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Miami Airport (MIA) Guide

Welcome to Miami! Whether you're arriving to soak up the sun or departing after a fun-filled vacation, Miami Airport is your gateway to all that this vibrant city has to offer.

Looking for a stress-free travel experience? Look no further than our extensive guide to MIA. Here, you'll find everything you need to know to get from your door to your gate, including flight status & tracking, airline departure terminals and gate locations, parking options, terminal maps, plus food and shopping directories. Let us help you make your journey as smooth as possible.

Helpful Tips

When to Arrive

It is recommended to arrive at MIA Airport at least two hours before domestic flights and three hours before international flights. The busiest times to avoid are during holidays and weekends. If you are traveling during peak times, plan to arrive even earlier to allow for longer lines and wait times.

Getting to the Airport

The best ways to get to the airport are by car, taxi, or public transportation. If you are driving, be sure to check traffic conditions and allow extra time for potential delays. Taxis are readily available throughout the city and can be hailed on the street or reserved in advance. Public transportation options include the Metrorail and Metrobus, both of which have stops at the airport.

Getting Oriented

If you need help getting oriented at Miami Airport, use's interactive airport maps. These maps provide detailed information on the airport's layout, including the location of gates, restaurants, shops, and other amenities. You can also use the maps to plan your route through the airport and estimate walking times between different areas.

Avoiding Delays

To avoid delays at Miami Airport, be sure to check your flight status before leaving for the airport. You can do this online or through your airline's mobile app. If you are traveling during peak times, consider signing up for TSA PreCheck or Global Entry to expedite the security screening process. Additionally, pack your carry-on bag efficiently to make the screening process quicker and smoother.

Security Wait Times

At MIA, TSA Security wait times can vary depending on the time of day and day of the week. During peak travel times, such as holidays and weekends, wait times can be longer than usual. However, the airport has implemented several measures to help reduce wait times, including additional TSA agents and the use of advanced screening technology. It is recommended that travelers arrive at the airport at least two hours before their scheduled departure time to allow for enough time to go through security. You can check TSA Wait Times now, so you can budget how much time you need to get to the airport.

Maps, Airlines & Amenities

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Navigating MIA's Terminals

Miami International Airport has six concourses, each offering a variety of services and amenities for travelers. Concourse D is the largest, with 51 gates, and is used by American Airlines for their domestic and international flights. Concourse E has 17 gates and is primarily used by airlines such as Lufthansa and British Airways for their international flights. Concourse F has 8 gates and is used by Delta Air Lines for their domestic and international flights. Concourse G has 14 gates and is used by United Airlines for their domestic and international flights. Concourse H has 12 gates and is used by a variety of airlines, including Air France and Qatar Airways, for their international flights. Concourse J has 29 gates and is used by a variety of airlines, including JetBlue and Southwest, for their domestic and international flights.

When navigating the airport terminals, it's important to pay attention to the signs and announcements to ensure you're heading in the right direction. Each concourse offers a variety of food and beverage options, as well as shops and services for travelers. Use our interactive airport map to locate food, services, and airline departure gates.

Connecting Between Terminals

MIA Airport has several concourses, including Concourse D, Concourse E, Concourse F, Concourse G, Concourse H, and Concourse J. To get between these terminals, there are several options available. One option is to walk between the terminals, which can take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes depending on which terminals you are traveling between. Another option is to take the Skytrain, which is a free automated train that runs between Concourse D and Concourse J, with stops at Concourse E and Concourse F. The Skytrain runs 24/7 and takes approximately 3 minutes to travel between terminals.

For those who prefer not to walk or take the train, there are also shuttle buses available. The shuttle buses run between Concourse G and Concourse H, and between Concourse H and Concourse J. The shuttle buses run every 10 minutes and are also free of charge. No matter which option you choose, getting between the terminals at the airport is quick and easy.

Dining, Shopping & Enjoying the Airport

Traveling through Miami Airport and looking for some delicious food or a little retail therapy? Look no further than the airport's wide variety of dining and shopping options. From authentic Cuban cuisine at La Carreta Restaurant to high-end fashion at Ralph Lauren, there's something for everyone. For a complete list of restaurants, bars, shops, and news stands, check your options here. Please note that the following list is just a sample of the many options available at the airport.

Airport Hotels

Looking for a comfortable stay near the airport? We've got you covered. Our comprehensive guide provides a list of the best hotels that offer a unique blend of comfort, convenience, and amenities. From luxurious suites with panoramic views to budget-friendly rooms with essential amenities, we've got options to suit all types of travelers. Most of these hotels offer complimentary shuttle services to and from the airport, along with free WiFi, fitness centers, and on-site dining options. Some even boast outdoor swimming pools, perfect for unwinding after a long day of travel. Ready to explore? Check out our Miami Airport Hotels page for more information.

Picking Up and Dropping Off Passengers

If you need to pick up or drop off passengers at MIA, there are a few things you should know. First, curbside parking is strictly limited to active loading and unloading only. Drivers are not allowed to leave their vehicles unattended at any time. If you need to park your car for an extended period, you'll need to use one of the airport's parking facilities.

To make things easier, MIA Airport has designated cell-phone waiting areas where drivers can wait for arriving passengers. These areas are free to use and are located near each terminal. Simply park your car and wait for your passenger to call or text you when they're ready to be picked up. Once you receive their call, you can proceed to the curbside for pick-up.

Parking Facilities & Options

When it comes to parking at Miami International Airport, there are several options available to travelers. The airport offers both on-site parking and off-site parking options to suit different needs and budgets.

For those who prefer on-site parking, MIA has several parking garages and lots located near the airport terminals. The garages are located in Concourses D, E, F, G, H, and J, and offer both covered and uncovered parking options. There are also several surface lots available for those who prefer to park outdoors.

If you're looking for a convenient way to pick up or drop off passengers, MIA also has cell phone waiting areas located near each terminal. These areas allow you to wait in your car until your passenger is ready to be picked up, without having to pay for parking.

For travelers with disabilities, MIA offers designated handicapped parking spaces in all of its parking garages and lots. These spaces are located close to the terminal entrances and are clearly marked with the international symbol of accessibility.

If you're looking for a more economical parking option, off-airport parking is also available near MIA. These parking lots offer shuttle service to and from the airport terminals, and can be a great way to save money on parking fees.

Get details about MIA parking options and rates, along with more economical off-airport parking here.

Transportation Options

When arriving at the airport (MIA), travelers have several ground transportation options to choose from.

Car rental facilities are available at the airport, with major providers such as Avis, Budget, Enterprise, and Hertz. The rental car center is located on the 4th floor of the Dolphin parking garage and can be accessed via the MIA Mover.

Taxi services are also available, with designated pickup areas located outside of each terminal. Fares are metered and vary based on destination and time of day. A flat rate of $27 is charged for trips to Miami Beach.

Shared ride services such as Uber and Lyft are permitted to pick up passengers at designated pickup areas outside of each terminal. However, there are restrictions on the number of passengers and luggage allowed per ride.

Airport shuttles are available for transportation to and from select hotels and destinations. Pickup areas are located outside of each terminal, and fares vary based on destination.

Public transportation options include the Miami-Dade Transit bus system and the Metrorail. The airport is accessible via the MIA Mover, which connects to the Metrorail at the Miami Central Station.

Passenger Services

Miami Airport, located in the United States, provides a variety of helpful services for passengers traveling through its terminals.

For those needing to stay connected, free wifi access is available throughout the airport. If you happen to misplace an item during your travels, the lost and found department is located in Concourse D.

Traveling with children? Miami Airport offers designated children's play areas in Concourse E and Concourse F, providing a fun and safe space for kids to play before their flight. Special-needs services are also available, including wheelchair assistance and accessible restrooms.

Banking services can be found in Concourse G, where ATMs and currency exchange are available. In case of a medical emergency, MIA has a medical clinic located in Concourse H, staffed with trained medical professionals to assist passengers in need.

Flight Status Info

As an air traveler, it's essential to stay updated on the status of your flight departure. At MIA Airport, there are several ways to check your flight status and ensure a smooth travel experience.

One of the most convenient ways to check the status of your flight is by using the in-airport flight displays (FIDS). These displays can be found throughout the airport and provide real-time updates on flight departures, delays, and gate information.

Another way to stay informed about your flight status is by using airline mobile phone apps. Most airlines have their own mobile apps that allow passengers to receive alerts about departure delays, cancellations, or gate changes via text, email, or push notifications. These apps also provide real-time updates on flight status and gate information.

Passengers can also check their flight status by visiting the airline's website and entering their flight information. This method provides the most up-to-date information on flight status and gate changes.

Lastly, passengers can check the status of their flight departure at the airport by visiting the flight departures page on, which provides real-time updates on flight departures, delays, and gate information.

Airport Facts & Stats

Miami Airport is a major international airport located in Miami, Florida, United States. It is one of the busiest airports in the world and serves as a hub for several airlines.

The airport has six terminals, known as Concourse D, Concourse E, Concourse F, Concourse G, Concourse H, and Concourse J. These terminals are home to a variety of shops, restaurants, and other amenities to make passengers' travel experience more comfortable.

On average, Miami Airport handles over 100,000 passengers and 1,000 daily flights. The airport serves over 150 destinations worldwide, making it a popular choice for both domestic and international travelers.

The top airlines with the most daily flights at MIA are American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines. These airlines offer a variety of domestic and international flights to destinations all over the world.

The top five destinations served by MIA Airport are New York, Atlanta, London, Mexico City, and Sao Paulo. These destinations are popular among both business and leisure travelers.

Several airlines use the airport as a hub, including American Airlines, which operates over 350 daily flights from the airport. Other airlines with a significant presence at the airport include Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, and Avianca.

Airport History

Miami International Airport, located in Miami-Dade County, Florida, is one of the busiest airports in the United States. It has a rich history dating back to the early 1920s.

Here are some significant events in the airport's history:

  • 1928: The airport was originally called Pan American Field at Dinner Key and served as a base for Pan American World Airways.
  • 1945: The airport was renamed Miami International Airport and began serving commercial flights.
  • 1959: The airport's first terminal building, the Central Terminal, was completed.
  • 1961: The airport's iconic control tower, designed by architect K. A. Jacobsen, was completed.
  • 1984: The airport's Concourse E, which serves international flights, was completed.
  • 1991: Hurricane Andrew caused significant damage to the airport, leading to a major renovation and expansion project.
  • 2005: The airport's South Terminal, which serves American Airlines and other airlines, was completed.
  • 2012: The airport's North Terminal, which serves Delta Air Lines and other airlines, was completed.

Today, Miami International Airport serves over 45 million passengers annually and continues to be an important hub for travel to and from Latin America and the Caribbean.

Airport Contact Info

Traveler Help

Questions about MIA? Find answers here.
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Newest Questions

Do 100% disabled veterans park free?

Asked by Don - Mon, 17 October

If you display a valid Florida Disabled Veterans license plate that has been issued under Fla. Statute 320.084 you can park for free as long as the disabled veteran that the plate belongs to is in the vehicle. 

Is there a "business center" where a traveler could use a printer if necessary? where in the airport would that be located?

Asked by Kelly Hughes - Tue, 11 October

We didn't find a business center currently available at this airport. 

Is there a Wells Fargo ATM at the airport?

Asked by Martina Lohrum - Wed, 28 September

There are ATMs in each Terminal but it isn't specified what bank. 

Can I make a reservation for the Dolphin parking lot?

Asked by coleendooley - Sat, 10 September

No, the Dolphin parking lot is first come first serve, and it is only for passengers who are flying with American Airlines, British Airways, JetBlue, and Qatar Airways.

How do I contact American Airlines baggage services at MIA?

Asked by john - Sat, 27 August

You can contact American Airlines at 800-433-7300. It is helpful to have your flight date and number information available. 

What is the phone number of the American Airlines baggage services office?

Asked by martin - Tue, 23 August

You can reach American Airlines at 800-433-7300.

Where is the wheelchair assistance desk?

Asked by serge gaertner - Fri, 19 August

This airport has wheelchair charging stations but we didn't find a wheelchair assistance desk. 

What terminal is Emirates check in counters at in Miami airport?

Asked by Dimitri Pavlowitch - Tue, 2 August

Emirates Airlines check-in counters are in the South Terminal Concourse J. 

Where is Sky Airline located in MIA?

Asked by HAROLD BERMAN - Tue, 2 August

It is located in Concourse F. 

Where is checkin for Southwest Airlines?

Asked by Lin Leverette - Sat, 25 June

The majority of the time Southwest Airlines' flights will depart from Terminal C - Central.  There are times they also use Terminal S - South, so be sure to double-check before you arrive. 

Hello, can someone please help me to get a contact of Skycap? I would need to have a group service form them and i cannot reach Arnulfo who was always our contact. Kindly get back to me. Thank you.

Asked by Tanja Sommer - Thu, 19 May

I don't see a direct contact for Skycap, but you could try the customer service number at (800-825-5642) and they may be able to direct your inquiry. 

How do I get to the car rental center?

Asked by Ricardo - Tue, 10 May

You can get to the Rental Car Center using the MIA Mover. The Mover is located on the 3rd level between the Dolphin and Flamingo garages. Use the 3rd level Skyride (moving walks) to access the station.

Where is the first class lounge in Terminal E?

Asked by Andrew - Thu, 21 April

There are several different lounges in Concourse E. Your lounge will depend on what airline you are flying. Here are the available lounges. 

Does the currency exchange at the airport carry money for Curacao?

Asked by Shannon Shimabukuro - Fri, 15 April

Currency exchange is not currently offered at this airport. 

My flight was canceled but my checked baggage was sent. I can't get rebooked until 4/5 at 12:30am. Will I be able to retrieve my bags at Miami International at that time of night?

Asked by amy - Sun, 3 April

Please contract your airline directly regarding luggage issues. Good luck!

I’m picking up someone tonight arriving from Montreal, Canada with Air Transat. I will be driving my car. Where do I drive to pick him up outside on the curb?

Asked by Martin Desrosiers - Fri, 4 March

These are the following pickup points for passengers at this airport:

North Terminal D - Door 15

Central Terminal E - Door 20

Central Terminal F - Door 24

Central Terminal G - Door 26

South Terminal H - Door 31 or Door 34

South Terminal J - Door 40

All accessible locations are located at the ground level.

Which terminal is Southwest Airlines in?

Asked by GARY HOLMAN - Mon, 28 February

Southwest Airlines is located in Terminal C.

Where do I find TAP Airlines at Miami Airport?

Asked by John - Sun, 27 February

TAP Air Portugal operates out of both Terminal S (South) and Terminal C (Central).

Where is COVID testing?

Asked by Donna Lorrain - Fri, 25 February

COVID testing is available at Concourse E ground level in front of Door 11. This testing facility provides Antigen and Rapid PCR tests and is open daily 24 hours a day for walk-ins. NOTE: The availability of testing can change at any time. 

Is there a clear terminal in terminal D?

Asked by Tracy Pollina - Wed, 23 February

Yes, there is CLEAR access for Concourse D gates. 

What terminal does SouthWest use at MIA?

Asked by Charles - Tue, 15 February

Southwest Airlines is in the Central Terminal and uses Concourse G. 

What concourse is Qatar airways?

Asked by Susan Rebecca Fortunow - Sun, 13 February

Qatar Airways departs from the North Terminal, Concourse D.

Where is baggage wrapping?

Asked by ERIKA VIEIRA DE SOUZA JORDAO - Sun, 13 February

Baggage wrapping service stations are throughout the second level of the terminal, pre-security.

I need to print something. Is there a place in Miami Airport with printers?

Asked by MARIEDY - Tue, 21 September

According to the airport, there are no printing services at the present time. Their suggestion is to try an airline lounge but that would require membership. 

Miami Airport Q&A

Yes. The airport’s official name is Miami International Airport, but it is commonly known as MI
The airport is 8 miles northwest of Downtown Miami.
The airport is the main hub of American Airlines.
Yes. There are plenty of places to sleep in Miami Airport. The airport has several spots where you can sleep. Terminal D has a lot of sleeping spots and carpeted corners. You can also sleep near baggage carousels 1-6 and Besame Mucho flower artwork. Some sleeping spaces are located outside of the Auditorium in North Terminal. Check out some layover ideas to kill time at MI
In terms of cost, January is typically the cheapest month to fly into the MIA Airport.
MIA offers several non-stop destinations. Check out our direct flights page to see where you can go!
MIA is one of the three major airports serving the Miami metropolitan area. The other two airports are Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport and Palm Beach Airport.