to A gates or take the tram. Walking will take you 17-20 minutes, tram will take you 10-20 minutes depending on your luck on the tram timing. Either way, 30 minutes is enough time to get from D to A. 

Where is Starbucks on terminal T?

Asked by Lori - Fri, 15 October

There's no Starbucks in Concourse T. However, The Coffee Bean operates near Gate T6.

I am flying in on Southwest 2467 and 40 mins later leave on SW 1650.I have a disability and am wondering if I need to request a ride from one to another?

Asked by Robert S Hand Jr - Thu, 14 October

All wheelchair and special assistance requests would be done through your airline. In this case, please contact Southwest Airlines directly and they can arrange this for you. Like most airlines, they contract out these services to companies that operate porters within the airport. 

I lost my daily parking ticket what do I do?

Asked by Melinda - Sun, 10 October

If you have lost your daily parking ticket while at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), you will need to pay the daily rate to exit the parking lot. To do this, you can follow these steps:

1. Proceed to the parking lot exit and stop at the pay station.

2. Press the button marked "Lost Ticket" or "No Ticket."

3. Follow the instructions on the screen to pay the daily rate. This will typically involve inserting your payment card or cash into the machine.

4. Once your payment has been accepted, the gate will open and you can exit the parking lot.

If you have any issues with the pay station or have trouble making a payment, you can ask for assistance from a parking lot attendant or call the airport's parking customer service hotline for help. It is always a good idea to keep track of your parking ticket while you are at the airport to avoid any issues when it comes time to leave.

What exit number from I-75 do I take for the international terminal at Atlanta Airport - and where would I park to go into the terminal with my wife and to help her check in. She's on a flight to France and then to Florence , Italy?

Asked by Ed D Watkins - Sat, 9 October

Take Exit 239 if coming from the south, follow signs to International Terminal and hourly lot. If you park at hourly lot you will be in the best position to take your wife in and check in etc. Good luck and safe travels!

Could you please give specific directions on how to get to the skytrain, following the signs posted in the airport has not been effective we visited in Dec 2020 and Oct 2021, are going back tonight and need help because we will be close on time getting to the rental car center before it closes.

Asked by Marie - Fri, 8 October

Please follow signs to Ground Transportation. Once you are outside, you will then need to cross the street and enter the building that says Rental Car Center and Georgia International Convention Center. Take the escalator up to the SkyTrain loading area and board the next arriving train.

Is there a place to get a PCR test for Covid and a quick turnaround for results inside the airport?

Asked by Rebecca - Fri, 8 October

No, from what we can gather there is no testing inside the airport itself. However there is a Covid testing center not too far from the airport, near the Park N Fly. It is located at 2525 Camp Creek Parkway, College Park, GA. 30337. Good luck!

Do you need to reserve parking ahead of time or can you just show up day of?

Asked by kb - Fri, 8 October

All parking facilities are first come first serve. 

Should my TSA precheck be listed on my boarding pass?

Asked by Patricia Hawkins - Wed, 6 October

Yes, if you are approved for Pre Check it will appear on your boarding pass. You should check with your airline if you do not see this designation. 

I am flying to Europe next week. My flight originates in Augusta, GA and connects through this airport. I need to find an ATM to withdraw Euros. Please tell me the location of ATMS to withdraw Euros and whether I need to exit the terminal to access the ATM and go through security again.

Asked by Linda - Tue, 5 October

We asked the Airport about currency exchange, and this is the answer: "We currently do not offer currency exchange and are working to bring back this service as soon as possible. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you." Travelex pulled out of the US market and closed all of their locations in US Airports. In any case, you are almost always better off to use an ATM in the country of your destination, as the fees are typically less. 

Is there still a group of taxis waiting for passengers at the airport, or should I book one ahead of time?

Asked by Wendy - Tue, 5 October

Taxis at the Domestic Terminal are located in the Ground Transportation Center/West Curb, just outside and between the W-1 and W-2 door. For the International Terminal, taxis can be found on the arrival level outside the A-1 door. Note that a fee applies between the Airport and the central business district. 

Where will I park to pick up passenger from Delta Airlines?

Asked by M Juneau - Tue, 5 October

It is best to use the hourly parking lot at Atlanta Airport, it is very close to the baggage claim area and should be inexpensive if there for less than 30 min. 

How can I request a wheelchair to get to a terminal gate?

Asked by Michael Meehan - Tue, 5 October

To request a wheelchair, you can ask at the time of booking/reservation from your airline. You can also request a wheelchair at the ticketing counter for the airline you are travelling on.  

I have 45 minutes between flight landing and next flight. I am coming in at gate B31 and leaving from Gate D41. Do I have enough time?

Asked by Mary-anne - Mon, 4 October

Yes, you can make it so long as your flights are on time. Atlanta airport is very efficient in terms of making connections, our recommendation is you go right to the departure gate and then do other things (like go to the bathroom or a store). 

How do I get from Delta arrival to an Alaska Airlines departure?

Asked by Michele Ragazzo - Mon, 4 October

This all depends on the arrival gate for Delta and the departure gate for Alaska. You can check real-time flight status here for both flights. Alaska usually uses D Gates. It is very easy to get between terminals at ATL, just follow the signs to your Terminal and gate. 

I arrive tomorrow on Southwest flight into Domestic Gate C6 and departing Delta at International Terminal Gate E27. I am carrying baggage. May I get a boarding pass at Delta International Terminal Gate E27?

Asked by Rebecca - Mon, 4 October

The airport recommends that you download the DELTA APP to your phone, where you can get a boarding pass without having to find/wait at the ticketing area or gate. 

I had to park in hourly parking because the economy lot was full. Do I have to still pay hourly rates for 9 days of parking?

Asked by Sonja L Henderson - Mon, 4 October

Yes, according to the airport. You can always check to see if offsite parking near ATL airport is available, it is usually less expensive than the economy lots. 

Where is the Greyhound bus location at ATL?

Asked by Marvin - Sun, 3 October

Greyhound operates from the lower level of Terminal North - From the North baggage area, take escalator down.

Are there offices to rent by the hour?

Asked by Vlh howell - Sat, 2 October

If you are looking for a private room for meetings or to take a nap, you can make a reservation with Minute Suites

Where do I meet a domestic arriving passenger?

Asked by mark - Fri, 1 October

You can meet them curbside at the domestic terminals - they will be on the North or South side depending on the arriving airline/baggage claim area. Alternatively, the hourly parking is very close and you could park there, meet them in person at baggage claim, and then walk back to the car. 

Are there curbside check in locations on south terminal lower level?

Asked by John Miller - Fri, 1 October

Curbside check in stations are available, however, they are very dependent on the airline operating them. Please check with the airline directly for locations and hours of operation. Note that some airlines have changed their curbside operations & schedules due to Covid-19. 

I’m getting off Delta Airlines. Wow do I get to the Southwest baggage claim?

Asked by David Johns - Fri, 1 October

This airport is one of the largest airports in the world and it is a major Delta Hub. That said, your question really depends if you are using the Domestic or International terminals. For either one, the baggage claim is centralized so you just need to get on the Plane Train between the terminals and follow the signs for either Domestic or International Baggage Claim. Good luck!

Where do I park for a passenger pickup coming in from Seattle on Alaska Airlines? I do not want to get out of my vehicle.

Asked by Sue - Tue, 21 September

Alaska airlines will deliver your passenger’s luggage to the North Domestic side of the airport. You can park in the North Domestic hourly Lot.

Where are Smarte Cartes located?

Asked by Anne - Mon, 20 September

There are numerous Smarte Carte locations in the airport, you can see them on this interactive map if you search for "Smarte". 

Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta Airport Q&A

Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the main hub for Delta Airlines.
Atlanta Airport is located 7 miles (11 km) south of downtown Atlanta District.
Passengers are permitted to sleep in the Atlanta Airport. It’s opened around the clock and visitors can stay airside overnight.
March to May is the peak time to visit Atlanta because the weather is pleasant and you can enjoy the city’s activities. While, in terms of prices, the cheapest flights to Atlanta around August.
There are literally hundreds of places you can fly from ATL without making a stop. Check out a listing of their direct flights.
There are two major international airports in Georgia, Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport and Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport.