Security at Brussels BRU Airport

SECURITY CONTROL: Prepare yourself for security control:

* Remove all metal objects such as keys, cell phones, coins and place all these items in the plastic tray
* Take off your coat or jacket and place all these items in the plastic tray
* Remove your laptop from its travel case for separate screening
* Strictly follow the instructions of our security agent

TRAVELING TO AFRICA: Your Brussels Airlines flight to Africa departs from the T gates. Brussels Airlines passengers with destination Africa:
1. Follow the signs to the T gates
2. Present your boarding pass to access the passengers only area
3. Take the escalators or elevators down and walk through the tunnel
4. Pass security control. Business class or Platinum card holders may use the Fast Lane
5. Take the escalators or elevator up to departure level
6. Follow the signs T until you reach passport control
7. Go through passport control and proceed to your T gate

Travel tips
* Check the flight information screens for your departure gate
* Complete all your shopping before passport control at the T gates
* Be at the gate 45 minutes before departure
* A new Brussels Airlines lounge opens end November opposite to gate T72
* Minimum walking time from check-in to passport control at T61 is 20 minutes

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