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Alaska Airlines Guide

Discover the world of Alaska Airlines, a major American carrier with a diverse fleet and extensive network. This guide provides an all-encompassing look into the airline's operations, including flight status tracking, popular destinations, aircraft fleet, partner alliances, gateway hubs, baggage policies, pet policies, and customer service. You'll also get a glimpse into the rich history of the airline. So, whether you're a frequent flyer or planning your first trip with Alaska Airlines, this guide has got you covered. For more information on other major passenger airlines, check out iFly's Airline Guide.

Company Information

Based in Seattle, Washington, Alaska Airlines operates over 1,200 flights daily to more than 115 destinations. The airline, owned by Alaska Air Group, Inc., has corporate hubs in Seattle, Anchorage, and Portland. For more details on the company, visit the company overview.

Flight Status & Tracking

Stay updated with your Alaska Airlines flight status through their website, mobile app, or airport FID screens. This airline also offers real-time flight tracking using GPS, radar, and satellite communication.

Check Alaska Flight Status to get current departure, arrival, or delay status of any flight, including flight tracker on a map.

Aircraft Fleet

The airline operates a diverse fleet of 328 aircraft, with Boeing models making up the majority. For more details on the fleet, visit the aircraft fleet page.

Partners & Alliances

As a member of the oneworld Alliance since March 2021, the airline has expanded its network through various codeshare agreements. Learn more about their alliances and partnerships here.

Gateway Hubs

Discover how Alaska Airlines operates an efficient hub system, allowing for seamless connections and operations. Based in Seattle, Washington, the airline has several hub airports across the United States, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Portland. This article delves into the history of Alaska Airlines' hub system, the modern facilities and amenities at these hubs, and how these locations enable the airline to serve a wide range of destinations. Learn more about these gateway hubs and how they enhance the travel experience for passengers.

Flights & Destinations

Discover popular vacation destinations, direct and nonstop flights, booking procedures, and check-in options. Explore, plan, and book your next adventure with ease by visiting the flights and destinations page.

Baggage Help

Are you planning a trip with Alaska Airlines? It's essential to know the baggage rules, limits, and fees to enjoy a smooth and worry-free journey. From the guidelines for carry-on bags and checked baggage to the handling of special items, each aspect plays a crucial role in efficient packing and avoiding unexpected costs. Learn about the allowances based on fare type, destination, and membership status in the frequent flier program. Also, get insights about extra, oversized, or special items like sporting equipment, musical instruments, or fragile items. For the most accurate and up-to-date baggage info, check directly with Alaska Airlines on your flight day.


If you're traveling with pets, it's important to know the airline's pet policy. Find all the necessary information about traveling with pets here.

Airline Evolution

From its beginnings as McGee Airways in 1932 to its current status as a major American carrier, the airline has a rich history. Delve into this exciting journey through airline history.

Quick Facts About Alaska Airlines

  • Alaska Airlines is the fifth-largest airline in the United States, based on passenger traffic.
  • It was founded in 1932 as McGee Airways and began operating as Alaska Airlines in 1944.
  • The airline's primary hubs are in Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.
  • Alaska Airlines operates flights to more than 115 destinations across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Costa Rica.
  • It is known for its commitment to environmental sustainability and was the first airline to use biofuel on commercial flights.
  • Alaska Airlines is a part of the OneWorld airline alliance, allowing for seamless travel with partner airlines.
  • The airline's frequent flyer program, Mileage Plan, offers generous rewards and is often ranked as one of the best in the US.
  • Alaska Airlines offers in-flight Wi-Fi and streaming entertainment on most flights.
  • It has a reputation for high customer satisfaction, often ranking at the top of the J.D. Power North America Airline Satisfaction Study.

Customer Service

The airline provides various customer service and support options for a seamless travel experience. For more information, check out their contact info.

Alaska Airlines Q&A

Alaska manages to operate via five hubs in the United States and its territories with its regional subsidiaries. You can hop on an Alaska airplane via one of the followings hubs in the United States;

  • Anchorage
  • Los Angeles
  • Portland (OR)
  • San Francisco
  • Seattle/Tacoma

Out of all, Seattle is the largest hub for Alaska in terms of total passengers and flights departed on a daily basis.

Using the online tracking system that runs on real-time GPS satellites' data, you can track any Alaskan flight within seconds. The online flight tracker allows you to track the location and status of a flight anytime, anywhere using your flight number, arrival and departure airport, and departure date.

By using the Alaska flight cancelation tracker on the website, you can check the status of your flight online. Search using your flight number, date of departure, or the route to track the location, status, and timing of every Alaskan flight to avoid unnecessary waiting and hassle at the airport in case of cancelation.

With the advanced GPS technology and ADS-B receivers and satellites stationed worldwide, you can track the arrival of your flight in real-time. Use the online flight tracker and put in your flight number to understand the status of whether your plane has arrived, is delayed, or waiting for you to board.

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